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Альбом Outkast

Stankonia (06.06.2000)
Gasoline Dreams (Featuring Khujo Goodie From Goodie Mob)
Snappin' & Trappin' (Featuring Killer Mike & J-Sweat)
I'll Call Before I Come (Featuring Gangsta Boo & Ec B.O.B.)
Xplosion (Featuing B-Real)
We Luv Deez Hoez (Featuring BackBone & Big Gipp From Goodie Mobb)
Humble Mumble (Featuring Erykah Badu)
Gangsta Shit (Featuring Slimm Calhoun, C-Bone & T-Mo Goodie From Goodie Mob)
Slum Beautiful (Featuring Cee-Lo From Goodie Mob)
Stankonia (Stanklove) (Featuring Big Rube & Sleepy Brown)
Speedballin' (bonus track)
Sole Sunday (bonus track)
. . .


[Нет текста]

. . .

Featuring Khujo (Goodie Mob)

Alright (Repeat 28X) 

Don't everybody like the smell of gasoline? 
Well burn motherfucka burn American Dream 
Don't everybody like the taste of Apple Pie? 
We'll snap for your slice of life I'm tellin' ya why 
I hear that mother nature's now on birth control 
The coldest pimp be looking for somebody to hold 
The highway up to Heaven got a crook on the toll 
Youth full of fire ain't got nowhere to go nowhere 2 go 

(Andre 3000) 
All of my heroes did dope 
Every nigga round me playin' married 
Or payin child support 
I can't cope 
Never made no sense to me one day I hope it will 
And that's that, sport, sport 
Pray I live to see the day when Seven's happily married 
With kids, woe woe 
The world is movin fast and I'm losin' my balance 
No time to dig, low low 
To a place where ain't nowhere to go but up 
Ya wit me say shiiit, sho sho 
Now let me ask ya'll this 


(Big Boi) 
It's shitty like Ricky Stratton got a million bucks 
My cousin Ricky Walker got ten years doing Fed time 
On a first offense drug bust, fuck the Holice 
That's if ya racist or ya crooked 
Arrest me 4 this dope I didn't weight it up or cook it 
You gotta charge the world cause over a million people took it 
Look at me, you outta your jurisdiction now ya lookin' stupid 
Officer, get off me sir 
Don't make me call L.A. he'll have ya walking sir 
A couple of months ago they gave OutKast the key to the city 
But I still gotta pay my taxes and they give us no pity 
About the youngsters amongst us 
You think they respect the law 
They think they monsters, they love us, reality rappin' 
And giving the youth the truth from this booth 
And when we on stage we scream 
Don't everybody everybody 


Officer of the most high 
You touch me you touch the apple of this eye 
If they kick us out where will we go 
Not to Africa cause not one of them acknowledge us as they kin folk 
Still eatin' pork 
Abomination desecration for beating flesh 
Penalty for violation is death 
Woe, woe, to the man that strive with his maker on judgement day 
Hip Hip Hooray! 
Mr. Reaper Babylon the great 
The mother of heartless is falling, prophecy must be fulfilled 
The liquor fire is calling 

. . .

It's cold, it's cold.
No it's cold. It ain't cold, it's cold.
I'm cool, I'm cool.
I'm cool. It's me, I'm cool.

. . .

Ain't nobody dope as me I'm dressed so fresh so clean 
(So fresh and so clean clean) 
Don't you think I'm so sexy I'm dresses so fresh so clean 
(So fresh and so clean clean) 
Ain't nobody dope as me I'm dressed so fresh so clean 
(So fresh and so clean clean) 
I love when you stare at me I'm dressed so fresh so clean 
(So fresh and so clean clean) 

(Big Boi) 
Sir Luscious got gator belts and patty melts and Monte Carlo's 
And El Dorado's I'm waking up out of my slumber feeling like Ralo 
So follow it's your time at the Apollo 
Minus the Kiki Shepard what about a ho in a leopard-print 
Teddy Pender-grass cooler than Freddie Jackson 
Sippin a milkshake in a snowstorm 
Left my throat warm in the dorm room at the AU 
We do hey you And might do some cake too 
But you must have me mistaken with them statements that you make 


(Andre 3000) 
Canary yellow seven house of business on display 
My nigga Bungle whipped it up so I gone get my rims today 
So a nigga can ride out to the colorful hideout 
I'ma show you how to wild out like Jack Trippa 
Let me be bambino on your snippas 
YKK on yo zippa lick you like a lizard 
When I'm slizzard or sober 6 million ways to fold ya 
Like Noah I get crews to choose and you get pretty deep 
But i'll call yo ass round 8-ish I know you'll be there for me 


