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P. Diddy
P. Diddy

Настоящее имя Sean John Combs
Дата рождения 4 ноября 1969 г.
Место рождения Harlem, New York, United States
Откуда Mount Vernon, New York, United States
Жанры Hip-hop
Contemporary R&B
Годы 1991—н.в.
Лейблы Bad Boy Records
См. также Rick Ross
Diddy-Dirty Money
Сайт Website

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Альбом P. Diddy

Forever (24.08.1999)
Forever (Intro)
I'll Do This For You (feat. Kelly Price)
Satisfy You (feat. R. Kelly)
I Hear Voices (feat. Carl Thomas)
Fake Thugs Dedication (feat. Redman)
Diddy Speaks (Interlude)
Angels With Dirty Faces (feat. Bizzy Bone)
Gangsta Shit (feat. Lil' Kim & Mark Curry)
P.S. 112 (Interlude)
Pain (feat. G-Dep)
Reverse (feat. Shyne, G-Dep, Cee-Lo, Busta Rhymes & Sauce Money)
Real Niggas (feat. the Notorious B.I.G. & Lil' Kim)
Journey Through The Life (feat. Nas, Beanie Sigel, Lil' Kim & Joe Hooker)
Best Friend (feat. Mario Winans)
Mad Rapper (Interlude)
Pe 2000 (feat. Hurricane G)
. . .

Never Ending

[Radio Announcer1]
Tonight in LA, rapper Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down
At the media party. He was pronounced dead on arrival.
No suspects have been taken into custody.

[Radio Announcer2]
Combs' trouble seems to continue as he turned himself
in today to local police for an alleged assault and
Battery charge. He posted bail and was released on
his own recognizance.

In my distress I prayed to the Lord
And the Lord answered and rescued me
The Lord is for me so I will not be afraid
What can mere mortals do to me
Yes the Lord is for me
He will help me
I will look in triumph at those who hate me
It's better to trust the Lord than to take confidence in people
It's better to trust the Lord than to have confidence in Princes
Though hostle nations surrounded me
I destroyed them all in the name of the Lord
Yes, they surrounded and attacked me
But I destroyed them all in the name of the Lord
They swarmed around me like bees
They blazed against me like roaring flames
But I destroyed them all in the name of the Lord
The Lord is my strength and my song
He has become my victory
Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do

. . .

f/ Lil' Kim

Ladies and gentlemen 
We are gathered here today
To join
I see it, yeah
Yeah, yeah
I like this right here
Yeah, yeah
One-Two, One-Two, in the place to be
As you can see
I am the crush groovin' 
There's a whole lot of stars be groovin' in here tonight 
The record breaking and the record making
Yeah, yeah, turn this up

From the states to over seas
Every city in between I hit the scene 
Catch fire like kerosene
Geting paid for more then a decade
We been blazing, y'all wasn't ready for the PD invasion
Caught you off guard, got bitches, got cars
Healin' war scars, puff smoke out of the jar
Catch flights to and fro, nigga who you know?
No one important, just another nigga flossing
Gotta seal, what I'm touching is real
You just a clone wit' a production deal
I sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the water
Sorry I left you, but now I am back for ya
But it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouth
Hottest niggas out
Alot better, the shit's too strong
I'm home now, daddy's been gone too long

1 - [Lil' Kim]
What you niggas want
Wanna talk slick 
Wanna do shit, try shit, new shit
Who you fucking wit'
You and your weak clique
Bitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shit
You coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secret
Trying to be niggas you can't even speak with
You can't run, you can't hide
Bad Boy 'till the day we die

Tell they all like Jordan in the fall
On top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft'
What you grillin' me for?
Kept my name good, we from the same hood
Made some change, put the range wit' the stained wood
Now chicks, they keep they eyes on me
Wanna grind on me
Haters plotting so I keep my nine on me
You can't stop 'em when them shells is popping
Look good to the public eye, your streets is watching
At all times, put it all on the line 
Without a care dreams of cream turn to nightmares
No one to talk to, don't know who to trust
Got your gun out and don't know who to bust
It get like that though, when you stack that dough
Can't run from it yo, that's when they get close
So put up you guards, keep faith in God
I promise y'all the world'll be ours

Repeat 1

Your games amaze, but alot of ways, many choices
Can't sleep, when I do I hear voices
Speakin' loud and clear, wait 'till you come out this year
So I listen back cause the street is missing that
What a world we live in
So cold I'm shivering, slipping
Gotta work with what I'm given, shit
Bitches is trifling, hands out grabbin'
Niggas hating, scheming and back stabbin'
That's why they hang around you, just to be seen
Type to leave a gun fight wit' a full magazine
No blood, not hit, chamber ain't warm
What part of the game is this? And who's side you on?
Can't be out for wealth and out for self, won't work
Find yourself tucked and surrounded by dirt
In a verse I show the whole earth my work 
It got to get better because it can't get no worse

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

. . .

f/ Kelly Price, Mase

[Puffy] (Mase) |Kelly|
Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c'mon)
Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c'mon)
We up now |Baby, I like it|
Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c'mon)
(Uh uh c'mon) |I like it babe|
(Uh uh c'mon)
(C'mon c'mon c'mon)
They're back

Yo, now nobody party like we party
You wouldn't know 'till you cats see me party
I hardly sip bacardi
So your clique think a nigga to pretty to sip a mixed drink (uh uh)
But chicks think when they see I be a V.I.P. D-I-double D-Y 
Be the cat that kick back, bring all the stars out
Same cat you know bring all the cars out (yep yep)
All our street cats buy all the bars out (yep yep)
Don't know whatch'all 'bout but I'm livin' it up
Ten mill' yeah, I'm bigger than what
So you know on the low when I blow, niggas givin' it up (they got to)
They know why everything I touch is so fly
Mult-I so I stay swimmin' in cho-chi 
All day the niggas from New York to Norway
My name hold more weight than Broadway 

1 - [Kelly Price]
You like the way I do the things I do
It's all for you 
No way to fill my shoes
Cuz all I do, I do for you

The more cheddar, the more better 
Ever since I was young I was a go-getter
And you should know better to call Puff the coketeller
Knowin' I'm a Hummer wholesaler
And you should know this
I'm a poet, got money won't show it
I'm like Russell plus I got the right hussle
Talk slick, I might bust you
Watch your manners, I be on the cameras
I be the next cat down in Atlantis
Or Pacific to be specific, lifestyle too terrific
Hop in the van shop when we land
Don't worry bout the pilot chattin' in the Chopper's my man
I ain't only from Harlem, I'm from the Heartland
When I got problems I send in a dark van
Cats in the street treat me like a mob man
Been number one so much, call me Mr. Chart Man 

