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Royce da 5'9"

Тексты песен Royce da 5'9"

Текст песни "Independent's Day"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, yeah
Well it's the uhh, uhh, abbrevia-ated letter
Associated with meta-metapho-phores and cheddar cheddar
The C.O.D., the P.O.P.
The "cash on delivery" at the "point of purchase" - don't I be workin?
Heaven and hell is standin next to you at the same time
Cuttin into your playin time, keep playin (playin)
Most of my predictions is speculation based on the patience
I've developed hustlin, racin this check I'm chasin (chasin)
Sellin mixtapes to them albums from 30 to 50 thousand (wow)
It ain't no problem, I got it, my following got me (got me)
Long as I continue to spit poems to send you
niggaz back to the L-A-B; I'ma be sellin out venues
Be out at them venues, sellin that merch'
Shippin CD's overseas nigga we sellin that WORK
The Escrow crew - just ran by
the petro man select don't know who the check go to

[Chorus: Royce]
Round here here.. round here, round here
Round here they call me independie
Cause of how independent my pen be
Movin on that paper, movin that paper
Uhh, uhh, round here, here, here
Round here they call me independie
Cause of how independent my pen be, uhh
We be on that paper like ink on that paper, uhh

[Royce Da 5'9"]
You can call it the quickest winter, the unstoppable summer
The opposite of the apocalypse comin to popular
Wanna be poppin this gun he about to be doin some old
impossible Three-6 Mafia numbers, each quarter
like the Beach Boys or the Beatles, the Parliament globally
callin the shots explodin 'til 'Pac, roll all the way over
Respectfully hate me, you best to behave
I'm seven dollars a record makin heftier pay
Can you realize platinum artist buck by buck, is that what you say?
200 thousand sold compared to the average platinum rapper
couldn't afford, what I blow, on all my taxes
Cause I own, my own masters - own, my own catalogue
Ain't tryna be old talkin 'bout "Oh, I had it all"
So it's mo', money mo', albums - add 'em all
The scanner that seal is the reason
I feel like a man of steel still standin cause I'm still scannin


[Outro: Royce]
Y'know I always like to say that, this album is like a median
between "Death is Certain," and "Rock City"
But along that way, I manage to find my independence
So that's where we at right now
Royce Da 5'9", "Independent's Day"
Whattup Broady, you know'm talkin 'bout Broady?
Niggaz act like I ain't know they ass as I want to
These units will move, I will be on that TV screen
I will be ridin through a hood near you
Gettin some attention from yo' bitch, hahaha
M.I.C., oh yeah and we comin back again this year too
We not gon' be sittin out for long periods of time no more
So be on the look out for "July 5th"
Comin soon to a motherfuckin store near you
Round here, here, here..

"Let me see, two words to sum up my name in reality
Growth and patience, y'know they work hand-in-hand with each other
but at the same time they both deal with movin forward
I just try to keep some bits about myself 24 hours a day
Y'knowmsayin? I been through a lot
And if it's one thing I can say that I learned, it'll be stay bossy
I'm a boss, boss, boss.."

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