(Andre 3000) 
??? baby aight that get to runnin off at they mouth 
Tellin me everything that's on yo nasty mind 
They say your malnutrition in need of vitamin D 
And inviting me to that tingle in yo spine 
I love who you are I love who ya ain't your so damn frank 
Let's hit the attic to hide out for bout two weeks 
With change and no chains and whips I do suck lips 
Till hips jerk and double time the boy next door's a freak 
Ha Ha 


(And we are...) the coolest motherfunkers on the planet 
(In my mind...) let's count this ballin ain't no need to plan it 
(But Oh oh.....) I got a stick and want yo automatic 
(Oh oh oh...) Compatible created in the attic 

. . .

[Andre 3000]
Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas...
Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas
Yeah, go like this

CHORUS: Andre 3000
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times

[Big Boi]
A baby drama mama, don't like me
She doing things like havin her boys come from her neighborhood
To the studio tryin to fight me
She need to get a, piece of the american pie and take her bite out
That's my house, I disconnect the cable and turn the lights out
And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck
Private schools, daycare, shit, medical bills, I'll pay that
I love your mom and everything, see I aint the one who laid down
She wanna rip you up started cussin you all, my lawyer stay down
She never got a chance to hear my side of the story we was divided
She had fifths out, cookouts, on my child's birthday I aint invited
Despite it, show her the utmost respect when I fall through
All you, do is defend that lady when I call you, yeah

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times

[Andre 3000]
Me and your daughter
Got a special thang goin on
You say it's puppy love
We say it's full grown
Hope that we feel this
Feel this way forever
You could plan a pretty picnic
But you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson

Ten times out of nine, now if I'm blind fine
The quickest muzzle throw it on my mouth and I'll decline
King meets queen, then the puppy love thing, together dream
Bout that crib with the goodyear swing
On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever
Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?
Forever never seems that long until you're grown
And notice that the day by day rule can't be too long
Ms. Jackson my intentions were good I wish I could
Become a magician to abacadabra off to Sata
Thoughts of me, thoughts of she, thoughts of he
Askin what happened to the feelin that her and me
Had, I pray so much about it need some knee, pads
It happened for a reason one can't be, mad
So know just know that everything is cool
Yes I will be present on the first day of school, and graduation

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times

[Big Boi]
Uh, uh, yeah
"Look at the way he treats me", shit, look at the way you treat me
See your lil nose ass homegirls got they ass up in the creek G
Without a pad on, you left the straddlin, ride this thing on out
And the union girl aint speakin no more cuz my dick all in her mouth
Know what I'm talkin about, jealousy, and fidelity, envy
Cheating, beating, and to the G's they be the same thing
So who you placin the blame on, you keep on singin the same song
Let bygones be bygones, you can go on and get the hell on
You and your mama

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologize a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson [OOOH]
I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry

. . .

(Killer Mike) 
Our shit don't mix like llao and lukewarm water 
Better make it hotter splash ice and watch it rock up 
I oughta duct tape your infant daughter 
Show y'all soldier ass niggaz 
I'm murder city's Sargeant Slaughter 
Guaranteed to get more cut than a barber 
I betcha I'll drill your heifer like Black & Decker 
This pussy wrecker and white water couldn't get it wetter 
I'm guaranteed to leave her swiss cheese for more cheddar 
I give a fuck, suede bucks and Coogi sweaters 
What's up? Whatever sable fur to lamb leather 
I've seen it all in the trap with fitted caps for cold weather 
And creased denim threats delivered when I send 'em 
Nigga know I, FedEx my shit, overnight express my shit 
Deliver my hits quick, who next on my shit list 
Banana niggaz need to split 
Quit fucking with this thorough Atlanta click 
This here is Slum Lordz we make your terrific shit tragic 
My pen and pixel make violence more graphic 
I take raw coke, cook it crack, saran wrap it 
One muthafuckin' verse and it's already a classic(x2) 
Killer Mike nigga! 