Repeat 1

Yo, I tried to hold back, I can't hold back
Y'all could be all that, I want it all back
I sat back, let niggas get they dough
I played the cut and let niggas rip they show
Sip they mo', watch niggas pop they Cris'
Cop they whip, brag about they watch and shit
But watch this shit, I'mma put a stop to this
I got to flip, the v's niggas pop the shit, come on
And I been copped the six, been droppin' hits
Been rock my wrist, and flood my dial
These haters be hatin, but love my style
And ladies go crazy, they love my smile
P. Diddy the man push Bentley Sedan, nigga
Get money, that's simply the plan
True Chocolate Mack who's pocket's fat 
You wanna rock nigga, rock to that with Bad Boy

Repeat 1 while:
[Mase] (Puffy)
Yep yep, All Out
Yep yep, H World
Yep yep, Bad Boy
Yep yep, wanna blow
Yep yep, I'm a problem
Yep yep, can I be
Yep yep, Crime Fam'
Yep yep, suga suga
Uh uh uh
Uh uh uh
Uh uh uh
Uh uh, uh uh (Yeah, we up now)
Uh uh uh uh uh (yeah, yeah, true that)
Uh uh uh uh uh
All Out, we back we back
(We gon' see what you could do now cuz we up now)
Yeah Baby Stase, Blinky Blink
(It's our time, come on, come on, come on, come on)

. . .

f/ Jay-Z

Picture me ballin' in the drop top, open skies
In something foreign, soarin', 145
The God is calling for my body, let my spirit fly
I want it all, no lie
Picture me pourin' poppin' something imported
Pedal flooring, clutch poppin', boppin' to Lauryn
Now picture me falling

Never seen, never heard, never happened, never occurred
Now picture me flying 10,000 feet above the sea
Popping bubbly, you'd love to be me
Now picture the servants in the cabin with the sweetest massage
Picture having ice and only wanna speak to God
Picture your dreams being shattered and your cream being lavished
At the same time, tell me what you think matters
Picture all the money that I've gotten off tours
Now picture me plotting for more, picture this nigga

1 - [Both]
Do you like it (yeah)
Wanna do the things that I do
Tell me do you want it (yeah)
Wanna know what it's like in my shoes
Do you need it (yeah)
Wanna see the things that I see
Tell me do you want it (yeah)
Wanna know what it's like to be me

Picture me wildin', fiendin', reaching for tools
Straight flipping, losing my cool
Now picture me gritty, P. Diddy 'bout to run in your house
The gun's with me, put one in your mouth
Now picture me dressed in white linen while your life is ending
Slightly grinning, picture that priceless image
Picture me broke as fuck on your block about to open up
Like Okay nigga, what's up

Picture me driving a course through your home, bustin' a "U"
Screaming at the top of my lungs "YOU FUCKING WITH WHO?"
Picture me not being that hustler dude
Picture the Benz, a 5, and the drop not new
Picture the watch ain't platinum, and the rock's not blue
Picture y'all niggaz not knowing how I do
Picture me, better yet picture you
Painting a better picture than the one that I drew

Repeat 1

Where do you go from here when you felt you've done it all
When what used to get you high don't get you high no more
When you got a lot of cars, don't even drive no more
When you're expected to win, they ain't surprised no more

Hold up, stop, wait, reverse the tape
How much money can one nigga make in one place
How much dough could you hold in one safe
How many hoes can a nigga really chase

Where do you go after the applause
After all the Soul Train and Grammy awards, after the tours
After asking these whores what they after me for
Is it the money? The fame? The house, take it all

The sky's the limit, but I ain't done jumping
Money is fast, but I ain't done running
Picture me driving some wack shit
Picture me folding under pressure, picture that shit

Repeat 1 until fade

. . .

f/ R. Kelly

All I want is somebody who's gonna love me for me
Somebody I can love for them
All this money don't mean shit 
If you ain't got nobody to share it with
Love rules the world, you feel me

1 - [R. Kelly]
He don't understand you like I do
No he'll never make love to you like I do
So give it to me
Cause I can show you 'bout a real love
And I can promise anything that I do
Is just to satisfy you

When it hurt I ease the pain girl, caress your frame
Get them worries off your brain girl, I'm in your corner
Do what you want, it's your thing girl, I persist and try but
We one in the same girl, it ain't a game
So I can't play with you, I wanna lay with you
Stay with you, pray with you, grow old and gray with you
In good and bad times, we'll always make it through
Cause what we got is true, no matter what they say to you
I could straight lace you, not just appearance
Stimulate your mind, strengthen your spirits
Be that voice of reason when you ain't tryna hear it
You want it but you fear it, but you love it when you near it
Sit her on the sofa, get a little closer
Touch you right, do it like a man's suppose to
Knew you was the one, that's why I chose you
Cause you get down for yours and ride like a soldier

Repeat 1

Your soul ain't a toy, you ain't dealin' with a boy
Feel emptiness inside? I can fill that void
When you spend time with your woman and listen
It shines more than any bagguette diamond can glisten
I can't impress you with the cars and the wealth
Cause any woman with will and drive can get it herself
I'd rather show you it's heartfelt, make your heart melt
And prove to you you're more important than anything else
Worthwhile, special like my first child
When I see your face it's always like the first time
Our eyes met, I knew we'd be together in a tri-jet
I wanna give you things that I didn't buy yet
Hold you, mold you, don't know, let me show you
Ain't no tellin' what we could grow to
Let it be known, I told you
And I'mma be there for whatever you go through, my love's true

Repeat 1

[R. Kelly]
Don't let him sing you a sad song (No baby)
Waiting for love like this too long
(You don't have to wait, you don't have to wait on him, baby)
All that you need I can give you
(You don't have to wait, you don't have to wait on)
I do, satisfy you
(You don't have to wait on him)

I'm the light when you can't see
I'm that air when you can't breathe
I'm that feeling when you can't leave
Some doubt, some believe, some lie, cheat, and deceive
So it's only you and me
When you weak, I'll make you strong, here's where you belong
I ain't perfect, but I promise I won't do you wrong
Keep you away from harm, my love is protected
I'll wrap you in my arms so you'll never feel neglected 
I'll just make you aware of what we have is rare
In the moment of despair, I'm the courage when you're scared
Loyal, down for you, soon as I saw you
Wanted to be there cause I could hold it down for you
Be around for you, plant seeds in the soil
Make love all night, bending bed coils
You're a queen, therefore I treat you royal
This is all for you, cause I simply adore you

Repeat 1 until fade

This one right here goes out to all my sisters

. . .

f/ Twista

This is a story about two riders
One's from Chicago 
And the other is from New York

