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Настоящее имя Prince Rogers Nelson
Дата рождения 7 июня 1958 г.
Место рождения Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Жанры R&B
New Wave
Годы 1976—н.в.
Лейблы Paisley Park Records
NPG Records
См. также The Revolution
The Time
The Family

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Тексты песен Prince

Текст песни "Have A Heart"

I heard the news from a friend of mine and urs
She said the smell of missing me
was coming from ur pours!
She said I broke ur heart so bad
I didn't deserve u back
But don't u have 2 have a heart 1st b4 u get it broken?
Don't u have 2 wanna tell the truth b4 a word is spoken?
So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had one c
The fault of mine goes from LA 2 the streets of NYC
but I ain't cryin' about payments overdue
I got some milk but no drop is spilled
over things u put me through
Can't u c we're all just tryin'...
Tryin' 2 get this hustle on...
Lookin' 4 the righteous 2 buy in...
til we right everyone of the wrongs
So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had one c...

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