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Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

Настоящее имя John Michael Osbourne
Дата рождения 3 декабря 1948 г.
Место рождения Aston, Birmingham, England
Жанры Heavy Metal
Hard Rock
Годы 1966—н.в.
Лейблы Epic Records
Columbia Records
Jet Records
См. также Black Sabbath
Kelly Osbourne
Black Label Society
Сайт Website

Тексты песен Ozzy Osbourne

Текст песни "Breaking All The Rules"


Well I know I could be just another stranger
But to you I guess I'm just another fool
And you swear You like to live your life in danger
Then you hide behind a wall of silly lies
Nobody thinks the way I do
I guess that nobody dares
Your head's so full of things
So set your mind free of them
I'm breaking the rules
Did you know that in the truth
There's nothing stranger
I suppose you think I know it all
Nobody hears the things I say
I guess nobody cares
My head's so full of things
I set my mind free of them
I'm breaking the rules
Breaking all the rules
Can't you see they're nothing without you
Empty head full of fools
Now you see I'm breakin' all the rules
Breakin' all the rules
Well I know
That you would love to go to heaven
But you know
You're just too afraid to die
And I know
That you would love to know the answers
But to you
The truth is just another lie

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