Now nigga what? You thinkin' there be no repentance?
But I'm coming back with a vengence
Runnin' like a ant since it was intense
Thought it was the end
Wish every motherfucker's in like sentence 
Where they been since?
Let me not go deep in the story
But damn it, I feel the fury when I'm rapping
Got me going off in the zone
Hit eleven niggas and bitches at home
Hear the drama how it happen
Back for one minute
You remember I was grazed in the shoulder
When I plays the beholder 
Hit the land like a crusier 
But in the Range with the Rov'
Still it feelin' strange to a soldier
Me and Puff trapped in the parking lot
I done found the keys so let's crawl on the floor
Got up beside the ride but we still trapped
But I found my strap, I gotta bust that hoe
P., you gotta drive, problem at the angle of the ride
Blast when you crash through the exit
We still alive but the opposition gotta die
When they go then it's on to the next shit
When the car screeched off, I blast my heat off
Thus crackin' our winshield 
That stud shoulda been killed
Kept shootin' 'till I seen his bloody body do a windmill 
Started catchin' convulsions that we frozen 
Ain't nobody here to hold it
Feelin the escape was kinda golden
Now we dozin'
More niggas have rolled in 
They started comin' at us with high-tech shit 
It's only so much one mac can do 
But you know what we got to do 
Don't get in the wind 
Is it the end or chapter 2 
They coming after you

1 - [Cheri]
Living my life on the run
With these niggas coming after me
Is this the way that it has to be
I can't tell these dreams from reality 
Now I'm not afraid to die 
So it really don't matter to me
It just might be my destiny 
I hope you niggas is ready for me

Yeah, yeah
Saw my whole empire crumble into pieces 
As the trouble increases
Escape is the thesis when the car speed releases 
I'm on the run like Jesus
The first chapter was sadness but this one is madness 
Killers on our asses, plus I'm in 'suit, winney badges
Red and blue light flashing
Now, let's see who's the fastest 
Slide through the street like a real C
Hit the curb swervin', but I'm still swift
Damn it, ain't no brakes 
I feel like a enemy of the state
We on the run like Will Smith
Pumpin' some real shit 
Since the car won't slow down 
I had to crash through a window
Level shook but now we on foot with the showdown
Didn't know what we was in for
Somehow, someway we gotta get the ammunition for the gun play
Now I hear some bullets ricochet, motherfucker's got to get away
T., let's go this a-way through the ally
Where these niggas can't score me 
And max me a building attack me
Headin' straight for Kennedy, they can't catch me 
There 20 minutes exactly
Get tickets at the first airline, first flight out 
Get set for the hardcore, could you tell where the sky phone
Me and T. on the plane on our way to Chicago 
When we landed in O'Hare
A cop yelled out "Freeze, we sent here to capture you"
Nigga, you know what we got to do 
Tell me, is this the end or chapter 2
They comin' after you

Repeat 1

People better get goin' for the big clone
Leave our shit blown
Coming at us with a C gun, gotta get calm 
Then I pick up on the jet phone 
So I could see if my bitch home (hello)
Hope the cop that drop them and took a strap then split
Simply, but we acted quick 
Damn, there was a glock 
Then we dipped up in the parkin' lot 
We saw one Jag' at the Jack-O-V
When we got up on the highway, too smooth 
Run away to the hood and we workin' with some new rules 
Can't be one who loose
Go to the hideout, make a call for some new tools
And I'm feelin' these fools, we got beef who can die
That want a piece of the pie 
But now we got his keys to the shop
And niggas gotta live slow 'till at lesat if they try 

Now we can flip my bitch named Angela
She my weed and my wipe and handler
Branding her with a tattoo with my name on it
Make her feel like I'm the man for her 
But she lookin' suspicious
And somebody at the front door 
Now she looking scared 
Soon as I let out the air saying my bitch 
Angie up and shot T. in the leg

Should go through the back door
Feelin' torture and pain 
I heard shots in the front
Oh we about to die 
Straight Kamakozi and ride
There are two things from the start
You wanna go to war, I'll take you to war 
I can't make it that easy to ride for me
And when I saw the enemy, I let it ride
Tell me, is this the end or chapter 3?
They comin' after me

Repeat 1 until fade

. . .

f/ Carl Thomas

Sometimes I don't think you motherfuckers 
Understand where I'm coming from
Where I'm tryin' to get to
Sometimes I hear voices
I can't see it, can you see it?
Turn the lights on
Check this out

Make money's the motto, staying desparados
New chance of hitting the lotto
Let's take it to the neck wit this bottle
Get in the Eldorado
And break from this bitch at full throttle
You like fuckin' fashion models? 
That only waddle with cats that flash stacks
Or squabble with niggas that flash gats
Then squirt hot pellets out their nozzles
And leave a nigga hurting on the block 
Sounding like when you gargle
Them hero niggas that plot
Them zero niggas get got 
And never get a chance to bust shot
Curled up in a knot then forgot on the spot
Then I'm on the run wit a gun smoking hot
All around the world's where I go
Places that only I know
Goodfella not gunshotto
And I'm tellin' niggas, make money's the motto
Fuck the niggas that squable 
And I hit them back and fourteen hollow, take that

1 - [Carl Thomas]
I hear voices inside
And I see crime, don't die
And I need changes 
Oh, please, please, please
Don't go Don't go

Above while:
I'm just trying to get my money, right
Don't fuck wit my money
I won't fuck wit your money
If you fuck with my money
I make you like one of them presidents
Feel me?

Representing my money for the love of my money
I leave a man stiffer than the mummy
Now don't miss it, if I catch them coming for me 
When I try to tell a dummy
You took it like I was saying something funny
Took it like my word wasn't shit, like I wasn't legit' 
What occurs is gonna be hard to forget 
That's something I'll never permit
When I feel my eye twitch things happen 
And my voice start speaking a diffrent pitch
Trying to keep things low-low
They don't really know, though
Bad Boy the motherfuckin' logo
Stay on your toes 
They shouldn't get it mistaken
Hope they don't think I'm faking
Mess around and get thier life taken and shaken
You know the rule of thumb be 
Don't try to take nothing from me
I rule it wit a street stay slummy
Make money's the motto, fuck the niggas that squabble
I know I might be hard for you to swallow
Ya feel me?

Repeat 1 while:
Sometimes I just feel like y'all don't understand
Where I'm coming from, where I'm trying to get to
Shit is really deep, my shit is deep

They don't have a direct understanding of me
Fuck what they planning for me
I just won't accept the bullshit that they handing me
Still standing after the trouble remains, it's me
If you trying to make it clear and explaining to me
And all that negative shit pertaining to me
What ya think I claiming to be
A straight heart staying with me 
I can tell it's about to go down
I told them, slow down before I send the low down
And skip out of town
And I don't wanna but I'll do it if I gotta
The situation is serious and getting hotter
You know what they say about those that slow on the trigger
Less then a second too late and you one dead nigga
So I take aim and I squeaze and deliver
Like I told them, just to let him know 'til' he figures out 
It's make money's the motto
Something ya'll should follow
And I don't got no time for the squabble
Ya feel me?