Don't you be looking at me crazy like ya want to 
The game is over k.b. baby won't you 
Just quit the contemplating cause 
I'll box you in your muthafuckin mouth 

(Big Boi) 
My Cadillac got that boom, boom in it, listen to it drop 
Like cereal in your breakfast bowl just jumpin' off the top 
A nigga don't stop for squares or octagons prepare 
I'm not the one you scared, the Piccolo Pimp done set up shop 
Nigga you pop lock, for pop rocks, but I'm only poppin tweeters 
And woofers and pussies be blowing purple wit' my feet up 
I'mma eat up anybody who tests this, I'm blessed wit' 
Super human powers, poke your chest in, the next of kin 
Gone be the first one like some Mexicans to buck 
Nigga you stuck like a truck in red dirt, you's in church 
And I'm the deacon speakin' while ya tweakin' 
The preacher preachin', reachin', teachin', speakin', being, breathin' 
You're not, your clock stop, and now you're laying in a pretty box 
And now pastor is only talking 'bout the pretty parts of your life 
Your brother fuckin' your damn wife 
You look for the pearly white gates, but you realize your fate 
It's too late, 'cause you hate, you hate 
It's too late, 'cause you hate 
Punk pussy ass bitch, game over, who want some?! (Hook) 

(Killer Mike) 
Roll my blunts thick, like I like my bitch 
Lick my blunts and spit, like she do my dick 
Attempted murder dick, for ways I choke chicks 
Spit it in her eye make it hard to focus 

(Big Boi) 
Killer Mike gonna calm down, things gonna get a little crazy 
Ol' girl might yell rape G, you might as well give her a throat baby 
Goop goobler, goop gravy, no dicking her down to the ground 
Now you doing the Dirty South, know what I'm talkin' about 

(Killer Mike) 
Big Boi, my mentor, hear what you hollering about 
But fuck that, I'm looking for love all in her mouth 
Need her to gobble up jism, like school lunches 
Need her to take cat beatings and throw punches 

(Big Boi) 
Like a swarm of locusts, no hocus-pocus 
You wanna approach us, buzzards and vultures 
We two of the dopest mic controllers 
Stack big bank, honey folders 
Even wit' rollers, I'm trying to told ya 
Even loving, lavish, ladies, leaving, landmarks 
Of Lemon-lime, lip gloss on your lavender lapels 
Leaping lizards, keep me slizzard, my mind's expanding 
Readily rappin' and snappin', snappin' and trappin' 
That's just what's happening (Hook) 

A whey you want come dis 
When you know you nuh fit 
You better move you bombo 
Before me start trip 
Nuff a them a talk OutKast 
Nuff a them a trip 
Nuff a them come in like a bitch 
Whey wear slip 
A J-Sweet me name an' me already Chris 
A OutKast me spar wid 
So boy nuh try dis 
If you dis boy shot knaw go miss 
Gun shot a go teck you just like fits 
Boy hear me song an' thought a remix 
Brand new tune platinum hits 
We nah gon' run and switch like no bitch 

. . .

1, 2.. 1, 2, 3; yeah! 
Inter-national, underground 
Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground (Woo!) 
Like a million elephants with silverback orangutans 
You can't stop a train 
Who want some? Don't come un-pre-pared 
I'll be there, but when I leave there 
Better be a household name 
Weather man tellin' us it ain't gon' rain 
So now we sittin' in a drop-top, soaken' wet 
In a silk suit, tryin' not to sweat 
Hits somersaults without the net 
But this'll be the year that we won't forget 
One-Nine-Nine-Nine, and brutha anything goes, be whatchu wanna be 
Long as you know consequences, to give and for livin' defenses 
Too hot, I'm jumpin' jail 
Too low to dig, I might just touch hell 
HOT! Get a life, now they gon' sell 
Then I might catch you a spell, look at what came in the mail 
A scale and some Arm and Hammer, so grow grid and some baby máma 
Black Cadillac and a pack of pampers, stack of question with no answers 
Cure for cancer, cure for AIDS 
Make a nigga wanna stay onto it for days 
Get back home, things are wrong 
We're not really able to spend all alone 
before he left, (?), to a ball of power 
Thousands of thousands miles per hour 
Hello, ghetto, let your brain breath, 
believe there's always more 

Chorus: 2X 
[Dre] Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang 
{Choir} Bombs over Baghdad! 
[Dre] Yeah! Ha ha yeah! 
Don't even bang unless you plan to hit something 
{Choir} Bombs over Baghdad! 
{Dre} Yeah! Uhh-huh 

