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Pete Rock

Тексты песен Pete Rock

Текст песни "Center Of Attention"

[Ras Luv]
The streets battle grows hottest over hour plays a role of murarder touching evey land or earth like a Harlem Globetrotter With a message it prays tellin brothers to rasie their hands
And take a stand because we all hourstand
You have to bake the cake with grease
and let the battle release and make enough so that we all get a piece
A slice for Mama Do, a slice for Papa Do I come from Uptown and kid that's how we do
I only speak for I.N.I. can't speak for your crew
so why would I watse my time to even stress you
I keep my mind on billed, and plus I keeping some skill Consant thought about the madness can't hear the ldol chatters about
So I escape and take the funk rotue out, histroy's taught me what is all about
My destiny is profilled when I'm over and out
But I'll leave apart of me to cover all my acounts and I'm out

[Pete Rock] Chorus:
You always wanna be in the spotlight (right)
The Center of Attention I also like to mention
I.N.I. rocks the spot
It's like that cuz we keeping it hot

Check it out, yo
You see I prefer the player's approach so bust it
joint's bumping lovely, skins is thick like custom plus the weapons that keep me steppin' while I proflex the ( ? ) microphone check-in.
You flow slick for a second
but now It's Rob-O's ditz your sweatin
and at my show, you see theatin.
Why you stressing the tense to quench the strengh of this wiff microphonist,
your bicth attention is the bonest. Midatonest, crusin all this I got rhym goddamn.
Confuse the funk music, rock, and jam.
Pakistan stacks and grands and at the female fans at the Local Thea-ther the vocal creator slash I show blast beacuse you can't fuck with me.
I guess this is the way your luck will be.
Frontin much nevre, with the rep that you can't preserve step to +I+ and '95 you gettin' served the method of Center of Attention


[Grap Luva]
Doesn't truly pay to be the Center of Attention the main atraction gettin' all the action
People stoppin' the +I+ with question after question
I spit a few replies and keep with my my self and never in the weapon carrying type but I'll insite a riot oragnize and never quiet
Don't it try it, dissin the +I+ is no use
I bounce like Cashar tape and get loose
Grippin the mic, spittin words I write
Or the pad or the paper or this pretictular caper
Got nuff up's and down's instry clowns
Jealous niggas tryin to keep countin my fingers
But yo, Im a spirtal millionarie dropping bombs
Like King David when he wrote the songs
So what you need to do to listen up remain calm
not riding a wave refuse to be a salve cause I'm the center


Ho-low, the Center of Attention
Meccalicous you the Center of Attention
Terence I be the Center of Attention
My man Tito the Center of Attention
Money Tazz you the Center of Attention
And Grand Banga you the Center of Attention
Lou Bizzy you the Center of Attention
Pete Red the Center of Attention
( ? ) you know the Center of Attention you be
Ward G, the Center of Attention you be
G-O the Center of Attention
My man Ropa-loc Center of Attention
Dave Ice is the Center of Attention
My brother Heavy D you the Center of Attention
All the boros be the Center of Attention
Pete Rock you the Center of Attention let's bounce

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