Repeat 1 until fade while:
Sometimes you just get tired of shit
Sometimes you just get fed up
Don't hate me, hate yourself, motherfuckers
Don't hate me, hate yourself
Cause I ain't never gonna stop
I ain't never gonna stop
I'll make you feel me forever
And ever and ever and ever
That's just the way it is
That's just the way it's gonna be

. . .

f/ Redman

One two, one two
One two, one two
This one right here
Goes out to all the fake thugs out there
Yeah, yeah uh huh

Yo, when you say you thuggin', it doesn't matter
It goes into my mind as just chit-chatter
You may say I have a ego, or just merry free
But none of that tough talk I take seriously
It goes in one ear and right out the other
Heard that fake thug shit? brotha
I don't mean to brag, never never hate
You ain't got the bank that it takes to stop this
Ha, ha, ha, ha sucker, you missed
I put feelings aside, you know who I am
P-U-2-F, keys to the U.S.
And I hate when one attempts to analyze
Franchise, get your hands tied 
Thrown over a boat, don't know what you was thinking
That dream is over, your body sinking

Yo yo yo, yo yo yo, fucka
You thugs out there who don't got a clue
(You have Brooklyn, ain't shoot the shit out)
Yo, fuck you, you and you, fuck you and you
(You have Jersey, ain't shoot the shit out)
Hey yo bitch, you know what I want when I bring my crew
(We go Uptown and shoot the shit out)
Yo, we want hardcore, smash the walls 
I stack, bring it back for y'all
With 40 nigga's after y'all

We got it ziplocked (that's right)
Everybody hit the floor when the shit drop
Shit knocked, bitch stop (bitch, stop)
We roll, we ball, we all night long
We don't stop, nigga's thought the heat was gone
But I'm back to do it again, leader of rhyme
BAD BOY, we turn it to the scene of the crime
Immaculate fame, you can have that shit
I just wanna 'gaitor slide with the baddest bitch
Models and actresses that swallow bottles
That magnum shit 
Get nice as fuck, leave when the lights is up
Tear it down when the mics is up
Lately they say Diddy's gettin' nice as hell 
Shit, if I don't write it I recite it well
Locked the flow so tight you gotta know
I'mma tumble 'fore they rock my dough

Yo yo yo, yo yo yo, fucka
You thugs out there, you don't got a clue
(You have Boogie Down, don't shoot the shit out)
Yo, fuck you, you and you, fuck you and you
(You got Shaolin, don't shoot the shit out)
Hey yo bitch, you know what I want when I bring my crew
(You have QB, don't shoot the shit out)
Yo, you want hardcore, smash the walls 
I stack, bring it back for y'all
With 40 nigga's after y'all

Aiyyo ladies, get up
Bounce your tits up
Be happy Brooklyn ain't shoot this shit up
Cause I see some ladies tonight 
That I could give a condom or 3 babies tonight
You might catch a flight if you playing me right
But if you whack there you gettin cab fare
Yo, I'm all for drama, a little clap clap there
I mean I ain't Ghandi of this whole rap gear
But you see honey that I'm rappin with there?
All I need is a minute to get her back to the Leer
Back where it is, less traffic there
Where Cease is with a few of his pieces
That's how we is, we slide and divide
If she ain't with it, I-95
Hit the road tramp, and don't you come back no more 
No more, no more, no more

Yo yo yo, yo yo yo, fucka
You thugs out there, you don't got a clue
(You got Def Squad, don't shoot the shit out)
Yo, fuck you, you and you, fuck you and you
(You got Bad Boy, don't shoot the shit out)
Hey yo bitch, you know what I want when I bring my crew
(We go Brick City, don't shoot the shit out)
Yo, you want hardcore, smash the walls 
I stack, bring it back for y'all
With 40 nigga's after y'all

Repeat chorus until fade

. . .

ayo bad
boy for life what change
bu the name we's till here and we
gonna get rocked up round here and raise the
roof i'm livin proof
super range out of
nyc you can't
roll wit me i'm 100 times
faster than you
as you are slow now let's
go get tha show on the road let's blow
this popstand
and rock it wit
the best of the test of the
west the best of the rest so no leaks no half time show
off freaks diddy speaks.

. . .

f/ Bizzy Bone

[Bizzy Bone]
Let it go (Let this angel life go)
Let yourself go
(Time is passin' 'til the cops come)
Big beef, big beefin' with the Mistress
(On and on and on and on and on and on and)
Over the backs of the lines as we growl, mutherfucker

We are livin' in the last motherfuckin' days
This is Revelations
If it don't go down now 
That mean aye'body was wrong
Can you face yourself with that question?
Or the answer? What the fuck do you believe in?

Say goodbye to the bad guy
'Zy rollin' with my cateye, deadeye
Ain't afraid to flame a rat up
But I hot out fathom
My album hit the shelves
We hustle for record sales
Hit my liquor store
Let my niggas learn about in jail
Till the squad cars accel', it's to my position as we yell
This here's some bullshit like pit bulls in the bull pen
Make that a fine, no
If you don't like my bullets, to hell if he ain't fashion
L.A. looters, throw your mask on
Gambini got his mash on and now we gonna be blastin'

I'm married to the game and every year's the same
Bullets rain all season
Heaven and Hell is only what you believe in
Empty the shells if niggas give you the reason
Never was the type to be stuck and duckin' and weavin
By the grievin'
My story's no fairy tale, reach niggas in every cell
From my block to the world, gave the glock to my girl
Don't mix the kids with the biz'
Baby, the industry's hell worth it

1 - Oh, I said, oh yeah
When they come to lock you down
(Don't let it come our way)

Oh I said, oh yeah
When they come to lock you down
(Don't let it come our way)

Oh I said, oh yeah
When they come to lock you down
(Don't let it come our way)

Oh I said, oh yeah
When they come to lock you down
(Don't let it come our way)

Look in they grill and get the real
Cuz expressions can mean alot 
Threw my trust in your progress 
And you guessin' I seen alot
The paper got us dressin' and impressin'
We spend alot
Confessions get us blessings from the Lord
We sin a lot
Wonder will He let me in?
And not constantly tryin' to find a reason why
Because I'm a Bad Boy they wanna label me a bad guy
Now who am I?

[Bizzy Bone]
It's P. Diddy muthafucka

Do or die?

[Bizzy Bone]
Don't give a fuck motherfucker

Roll through, trust no chicken
Tigh kids are tellin' me what's ammunition 
Buck, buck ammunition baby
You let me slow down, the guy that got me's fell down
And mami wants to help out
So bought the best computer
Yes, stress never more
Fresh out the foster home
If I had a just talked to the psychiatrist
Tell her 'bout how she had clothes designers
Can she come buy with me?
Come ride with me, provide me with a gun
Slide the weeded road, come get high with me
You don't come weed with me anymore
You don't need me anymore
Believe me bitch, shit I've slept on the floor 
Who been left before a black out
Tear up the stackhouse
Comin' out detention or they always rat (Come on)
(Pick it up, ride through)

Repeat 1

Insidious, hiddious, gritty cuz she that gets in the club
Smack the prettiest in a mini
Whittiest beefin' with the mistress
Can see they just beatin' up
Got even the little kids pickin' up pennies and nickles
Cuz they're fallin' in love with his teddy book
Give them livin' and pinning a minimum worth a penny
(Gotta be spendin')
We all earn our dollar 'till it is the sour element
What kinda knowledge is this that I be reapin'
Dippin and talking' how it's for money
And ending up going back
We made like forty one trips
Yeah, we want it like that, you know what I bring