[Big Boi] 
Uno, dos, tres, it's on 
Did you ever think a pimp rock a microphone? 
Like that there boy and will still stay street 
Big things happen every time we meet 
Like a track team, crack fiend, dyin to geek 
Outkast bumpin' up and down the street 
Slam back, Cadillac, 'bout five nigga deep 
Seventy-five emcee's freestylin' to the beat 
Cause we get krunk, stay drunk, at the club 
Should have bought an ounce, but you caught the dub 
Should have held back, but you throwed the punch 
'Spose to meet your girl but you packed a lunch 
No D to-the U to-the G for you 
Got a son on the way by the name of Bamboo 
Got a little baby girl four year, Jordan 
Never turn my back on my kids for them 
Should have hit it (hit it) quit it (quit it) rag (rag) top (top) 
Before you read up, get a laptop 
Make a business for yourself, boy, set some goals 
Make a fair dime out of dusty coal 
Record number four, but we on a roll 
Hold up, slow up, stop, control 
Like Janet, planets, Stankonia is only 
A movin' like floor commin' straight to Florida 
Lock all your windows then block the quarters 
Pullin' off on bell 'cause a whippins in order 
Like a three piece fist, 'fore I cut your daughter 
Yo quiero Taco Bell, then I hit the border 
Penny pap rappers tryin' to get the five 
I'm a microphone fiend tryin' to stay alive 
When you come to A-town well you better not hide 
cause the Dungeon Family gonna ride 

Chorus: 2X 
[Dre] Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang 
{Choir} Bombs over Baghdad! 
[Dre] Yeah! Ha ha yeah! 
Don't even bang unless you plan to hit something 
{Choir} Bombs over Baghdad! 
{Dre} Yeah! Uhh-huh 

Bombs over Baghdad! Yeah 
Bombs over Baghdad! Yeah 
Bombs over Baghdad! Yeah 
Bombs over Baghdad! Yeah 

B-I-G, B-O-I 
To the T-O-P 

[Dre and Big Boi]: 15X 
Bob your head. Rag top. 

(1, 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4) (Gimme some) 

{Choir}: 23X 

. . .

[Andre 3000]
Andre 3000
a.k.a. Possum alowishus Jenkins
a.k.a. Dookie Blossum Gain the 3rd
Funk Crusader, Love Pusher
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to drop the turd

[Big Boi]
Antoine Andre Patton Sr.
Better known as Big Boi
a.k.a. Daddy Fat Sacks
a.k.a. Lucious Leftfoot
a.k.a. Billy Oldshoe
a.k.a. Francius the Savannah Chitlin Pimp
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to put the "D" in D-Boi
And still cooler than a polar bear's toenails


. . .

Yeah Yeah 
Yes Spaghetti Junction 
Yes yes 
Elope ski slopes 
(coughs) ahh 
Check this out 

(Andre 3000) 
Niggas elope wit ski slopes and fall like avalanches 
Tootin like it's cool being fooled and i can't just 
Sit around and watch those snow membranes flame 
My ends is loose and you can't stop that rain 
When it starts to fall 

(Big Boi) 
Lookin like Ms. Pacman ???? and cat man 
I'm speaking about these pros cause you know nothing bout that man 
The nigga the B-I-G is high in flight like value jet 
You thinking about the B team cause my end is never met 

(Andre 3000) 
Black man white man Jew man ain't no joke 
Remember when me and my cousin used to sit up on the porch 
And talk about when we get older now we up against the ropes 
Yeah they kickin niggas door down cause it ain't no dope 
On the streets 

(Big Boi) 
And a quarter of time to feed me 
That's all a nigga like me need 
Talking about that Southern sess now you all up in that mess 
But never shall you test and never shall you quit 
Running up on me with that fuck shit will get you nothing but hell 

Be careful where you roam cause you might not make it home 
*Whispers* junction junction 
Don't you dare ever get lost cause you get caught up in that sauce 
*Whispers* junction junction 
To all ya playas play ya tims and ya hustlas wit ya rims 
Macks and Pimps live on the outside of the corners that you've been 
Y'all Yes yes yes Uh 
*Whispers* Junction Junction 

(Big Boi) 
Well I'm dranking up on yak while I'm dippin off in that 'lac ('lac) 
The junkies around my way are always smokin up on that crack (crack) 
Lay them college park hoes flat on they back 
Living the life of pimps steadily making this paper stack 
Niggas don't understand the master plan coming to earn man 
Till they start kickin the door in then we ready to blast 
Them out (out) like planes (planes) that's bout to crash 
So mayday Maytrain knock em up off they ass 

(Andre 3000) 
We struggle like fat hoes just to get things that ?? 
People got we forgot they always gonna keep a plot 
Right up they sleeve you won't believe they decieve 
Like weak theives can't break in your crib and leave and they built like two 
So ???? and then i'm straight 
And they drove ???? see my folks can't cover three I's 
We wise to the fact so we attack wit what we know 
Heaven is the only good life so what you strivin fo 


