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Protest The Hero
Protest The Hero

Откуда Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Жанры Progressive Metal
Годы 1999—н.в.
Лейблы Vagrant Records
Сайт Website
Rody Walker
Tim Millar
Luke Hoskin
Arif Mirabdolbaghi
Moe Carlson

Тексты песен Protest The Hero

Текст песни "Sequoia Throne"

Did you come here to kill or did you come here to die? Or did you really think that spaceships would descend from the sky?

Bending light and beaming forth across space-time to see who's scared in the reflection of the royal black gods. Just know it's not a meteor like our movies imply.

They're not the ones who've come to kill us, come to fill us full of lead. They're not the ones who hate us, and they are not the ones who mutilate our animals. I'll travel though stars; they’re not the ones who cause us harm.

We are still life and cold blooded (but feel the pain).

Hellbent on Heaven while our righteous men aren't stopping corpses, commotion, and pain, we are still life.

They're not the ones who cause us harm (we are) We are the future. (Did you come here to kill or did you come here to die?) We are still life and cold blood, and we feel the pain

Stopping corpses, commotion and pain; keep moving in about a future beyond the moon, to bring about another planet's doom, to discover peaceful life with a beating heart drawn to its tune. Unless my prayers are answered, our end is coming soon

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