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Page & Plant

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Тексты песен Page & Plant

Текст песни "Burning Up"

My mind is cracked, I stand alone
And my way is dark as night
Back on the hill, the wind it moans
And big black clouds fly by

The rain fell down, it drowned my heart
It raged inside my soul
The pain that tore the skies apart
The twisted night unfolds

Oh, I'm burning up
Oh, I'm burning up
Ooh, I'm burning up

This lovely road that I must walk
All these tears that burn my eyes
In emptiness, my torment roars
In my silent loveless life

Oh, I'm burning up
Ah, I'm burning up
Ah, I'm burning up

Oh, can you hear me?
Hear me calling across a thousand years
Oh, would you love me
If I die die a thousand times?

(Like a volcano) oh, I'm burning up
(Like a volcano) I'm burning up
(Like a volcano) I'm burning up
(Like a volcano) Yeah, I'm burning up

(Like a volcano)
(Like a volcano) oh oh oh, no yeah
(Like a volcano) no yeah awww

(Like a volcano)
(Like a volcano) burn burn burn burn burn
(Like a volcano) burn burn burn, ohhh

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