(Big Boi) 
Uh check this shit out though uh well 
Well I flip flops and football socks 
A nigga be rockin the mic like birthdays 
Lil Jon and Sirsce so why you worth-ay 
I'm callin yo ass a flaw pimp yappin about this crew you run wit 
Bankhead bouncing to that dumb shit so what mo can you come wit 

(Andre 3000) 
Yeah they can bite but cannot be us 
They can come and pick up little slang but cannot see us 
You ought to be ashamed trying to fit in my adidas 
So Run like DMC like you don't know you got no heater 

(Big Boi) 
Well we zippin around the corner in that golden stankin lincoln 
Got my heat up under my seat in case the junkies tryin to take it 
Pullin the pistol on another black man was never the plot 
But sometimes a brother will shoot for wealth and try to take my spot 

(Andre 3000) 
Well they come like black stallions in the night 
You see around four or five that's when they figure the time is right 
That's when you good and sleep 
I couldn't sleep until I seen em wit my own eyes 
Till they come over the hill suprised 

. . .

Anncr: And now, kim and cookie.
Cookie: Ring-Ring
Kim: say hello cookie!
Cookie: hello
Kim: girl i got somethin to tell ya
Cookie: spill it girl spill it
kim: remember ol boi, at the club...
cookie: from last night?
kim: last night!
cookie: wassup
Kim: went home with the mothafucka, now i'm thinkin i'm feelin' to goddamn get
my ass to' up!
background singers: to' up!
kim: but girl
cookie: what.
kim: dick so short
background singers: short!
kim: came quick, he got his, i ain't get mines. i'm like fuck!
background singers: fuck!
kim: you know you talkin' all this goddamn shit and he ain't shit!
cookie: girl you done got you a mothafuckin minute man!
kim: a minute mothafuckin man
background singers: mothafuckin minute man!
kim: but it's all good you hear me? cause before i goddamn left this
mothafucka, i hit this mothafucka up for erythang you hear me! i'm talkin bout
wallet, i'm talkin bout credit cards, money. and you what i was gona hit him up
for his goddamn pistol but i ain't know how many mothafuckn bodies he had on
that mothafucka you feel me!
background singers: i feel ya!
cookie: well it's allllllll goooooood!

. . .

Featuring Eco & Gangsta Boo 

[Andre 3000] 
Nigga quit being so got damn selfish 
Put it in ya pelvis 
Let it work, gyrate, motivate 

I'll call before I come 
I won't just pop over, out the blue 
I hope that you do too 
I'll call before I come 
I won't just won't pop up over, out the blue 
No after you 

[Andre 3000] 
Oh, thank you Lord for throwing some shy 
Bones in my body let me tell you why 
If not so, I'd be too, too bad 
When it comes to pink polka dots and plaids 
Glad to meet you, my name is Dre 
But you can call me Possum Allawishes Jenkins 
Andre 3000 for short 
And naaw I don't want to see your thongs 
I kinda dig them old school cute regular draws 
And I will pause for your cause 

[Big Boi] 
I'm a gentleman, I'm a satisfy your soul 
And then I'm a get mine 
Like Wimbledon we back and forth across the court 
Until we give out, do you take it all or spit it 
Are you faking the funk and living a lie 
Do you really know what it feels like 
to have no control over the G spot? 
It's like a brand new pair of Reeboks or a junkie freshly detoxed 
You feel the tingling all over like convulsions or the rooster pox 
I used to not give a damn 
But now I make it a point just to please you 
So you can go back and tell all your buddies, I Pretty D'd you 

[Gangsta Boo] 
Let's see what you wanna do with the Gangsta Boo 
Let's cut, nigga, nigga what, I'll cut you too 
Coming through in a Escalade limo, tint with shade 
Purple haze in the ashtray ready to get a blaze 
What the biz nigga jump on in relax wit a lady 
Wit a reputation known for sexing niggas till they crazy 
Whatcha mean dog, telling a play like Boo to call before I come 
You a game I'm fucking you for fun 
Join the bandwagon nigga it's a Gangsta Boo party 
Everybody wanna join come and freak wit somebody 
Riding Jaguars, riding Prowlers all sports cars 
Hitting strip bars wit the top down, fuck y'all 
Groupie you need to be glad you even knew me 
Do me and tell all my friends my truly blew me 


Nigga you better dial 404-584 well bump all that 
But shit you'd better call before you get here and that's a fact 
Before you get your feelings hurt 
Because you caught me playing nurse 
Wit a stethoscope running around in one of those cut shot white skirts 
I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't respond to idle wishes 
Peeped in the window saw me cooking shrimp 
In high heels and washing dishes 
For Daddy Fat Sax and it's something I couldn't explain 
I know it's a dirty, dirty game, but you should called before you came 

. . .