Yeah, yeah, yeah
See what you niggas do to me, I do to you
And if I'm who you came to see, then do what you gotta do
We can do it anywhere, right here, right there
And if you sleep, turn your dream to a nightmare
Niggas don't creep, no sleep, feel the heat
They lookin at me funny, fuck a hoe, get this money
No time for the misfits niggas, bring your clips
War's on my mind
Packin' bullets from the mines, mutha fucka's

Repeat 1 until fade

. . .

f/ Lil' Kim, Mark Curry

You're all a bunch of fuckin' assholes
You know why?
You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be
You need people like me
You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers
And say "That's the bad guy"
So say good night to the bad guy
Go on
Last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again

[Puff] To be or not to be
[Mase] My mother's wrong
[Puff] That's the question, you feel me?
[Mase] My father was wrong
[Puff] They say I'm wrong
So they say
[Mase] So they say
[Puff] Ha ha, come on
It's like this right here
[Mase] To all my niggas, check this out

1 - [Lil' Kim]
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit

It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit
It's that, gangsta gangsta, gangsta shit

Ain't another crew like us
That could do like us
See the world from a view like us
Still always come through like us
They ain't true like us
If they only knew like us
It's less than a small few like us
And they ain't pay dues like us
Never on P's and Q's like us
They don't move like us
They don't have the right to choose like us
Or get mad cause they ain't grew like us
They ain't on cue like us
They don't fit the shoe like us
Don't know who's who like us (who dat?)
Strangers, ain't aware of the danger
They head's up wit thoroughbred cats
That knock 'em back, they get the axe
And a hard case to crack
I'm a hard face to track
Fast as they can test us
We flip 'em on they backs, like that
The many men that make us great must stay together
Cause together, we're hard to break

Repeat 1

[Mark Curry]
Look out mutha fucka
I tried to warn 'em
You don't wanna double cross us
Haven't you heard how many guy they lost with us
You don't wanna floss with us
Cause shit cost with us
Ain't nobody boss but us
We got force wit us, of course it's us
It's no being better off than us
And ain't a hotter source than us
And these streets ain't divorcing us
We ain't got no remorse in us
Know to hold your horse with us
No cuttin' shorts with us
Here to stay, no abortin us, no extortin' us
Between us we got the mic domain and artillery
Therefore, it's all free reign, who's domain
When shots ring, who remains, they refrain
Who walks away with the gain
Thorough niggas that's hard to top
Together we're too hard to stop

Repeat 1

[Lil' Kim]
Ain't a bitch like me that can spit like me
Who could say they rich like me
They don't hold the four fifth like me
Ain't a hit like me
Nobody load the clip like me
Cut coke and flip like me
Make hit after hit like me
Wear the title Queen Bitch like me
Ya'll ain't good in bed like me
And ya'll don't give head like me
Plus your crew don't break bread like me
Think about it, this a one shot deal
Ya'll got one shot still
When my gunshot peel, that's a one shot kill
I'm so far ahead ya'll can't touch my land spread
Cause most of ya'll is misled and underfed
Hey, what can I say, I'm a little vain
Now all aboard if you ridin' my train
Choo chooo, throw it up and represent your gang
Whether you from the east side (East side)
Or the west side (West Side)

Repeat 1

. . .

(Jim Johnson)
Hello there this is Jim Johnson
and i'm here at harriet tubman underground railroad elementary school.
Today we have rap star, ultrapanur Puff daddy coming in to talk to the kids
today. But right now i have three young kids right here to let it know why they
love puff daddy so much. Lil Becki can you Please tell us why you love puff

(lil Becki)
I dont really like puffy but my other sister does.

(Jim Johnson)
Lil John boy can you please tell us why you love puff daddy?

(lil John Boy)
Because he wears alot of fly clothes, He very very smart and he goes to my

(Jim Johnson)
Last but not least Shameka Johnson can you please tell us why you love puff

(Shameka Johnson)
Because hes a hit making, money having, bentley driving mother fucking pimp

. . .

f/ Notorious B.I.G. (uncredited)

There's times in my life where I just
I just wanna run away, I just
I just wish the pain would stop
I don't wanna cry no more
I wish the pain would go away

Start a day, bad hands make it hard to deal
Sometimes I wanna pull it, end it all with a bullet
Hard to live life to the fullest with all this bullshit
Mad as fuck, a nigga had enough
From jump street, saw my father murder massacre slain
One shot took half of his brain, I recapture the pain
Twenty-three years, three when it happened
Twenty-six now, still I can't stop the tears
Then my mood switch, thinkin about this sheisty bitch
Kinda funny cause they fake it when they callin you honey
On your dick when they think a nigga, might be rich
That's when I shit, cause I know you fuck with me for my money
Learned the hard way, ain't no correctin the grief
Baby moms starts sexin, my so-called beef
Don't give a fuck if they Marked me For Death like Steven
or relievin your breathin, long as I'm even 'fore I'm leavin

I wish this pain, would go away
We're talkin about the kind of pain that
I wish this pain, would go away
just gets all up in your heart, and in your soul
I wish this pain, would go away
The kind of pain that makes you feel like you can't go on no more
I wish this pain, would go away
The kind of pain that I wouldn't wish on anyone

I can't relate to them cats who hold gats at the gate
Is it my fate, am I that nigga, that they love to hate
Solely, slowly, cause I rock a Roley they want my brain gone
Cause of a fuckin chain on?
Migraine's on, now the pain's warm, I stagger
And I'm hopin I don't know the cat with the dagger
Penetratin my heart, rushed thoughts etched in grief
To the City College deceased may you rest in peace
To the families, I never meant to cause no pain
I know the truth, but if you want, then I shoulder the blame
Overcome at times by uncontrollable flames, and multiple pains
Now it seems like I'm goin insane
For the love of you and hip-hop I expand the news
But before my shit drops, I stand accused
Don't you think I wish we all was rich?
One for all it's pain to see your people when they all can't ball
The pain..

