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Откуда Berkeley, California, United States
Жанры Punk Rock
Hardcore Punk
Ska punk
Годы 1991—н.в.
Лейблы Hellcat Records
Epitaph Records
Lookout! Records
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Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
Green Day
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Shaken 69
The Silencers
Сайт Website
Branden Steineckert
Tim Armstrong
Lars Frederiksen
Matt Freeman
Бывшие участники
Brett Reed

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Тексты песен Rancid

Текст песни "Last One To Die"

Everybody say we gotta take a chance
And tell me what the hell went wrong ?
We only listen to the words that we sing
Now a million are singing along

We got it right, you got it wrong
We still around (Last one to die)
We're going up, you're going down
We still around (Last one to die)

No rules in a scandalous world
We're gonna have a path to find
We sit on the top of the world
And we're proving it every night


Thru the storms and the gigs
And the good and the bad
There ain't no doubt
We knew from the very first show
What it was all about


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