Featuring B-Real 

Hello lord, it's me again, I just wanna make to love the whole globe 
And all her girlfriends now don't that make ya mind move 
Like smoke patterns, me on my way to Saturn wit a bomb 
Numb be it view, or Saudi Shawty 
I figure before the first gun blast, they know who gone win 
Now won't that make us all fools 
Like class clowns praying Private Ryan comes round 
Sound travels at one thousand, one thirty, feet per second 
Niggaz in the street they want it hurry 
When niggaz start biting that's when 3000 starts to worry 
A little knowledge from the college of wizard Ray Murray 
Answer quick do you know what desire is? "Huh?" 
Apparently not that's why you get what you got 
Now answer this do you know what fire is? "Yeah" 
The body of hot, the motivator of pots 
Snot, spit, shit are characteristics of release 
Ask your niece or nephew, you think we left you 
What the future holds in its sweaty palms 
Thank I'm finna vom? Ya move like ya mean it she'll cum 
Prom night might excite a down right fight like 
White blood cell to the common cold rebel 
Night gets jealous of day play is no longer 
The feelin gets stronger than Ammonia sticks inhale 


We just can't be amazed 
Even if you pull the pin from your hand grenade (repeat 3X) 
And we some home-made bombs 
Finna blow right up in your face 

Look at the way you look at me I see it on your face 
All your hate emanates but you still hesitate 
Cause you want inside of my head but don't know how 
To brainwash me to be a commercial clown 
Fuck that I see the way you were, see the way you smirk I'm catching you 
where you work 
God only knows all the trouble that grows 
Deep beneath my soul dealing with you assholes 
Can I blast those who point the finger at me 
Who criticize and talk shit so freely 
Fuck XXL you're a size too small 
I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all 
Whether you live to talk shit about the Real 
Then kiss my ass in person how much you love the Hill 
I'm the outcast comin to blaze the grass 
Outlaw due to my life that's come to pass 
Dre, pass me the glass of wine 
So I can pour it over my homies grave and mine 
For all those who fallen and answered when God was calling 
Jump into my ragtop and get all in 
I'm the bomb, planted in your car why you frozen 
Pop the tape in ignite the xplosion 
The world is mine, the world is yours, the world is ours 
The world is lost, the world is tossed 

We just can't be amazed 
Even if you pull the pin from your hand grenade (repeat 3X) 
And we some home-made bombs 
Finna blow right up in your face 

[Big Boi] 
With a one-two punch, B-Real and Andre dropped they verses 
Your homeboy Daddy Fat Sax playin clean-up so it worsens 
People and persons on the opposite teams oh, yes its curtains 
No bullets burpin' oh just lyrically twerking 
Making a statement, when you freestyle and your mind is in a free state 
Is kinda hard to execute when you ain't feeling it that day 
Jumpin the gun and rushing your flow 
Babbling on the mikie like auctioneer, got the public's ears 
Fucked up can't hear, Atlanta, Georgia where y'all at? 
OutKast this Dirty South to death the Dungeon Family Camp 
Got this thang lit like stamps and nine-volt battery end caps 
Making that music that make your neck hurt 
And the beats that bother your back in my Cadillac 
Six woofers and four amps, lo pro vogues on swole 
With the carriage lamps diamond tucked velour pistol in my lap 

. . .

[Man] Hey shorty, let me holla at ya.
[Woman] Wassup, baby?
[Man] Girl, you got some pretty hair.
[Woman] Aww, thank you baby you know, I got a little bit of Spanish in me.
[Man] Girl you ain't Spanish, it's all fine and silky.

. . .

[Hook] 2x 

From the weave to the fake eyez 
To the fake nailz, down to the toez 
Hahaha! we luv deez hoez! 
Hahaha! we luv deez hoez! 

[Big Boi] 
Don't lie you love them, if you don't you like them hoez a whole lot 
Just like your mama Sunday cookin' turkey necks in the pot 
You ready to drop your load like prop planes be droppin' that cocaine 
You ready to turn your fro, from natural straight to a cold wave 
Dat hoe name Betty Big Shoez, she wore them Herman monster heels 
Popped a pill, now she's in your Coupe De Ville, passenger seat 
I made her eat my meat while I was rubbin' her coochie 
Injection in her top and bottom lip straight from her booty 
So Do Re, blow me, Fa So La Ti Da Ha I'm tellin' the truth 
You suckin' your tooth you treatin' her like a star boy 
From a Figueroa to a herringbone 
From droppin' her off to takin' her home 
She tried to pull my rubber off with her pussy muscles that was wrong 
The bitch is no good like lesbians with no tongues 
You fucked around and knocked her up and now you say she the one 
Nigga you dumb, you should have pulled it out and squirted on her eyelash 
And let her face be holdin' the baby, now she after yo ass! 
Yeah, I told y'all niggaz 
about god damn takin' them hoez to the Cheesecake Factory 
Lettin' them hoez order strawberry lemonade and popcorn shrimps 
They ain't goin' do nuthin' but try to all your motherfuckin' cheese! 

