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Patrizio Buanne

Тексты песен Patrizio Buanne

Текст песни "Amore Scusami (My Love, Forgive Me)"

My love, forgive me,
I didn't mean to have it end like this,
I didn't mean to have you fall in love,
in love with me.
My love, please kiss me,
arrivederci amore, kiss me,
remember when we part, you'll have my heart,
I love you so!
It was just a slight flirtation,
that was all it was to be.
How could I know this fascination
would turn to love for you and me.
How to tell you of my heartache?
How to tell you I'm not free?
How can I bear to see your heart break,
to see your heart break over me.
Amore scusami se sto piangendo
Amore scusami, ma ho capito che lasciandoti
io soffriro,
Amore baciami, arrivederci amore baciami,
e se mi penserai ricordati che amo te.
I love so, I love so, I love so!

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