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Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

Настоящее имя John Michael Osbourne
Дата рождения 3 декабря 1948 г.
Место рождения Aston, Birmingham, England
Жанры Heavy Metal
Hard Rock
Годы 1966—н.в.
Лейблы Epic Records
Columbia Records
Jet Records
См. также Black Sabbath
Kelly Osbourne
Black Label Society
Сайт Website

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Тексты песен Ozzy Osbourne

Текст песни "The Liar"

You ask me the time of day
I tell you I don't know
In darkness I'm light years away
The voices come and go

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Burning bridges in the rain
The crying embryo
I seem so blissfully insane
But still the pain won't go

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Sacred words the angels wait for me
They'll set me free
But I can see the joke's on me

Babies crying other peoples tears
And in their eyes
They have reflected wasted years

You ask me who I really am
I still say I don't know
The doors have all been tightly slammed
The poison seeds are sown

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Dying angels falling from above
I've had enough I cannot laugh
The joke's on me
Shattered dreams you cannot realize
Won't sympathize, it's in your eyes
Why can't you see?

Am I the liar?

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