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Perry Farrell
Perry Farrell

Дата рождения 29 марта 1959 г.
Место рождения New York City, New York, U.S.
Жанры Alternative Rock
Годы 1982—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
Capitol Records
EMI Group
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Тексты песен Perry Farrell

Текст песни "Shekina"

Come down, come down Shekina
We'll engage eventually
I will tick and tock with you
Shake your mother hips for me
Outside heaven drizzles
Grow us up a field of apples

As you like it
That's how I like it

Tell me, tell me what are you thinking?
I just like the sound of your voice
Whisper to me what you're after
I'll try and get it for you
That tiger's tooth when you smile
And some things I can't tell you

As you like it, Havah
It's how I like it, Havah

I'm dreaming
There's no body here but us
When we ignite
And nobody stands between us

You want to be caught; I'll catch you
What you want, I want too
As you like it, I like too

Time together is breezy
I'm without you thin as the air
Missing; a bass from a drum
Singer wants a harmony
I'll put my soul inside you
Put me there and let me grow

As you like it, Havah
It's how I like it

Come down, come down Shekina
We'll engage eventually
That's how I like it

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