[Hook] 2x 

Ay, ay, what's up lil' girl I see you workin' them Valente 
She walk wit a fly Sashay 
Look here say, I'm just a Fat Face I come through swervin' (ay, ay) 
You love the way the leather grippin' your butt 
Conversation kill 'em, drippin' em up 
Relax Shawty, oh lordy, I quote the facts 
Whippin' convertible with Daddy Fat Sax 
I stay G sharp as a note of music 
Call me fresh baked bread, make 'em brawd lose it 
I'm just sayin' they just can't stand to see me execute game plan 
I slow it down, she like it - speed it up 
She polked it out, beat it up like that 
Hit 'em from the back, bully quote the vocabulary 

[Hook] 2x 

[Big Gipp] 
Yeah, yeah, Gipp keep it double loco 
met up in café Intermezzo for some late night pasty 
Conversation hasty cuz I was ready to dip 
Sweatsuit velour so I ordered Kahlua 
Fell in, hit her with the gun hose 
Left her with the pokahose, got up and didn't say goodbye 
Her face wrinkle up and froze 
Why you leavin' so soon, supposed too 
And ain't no question about that 
They call me Big Gipp on the southside 
Mr. Get Down in the vains so what's the word 
Don't fall in love with good pussy 
Off the top better leave for two moths 
Come back and pop "study the shit" 

. . .

Featuring Erykah Badu

[Andre 3000] Speaking 
Ahhhh I stank I can, I stank I can 
The funky engine that could 
Oooo oooo yosky, wosky, pisky, wisky 
All aboard the Stankonia Express 
The underground smell road 
Everybody's lookin' for an excuse to let loose 
What's your locomotive, the chatter and the choo choo 

Hook:Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu 
Humble as a mumble in the jungle 
Of shouts and screams 
That's the way the cracker crumbles 
So I guess I've got to re-route my dreams 

[Big Boi] 
Back on the microphone, your number one controller 
I rock the microphone like a blizzard; 
I'm so cold I'm tryin' to hold ya 
Life is like a great big roller coaster 
Everything in life don't happen like it's suppose to 
Trials and tribulations make you stronger live longer 
You wanna reach the nation nigga start from ya corner 
Everything in life don't always happen like you plan it 
Demand it; over stand it then you handle it 
Fuck wishing you, you missing the ambition on your mission 
Now you switching why you quitting 'cause it's heated in the kitchen 
Sloppy slipping in your pimping nigga 
You either pistol whoop the nigga or you choke the trigger 
You've got to follow through, struggle to complete your dreams 
"No Weapon Formed Agains Prospers" 54:17 
From Isaiah lay a nigga down and spray 'em 
If the dealer dealt a fucked up hand of cards you've gotta play 'em 


[Andre 3000] 
Too Democratic, Republic fuck it 
We chicken nugget, we dip in the sauce like mop and bucket 
Blue-collar scholars, who'll take your dollar and wipe my ass wit it 
You living for the lotto never hit it, I met a critic 
I made her shit her draws 
She said she tought Hip Hop was only guns and alcohol 
I said "Oh hell naw!" but yet it's that too 
You can't discrimahate because you done read a book or 2 
What if I looked at you in a microscope saw all the dirty organisms 
Living in your closet would I stop and would I pause it "whoo" 
To put that bitch in slower motion, got the potion and the antidote 
And a quote for collision the decision 
Is do you want to live or wanna exist 
The game changes everyday so obsolete is the fist and marches 
Speeches only reaches those who already know about it 
This is how we go about it 


[Erykah Badu] 
I'm wild just like a rock, a stone, a tree 
And I'm free, just like the wind the breeze that blows 
And I flow, just like a brook, a stream, the rain 
And I fly, just like a bird up in the sky 
And I'll surely die, just like a flower plucked 
And dragged away and thrown away 
And then 1 day it turns to clay 
It blows away, it finds a ray, it finds its way 
And there it lays until the rain and sun 
Then I breathe, just like the wind the breeze that blows 
And I grow, just like a baby breastfeeding 
And it's beautiful, that's life and that's life 
And that's life and that's life 


[Andre 3000] Speaking 
Humble as a mumble in the jungle 
Of shouts and screams 
That's the way the cracker crumbles 
So I guess I've gotta re-route my dreams 

. . .

