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Point Of Grace
Point Of Grace

Откуда Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States
Жанры Contemporary Christian music
Годы 1991—н.в.
Лейблы Word Entertainment
Сайт Website
Shelley Breen
Denise Jones
Leigh Cappillino
Бывшие участники
Terry Jones
Heather Payne

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Тексты песен Point Of Grace

Текст песни "The River"

God's passion is an endless river
White water running wild
In a restless rushing fury
To see souls reconciled.

It reaches wide across forever
It's dangerous and deep
And while some venture to the shoreline
Some even dare to leap

And The River rages, The River runs
All through the ages, Long after I'm gone
There's a truth I'm finding I can't ignore
Whether I dive in or stand on the shore
The River keeps rushing on.

All of those who ride the rapids
Have a message they must tell
There's a joy in being lost in something
That's bigger than yourself

And though the current takes you places
Where you learn to lose control
If you think you're going under
He'll never let you go, never let you go


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