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Point Of Grace
Point Of Grace

Откуда Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States
Жанры Contemporary Christian music
Годы 1991—н.в.
Лейблы Word Entertainment
Сайт Website
Shelley Breen
Denise Jones
Leigh Cappillino
Бывшие участники
Terry Jones
Heather Payne

Тексты песен Point Of Grace

Текст песни "Broken Thing"

I tried to walk quickly past the water's edge
Didn't wanna see my own reflection
But I just stepped off the highest ledge
And fell into the sea of imperfection

Just like every other time before
I washed up in pieces on the shore

You found beauty in this broken thing
Made angels dance with wounded wings
I can't imagine anything more beautiful
You took the damaged part of me
Restored what little dignity was left inside
This broken thing

Yeah I was wading in deep despair
Wandering with no sense of direction
Thinking prayers just vanished in the air
'Cause I got myself in this situation

And just like every other time before
You made the pieces into so much more

I know I'm not worthy of
This never ending perfect love

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