I wish this pain, would go away
I wish this pain, would go away
I don't wanna give no more pain
I wish this pain, would go away
I don't wanna receive no more pain
I wish this pain, would go away
God, please take the pain away

I can still hear the shots that left my man Big layin
on my knees cryin and prayin, then I said
"God why? Got to know how hard we try
Don't let him die, please don't let my nigga be dead"
But it was too late, California sealed his fate
Gone now, hard to move on now, fuck making songs now
Wish I could die, I could fly
If they don't give a fuck, fuck it why should I?
That's when Big spoke, pulled up in a glistening 3
with platinum wings and said, "Puff listen to me"
He puts his hands on my head and said "I live through you
Make hits continuous, this is what we do
I know it might be strenous and times is hard
Just keep the faith cause now we rhyme with God
Plus you owe it to yourself and don't forget the kids"
That's when I opened up my eyes and new Bad Boy lives

I wish this pain, would go away
I wish this pain, would go away
One day the pain is gonna stop
I wish this pain, would go away
One day there's gonna be no more pain
I wish this pain, would go away

[Notorious B.I.G.]
I'm tellin you man
now don't let these motherfuckers fuck your shit up God
I don't give a fuck WHO it is
Don't let em fuck yo' paper man, please Big
Focus your mind man, do your albums, make them hot joints
man fuck these niggaz man
Fuck these niggaz man
And I'ma tell the same thing to you
When you get your shit done, watch your money, and
hopefully, I pray for you, you be the shit
And soon motherfuckers start screamin your name out
like they screamin all these other, so-called hot niggaz
Never take your eyes off that shit yo
Try to get everything you can out of these motherfuckers yo
Ain't no guarantee they gonna love you next year...

I wish this pain, would go away
I wish this pain, would go away
One day the pain is gonna stop
I wish this pain, would go away
One day there's gonna be no more pain
I wish this pain, would go away
One day the pain is gonna stop
I wish this pain, would go away

. . .

f/ Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo, G-Dep, Redman, Sauce Money, Shyne

I'll never stop
I don't give a fuck
If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother fuckers
I will never stop

I bust six out the roof of my Bentley Coup
Head shots so mother fuckers can't regroup, can't recoup
I'll be damned if you get more points than me
Sell more joints than me
Steal your faith, take a puff, inhale my name
Smoke on it, shit, choke on it
Bitch nigga, I'mma make a hit nigga
Hot mother fucker down to the skit nigga
Game over playa, and nigga ya scored low
Hit me later young, and I'm at the award show
Bank account ten digits and it's all "O's"
I floss the most shit, fuck the most hoes
Come on, you can even ask Don Juan
It's official now, they all rock Sean John
Might have to change my name to strong arm
You came to get money man?
That shit been long gone, come on

Have much to do with nigga since Nicolas Bond
Poppin' and choppin' until the day that I'm gone
Shyne poor, cuz your dream come from one bottle
Prominent premier, premium bravo
Watch him explain ain't nothin' but blood thug crime though
Shots in the spinal, from my rivals 
Cross the t's and dot the i's and
Pay the judge, drop the top we'll mess around
Shit, it's the kid rapper's feelin'
You cowards don't know? I'd rather be racketeerin' somewhere 
Bustin' shots in the atmosphere and
Not caring, fuckin' the proscecutor at my hearin'
Money laundering, honies wondering
Who me? I reply casually
Come what God would be if He was a straight G
Tonight too tight out of a big ditch we ride

Yo yo yo, it's your hide
Grab the rope and yell rawhide
Front line is pussy, call off sides
I'm focus but my hand is cross-eyed
I left my gun home, here borrow mine
Pop the nine like a judge "All rise"
This gun'll knock plants off tall guys
We value-packs, y'all small fries
(Yo, I'm from the projects)
Yo, but on the floor tied
Don't matter, we'll take up all size
Truly yours doc, then PPP hide, my name is 
Since five, I talk jive
In church dressed in cordoroy ties
Now I'm grown up and been married four times
Besides, I'm just a sight for soar eyes
Brick city, known pop the door wide
Stolen Bonneville in New York High

Reversin' the plot
Last come, first one to rot, first in the glot
If I miss, circlin' the block, servin' the pot
And I be the person to watch
If your girl missin' the rock, purse and a watch 
Hot as it gets, from Hell came outta you debts
Buy the cassette, rewind it to death
Alota y'all sweat it, you try to forget
How I rock shit from N.Y. to Tibet
You got it to bet? That's just how you got into debt
You lost when you nodded your neck
Through the vest, through the chest that you tried to protect
Take the voice that you try to project, check
Darin' you to kid, cat shootin' sperm in you wiz
I'm why you smell herb in the crib
Man I'm out for doubtful, shit I spit a mouthful
Indo out-do, intro to outro

[Sauce Money]
I'm the hottest thing spittin' so go warn your clique
Them niggas y'all look up to is on my dick
Sauce motherfuckin' born to hit
I get so far up in your ass, think I was on some shit
Look, you against me is really nothin' to see
Who, when, where, what it's gon' be
I don't give a fuck if it's he or she
I'm the virgin of hip hop
Nobody fuckin' with me
I know your type, you a ride dick nigga
Cry sick nigga, lied quick nigga
Out of turn speakin', first one leakin'
Always the Suzuki side kick nigga
Bitches don't cast stones down, they throw bricks
Why I come through and tell 'em to blow dick
These nigga's the nicest? No, go fish
Sauce, you da best motherfucker, no shit

You're treated and competed, walk away from it undefeated
Observe it from over there, ok 
Ain't It obvious we overheated
You talkin' that slick shit 
But I jus' know that you meant me 
But evidently, you don't know
I get your ass gone permanently
It ain't complex
I'll just bang holes or you're ablin' to ask who next
Do a drive-by on your project, take the traps
Come on and get some of our gun craps
I'll straighten out the nigga now
When I snap, make your chest cavity collapse
When I glide the entire map
With the frequent four alarm fire, rap straight up
Put weight down, fuck around, you ate up
And nigga when I eat, I mean I lick the whole plate up
Look in my eyes, I'm not scared
Sucka, you heard what I said
If you don't wanna get dead
No it ain't no cure, ice cold in the low, the go-rilla
The mo' scrilla the more real-la, I live to rule

Don't hold me back, you bet
How many nigga's think they fuckin' with mines
A nigga God blessed with such an undeniable shine
I hope you know there's nothin' fresher
The manifester apply the pressure
Tie you up and gag you in your mouth with a piece of polyester
Now fix your fuckin' face up
Empty the chest of drawers before I stretch your jaw
Everybody hit the fuckin' floor
Only the real mother fuckers belong
I hope nigga's don't end the party before we finish the song
(Bitch nigga)
You be the last to come and harrass, reflect on the past
When I used to pull spine outcho ass
Live nigga's go stack money, continue to bill shit
Long as I'm in this fucker I'm determined to kill shit
Zap nigga's like cellular flips and swell up your lips
Fuck with so much dick in their ass it's shrinkin' her hen house
Hey yo, before you empty your clip and pull at your trigger

. . .

f/ Lil' Kim, Notorious B.I.G.

