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Pure Prairie League

Тексты песен Pure Prairie League

Текст песни "Sister's Keeper"

Coke an' Jamaican rum sleepin' by your gun
Close my eyes an' I wake up with the phone
Yes I'm worried all the times I come to ya baby just to blow my lines
Every day's a wonder each night is a lone one

Poppers deal hands they play games making us the same
In this dream you're princess and I, a king
Exchanging tokens with the palace guards just plain livin' couldn't be that hard
And it's all in the givin' when you're a keeper

Tuscon Arizona... Casa Grandes over my shoulder
And these evenin' feelin's come so strong
All I wanna do is say an' all I wanna say is done we've begun
We've begun

Falling in the face of love trying to keep our heads above
Two time tryin' deals we've all had
Tell me who's troubled over spoken words I can't remember a thing we've heard
Yes I'm speaking to you and not the receiver

Coke an' Jamaican rum sleepin' by your gun
Drive free cars when you stay with a friend of mine
Staying happy all the time rich men empty their pockets just to save their minds
As their fortunes mistress will rain to meet you
Cannot deceive her a sister's keeper

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