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Pure Prairie League

Тексты песен Pure Prairie League

Текст песни "Give Us A Rise"

Hey give us a rise... give us the rise

Hey give us a rise our thirsty fields are waitin' the willow sags
Let's stop the disguise of shallow lifeless baitin'
I want you now well strengthen the ties give us the rise
I don't want to know all... the ways you're callin' to
Been up what's been brought through you findin' myself already free to blow
Na ba da da

Hey give us a rise so we can make it known
No sunrise and we're not alone in the storm at hand
Give us the land the wild hog cries give us a rise
I don't want you to know oh now the one you see in me
You give all that to free me knowin' myself already free... to blow
Na ba da da

Da da da da da... na na
Da da da da da... na na
Da da da da da... na na
Da da da da la... hey give us a rise

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