I'm not wit none of that 
Standin' around lookin' cool and shit
I want you motherfuckers to jump the fuck up
And have some motherfuckin' fun
You understand what it means to be black?
I have my man the Notorious B.I.G in the back
I go by the name of the Puff Daddy
But check this shit out 
Four, five
As we procced to give you what you need

[Notorious B.I.G]
Sick of momma screamin' that "Get a job, nigga"
Pressed to the limit, gotta rob me a nigga
Simple and plain, my man scooped me in the hoop
Whispered in his ear, this is what we gotta do G
Got to bang a nigga and bang a nigga good
So I could cop a Benz and drive the fuck out the hood
Cause baby mama screamin', your daughter twelve months
Can't live life slingin' rocks and smokin' blunts
Hangin' with the nigga's don't pay the bills
And bein' broke at 30 give a nigga the chills
So what we gotta do is creep and see a sweet vic
Yo, you see that shit? (Hell yeah, I see that shit)
Columbian, Dominican, yeah whatever
Whoever he was, he had it tucked under the leather
Two keys, twenty G's, nigga please
Blew his brains out cause witnesses we don't need

1 - On the road to riches and diamond rings
Real niggaz do real things
Hanging wit the bitches is the song I sing
Real niggaz do real things

On the road to riches and diamond rings
Real niggaz do real things
Hanging wit the bitches is the song I sing
Real niggaz do real things

[Puff Daddy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I tote gats wit my nigga, clap wit my nigga
Break bread and then break backs wit my nigga
Jack wit my nigga, cock the latch wit my nigga
Now how you gon' act wit my nigga?
Just remember there's a gun to your dome
And I will lick shots and run through your home
Or better yet I put your son to the chrome
Turn the music up and unplug the phone
I will kill him, read my lips
You too, motherfucker if I don't see no bricks
See, I flips when I don't see no chips
Yeah, nigga, I know you in pain, I don't care nigga
I want the stash, keys, hash, weed, G's motherfucker, freeze
Cock sucker, you better bring the things out 
Before I blow your motherfucker frame out
Nigga what

Repeat 1

[Lil' Kim]
Real big nigga's over here talkin' shit
Yo fuck that, I'm gon' check these nigga's
Fuck that, fuck that
What you said? Speak up, I can't hear ya
Oh, thought you was talkin' to us, um pardon me, my bad
I shoulda known ya'll ain't wanted with these three time losers
The open surgeons heart removers
Niggaz think they gon' stop my ones
Put a contract out and stop ya'll lungs
We powerful, don't think that all we got is guns
We buy out everything you claim, including your name
Mama bitch squeeze the life out of ya'll nigga's
Screw barkin', I take bites out of ya'll nigga's
Crack open your safe then put a bomb to it
Fuck shootin' windows nigga, I jumps through it
With the all black hood, he beat a nigga 'till he hurl
Then pull the hoodie off so he can see it was a girl
When it comes to my nigga B.I.G 
I wanna see all ya'll niggaz D.I.E

On the road to riches and diamond rings
Real bitches do real things
Hanging with the niggas is the song I sing
Real bitches do real things

On the road to riches and diamond rings
Real bitches do real things
Hanging with the niggas is the song I sing
Real bitches do real things

Repeat 1

. . .

f/ Beanie Siegal, Lil' Kim, Nas, Joe Hooker

[Nas] Yo, Yo
[Puffy] Gansta, Gansta
[Nas] Gansta Yo
[Puffy] That's Right
[Nas] Journey Through the life of some real niggas
[Puffy] Some real niggas, You'll never see what I've seen

When I sleep I dream of bodies in streams of blood
Naked bitches, dead nigga's ghost, Feds with toast 
Knockin' my door down sweat poor down my body 
Roast from the heat so I soak my sheets
Wake up shiverin', pull my hoe close to me, she sexy
Every night is different pussy since my girl left me
And I tried to make her stay with me, but I stay busy
And her friends are cut-throats, they deep throat to lay with me
I reminisce how I miss a stare in this space
Resort to the lips of a stripper, sprayin' their face
Lampin' in a mansion, home alone
I hear footsteps, shit I kicks just not lyrics
I hold a fifth, wonderin' if ten shots can stop spirits
If nigga's try to rob me then I won't hear it
Cause it's different from the streets, I'm missin' my hood now
Missin' all the blocks cuz I'm surrounded by woods now
It's supposed to be good now
It's like I'm walkin' tight rope and can't look down
Fire below me
Now the fantasies I have for women are unholy
Success, thousand dollar bottles impress
Models with fat ass and big breasts
Floor seats, Knicks vs. Nets, private jets
Millionaire heir to Antigua, with Ananda, the MTV diva
Nas, how do we survive all this mess? (I didn't survive)
East vs. West the rap game where words became flesh
A whole pound of herb won't desolve my stress
Still I ride to the death, love hip-hop
Cause Afrikabababa was def, a lot of respect
Feel Me? Fuck to the rock Sean John jury
I got the same hands of crap platinum and the crap pyramids
Write about the black experience, sell it to Marimax
Tell me if you feelin' that

1 - [Lil' Kim & Joe Hooker]
Take a journey through the life of these real niggas
The things that they seen it would thrill niggas
If you've seen what they've seen, you would wonder
Through the rain and the pain and the thunder
By the time that you realized that it's goin' down
You may find yourself going underground
When they see that this life is upon us
We would see that there's no one that we can trust

[Beanie Sigel]
You can never see what I see, motherfucker
Beanie Sigel, the realest nigga from the streets was taught
Stay cased up nigga, stay deep in court
Reminiscin' on that cold cell, deep in thought
Gettin' skinny, couldn't eat, cause the meat was poor
Ya'll niggas couldn't live my life, I've been through it
Streached up in hospital beds, fed fluid
Two bullets hit my leg, one passed through it
Saw the blood and the hole in my calf, looked through it
My life's no joke, I don' played dice with soap
Upstate the case niggas slice your throat
Wear your boxers in the shower when you gaurd your soap
I done seen the biggest nigga's in the yard get broke
I done took blocks through war, took blocks for fall
Took blocks to Wall for box of raw
What you think 33 in the glock is for?
Black fatigues, skullies and binoculars, 
C4, block your doors, nigga's can't stop this war
I show you faggots what this Swatz' is for
Hidding spots in the door for the glocks is for
Read the papers, '94 I took the cops to war
Half of ya'll niggas livin' a lie
Only reason you switchin' up your droid is cause you keep gettin' robbed
I looked that nigga in the eyes before I send him to God
Beanie Sigel, desert eagle, the realest nigga alive

Repeat 1

Aiyo, Aiyo, Gansta, Gansta
The Bible has words that Christ wrote, evil men sacrifice goats
I speak all my life under oath
Since a kid, troublesome
Thrownin' shit at little girls jump ropes
Bustin' B-B Guns at stray cats, that was way back 
Watched it die, covered in flies
Then I picked up a stick, try to dig in it's eyes
Makin' dirt pies, na, being buggy-eyed shit
And every other nigga that rap, sound like my shit
I wear chrome 45's with ice on the grip
I don't shoot it, I roll with killers and criminals
With heroin habits they picked up from the penile
They let you have it, all I do is give them a smile
Lifestlyes of the realest, you ain't ruthless you bitch
I got a pine box just your size, I know it'll fit
Your whole life's a mistake, stop holdin' the pen
Kill yourself, come back as a man over again
Cause in this lifetime I'm reignin', slay men
Leave your whole body cold
Your nails grow long, you get gray skin
May this nigga rest in peace, Amen
I run with brave men, straight out the housin', we wildin'
Names engraved in the pavement
Brick building, grown ladies jump off the roof
Nigga get paged, then murdered at the phonebooth
New York streets made me nigga, it's crazy nigga

Repeat 1

. . .

f/ Mario Winans

[Puffy] (Mario)
I've seen a lot of things in my life
Alot of ups and downs
Made alot of mistakes
No matter what, you've always been by my side
You've always been my best friend
You're the love of my life (Oh)
You're everything to me (Oh)
You never left my side (You're my best friend)
I love you so much (Yes, you are)
You're my best friend

Since the beginning of time
All you did was bless men
Too young to understand but now you my best friend
How could they doubt you, never think about you
Don't they know nothing's possible without you

Faith without fear that's how they raised me
Words of man kill but never phase me
Grateful for wisdom that you gave me
But still I'm like, dear God I wonder, could you save me?
Too much sinning, gotta be more than plush living
Gotta be more than grabbing nines to buck tin in 
Gotta be more than just to lust women
Gotta be more than platinum Rolexes, 600's and crushed linen
Praise your name, I know some of them hate their due
Judgment day, don't they know they can't escape your crew
I'm just trying to live right and pray you take me through
And with this song I dedicate to you, my Lord

1 - [Mario Winans]
Lord, you mean the world to me
Before I was born you chose me
You always hear me when I'm calling
Even catch me when I'm falling
You're the closest one to me
I surrender all to thee
I want the whole wide world to see
That we've always been and we'll always be 
Best friends

Sometimes I reminisce and wonder how I made it this far
Because of you, I'm me, so you the real star
Your hindsight, the time's right to get my mind tight
Then give it to you and let it shine bright
My best friend, only know how to teach the truth
Plant the seeds of life and let them eat the fruit
Can't you see that He spread love for you
Shed blood for you, cry for and die for you
Willies with mac millies know how you get down
We know the drama you bring whenever you hit town
Just remember when you pray, God is love
Gracious, merciful, forgive even the hardest thugs
Life as we know it, it all begins with Him
Life as we know it, it all ends with Him
If I was you I would never try to pretend with Him
He might spaz and blow it, I'm best friends with him

Repeat 1

Been two and a half years since my man Big passed
Been two and a half years since my world crashed
I needed help, God gave me the power
Gave me the strength to go face to face with my darkest hour
Looked me in the eyes and ask "What you doing unhappy?"
"Don't you know why I'm here?" and started shooting at me
Back to the wall, is my faith gonna play out
Never wavered once, gave me no way out
Your time to die, don't even stress the date
You're coming with me, your soul I'm next to take
I told him "I'm too much blessed with faith"
"And living for Christ" and then he said "Manifest the great"
All of a sudden, what I'm remembering
Ground started to shake, everything trembling
The power of the truth was shooting through my Timberlands
Here was my Lord Jesus Christ, my best friend again, come on

Repeat 1 While:

You mean everything to me
You've been with me from day one
Even when I thought nobody was there
You were there
You're my best friend
I love you like no other
There is no feeling like this in the world
If you can relate to what I'm feeling
Put your hands in the air for me
Let me see you
Naw, matter of fact clap your hands for me
Clap your hands, come on
Thank you Jesus
You always hear me when I'm calling
Always catch me when I fall, yeah
I surrender all to thee
I want the whole world to see
That you've always been, you'll always be
My best friend
I love you Jesus
Thank you, forgive me for my trespasses
As I forgive those who trespass against me

. . .

Mad Rapper

[Нет текста]

. . .

f/ Hurricane G

[Hurricane G]
Hey yo Puff, check this out pa
I'm tired of niggas hating on a mutha fucka
Let's take it to the next millennium on these bitches
You got to keep bubblin on em
Platinum doublin on em, fuck these niggas
Hey yo, I bumped into these cat an' they was like,
"Yeah, what up wit that nigga Puff he swear he nice"
I said yo, the brother dont swear he nice he knows he nice
You public enemy number one right now
But Fuck that there spit that hydro-ghetto shit

[Puff Daddy]
Let's go
That's that shit right here, whom shall I fear
Throw your guns in the air
Socialize, get down, let your ssoouull lead the way
Cause i'm that enemy that you can't see
But you wanna be you ain't shit to me
Playa, It ain't hard for you to get to me
Playa, my real dogs they'll spit for me
So if you want whats mine, you gots to have the heart
I've seen em come and I've seen em part
If you ain't want beef then why did you start?
Front from the light catch shots after dark
Suffer, duck or you'll catch these
On the spot, red dots make em all believe
Ain't nobody kicking the rhymes like these
See I do the things that they can't achieve
So don't start bassin' n' I'll start pacing
Bets on that you'll be disgracing
More hotter than the sun
I'm living on the run
Because i'm public enemy number one



[Puff Daddy]
Let me ask you, what you got against me?
Is it my girl or is it the bentley?
Is it my house or maybe its all three
I just came up and you're all against me
Now ask yourself, why is he number one?
Now ask yourself, who's done what he's done?
Then ask yourself, you're fit for the long run?
You think its a game cause you fucked the wrong one
Always with God and I don't swing solo
Never back down when I gotta throw dolo
Wanna see me out, but I just won't go though
Pretty young things wanna have my photo
One in the room hangin' on the wall
In rememberance that I rocked 'em all
Got no time for those that think small
Grill me in the club cause they can't ball
Hate shot callers
Hate them ballers
Back in control now I call orders
It's no fun fleeing under the gun 
Cause they got me public enemy number one


[Puff Daddy]
All you suckers, liars, court testifiers
Wanna infiltrate and break my empire
I spit lines, hit rhymes
Keep dimes sweating
Giving them the juice that they're not gettin'
A bona fide playa, now who got the flavor
A non stop, rhythm rock, poetry sayer
I'm the life saver, the New York mayor
Before you try me, you better say your prayers
My word to the wise is: "Do not cry"
You know that i'm gone then say don't die
I take what I find, put a beat to they rhyme
Thought it was over but I crept from behind
Wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind
Almost 2000 and running out of time
Almost to the point when I wanna bust nines
A lot of strange faces, I can only trust mine
Soldiers in position all on the front line
Don't make a move till I give them the sign
Known as the poetical, lyrical, miracle son
Because i'm public enemy number one


[Hurricane G]
Yeah yeah, that's right Puff
That's what I'm talkin about love
Sparklin and glistenin on these motherfuckers
These niggas is walkin around like little bitches
Talkin about what you got and what they ain't got
They got a little jealous and wanna bring you down
But fuck dat, they just mad
Cause you got all the ladies
And you pushin them bentleys, not mercedes, bentleys
You know? and thats just the way the story goes
And thats just the way the story goes
Fuck you niggas and hoes

[Puff Daddy]
You think i'ma come this far and let you niggas stop me now?
Haha picture that....number one, number one, number one

. . .

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