Man, my woman done left me
I got laid off
They say a computer can do my job better than I can damn do it
Man pour me another drink
I feel ya

. . .

[Andre 3000]
Want can make a nigga wanna take another nigga life
What can make a nigga wanna do another nigga wife
Life a butter knife
What can make a nigga wanna get his body so high
That can't go to sleep, don't wanna eat
Pray to God that he don't do crack
What can make a nigga wanna cut a beauty queen raw
Feeling every drip drop she can generate imitate seesaws
What can make a nigga wanna fight a whole night club
Figure that he ought to maybe be a pimp simply 'cause he don't like love
What can make a nigga wanna achy, break all rules
In a book when it took a lot to get you hooked up to this volume
What can make a nigga wanna loose all faith in
Anything that he can't feel through his chest wit sensation

. . .

(Big Boi - talking) 
One more time for y'all, y-y-yeah, huh 
If you didn't know you know now, OutKast, Stankonia 
We shittin on everybody talkin that bullshit 

(Big Boi) 
Now Peter Piper picked a pepper, that was his downfall 
I'm down with Dre, he's down and 'cause he got my back y'all 
Ball if you want to, but do it with some class G 
Ask me, do OutKast got some flows so you can blast me 
Nasty, niggas on the point they see you shinin 
Engi-neers in the studio see me rhymin 
Don't get me wrong, got four albums they consistant 
You got a bodyguard, I let my nigga tote the biscuit 
Twist ya cap back, you got blood off on ya fur hat 
Cap, cap, ya link snap, you slump off in ya Cadillac 
But what though, some diamonds and a Bentley what you dyin for 
Aight hoe, I'ma bake my cheese and let my mic flow 
Prioritize to live through 
Tell these other niggas how you bought yo' kid some tennis shoes 
Let these brothers know that your momma she got her house too 
Let these niggas know that your sister will, uh, finish, college without you 
I doubt you do that though, 
so do this here and keep that bullshit out of our ear 
You too near me to not hear me, too open conceal me 
The love for the music keepin big boys spittin really 

'Cause they know where you live and they've seen what ya drive 
And they say they gonna put one in your helmet 
'Cause you brag 'bout that watch, and all them things that you got 
Them dirty boys turn your poundcake to red velvet 

How can you measure a nigga by multiple figures he may got, got, got 
Had he not purchased the newest Mercedes that lose it's value soon as you 
drive that bitch off the lot, lot, lot 
Would it still be that latest, most wanted, doggonit you want it 
He got it-type nigga 'round the town, town, town 
Had he not played it so flat, 
he ask you when half of these niggas hurtin and workin 
Would be he be found, found, found 
In a ho-tel (ho-tel) ??? ??? 
With his dick shoved in ??? ??? 
Bill Gates, don't dangle diamonds in the face 
Of peasonts when he Microsoftin' in the place 
You gettin on my nerves, well I'm gettin on your case 
Consider your surroundings or you leave without a trace 


(Big Boi) 
I know you got the biggest bank roll and you ballin 
Follow the heater because the leader he is haulin 
Ass like Juan Valdez, I think he scared 
'Cause my nigga Khujo Goodie got that ??? to his head 

Little bitty ???, lurkin in the closet 
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got ??? 
Don was the one who came in contact 
With those with slow goals who prompt to sell crack 
On this megaphone, hey look where I'm on 
You off, he floss hard 'cause he celebrate the fact 
Little bitty ???, lurkin in the closet 
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got ??? 

. . .

ATL, cruisin' in da ATL
cruisin' in da ATL, cruisin' in da ATL


. . .

Featuring C-Bone, Slimm Calhoun & T-Mo

[Big Boi] 
Some of that uh, LTD Lincoln Town Car 
Some of that El Dorado funk, know what I'm talking about 
Gangsta Shit, you know, lay back, cool out, yeah 
You know we keep it crunk around here, A-town style 
Getting head on the highways yeah, but this what I wanna know 

Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon click 
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit 
Dirty South nigga we straight gangsta pimps 

[Big Boi] 
O-U-T-K-A-S-T,O-N-P,G-O-O-D-I-E, so fresh so clean 
Back with Stankona, Dungeon Family 
Pearl Cadillac on dics adn vogues, flip flops, t-shirts and Dickies 
It's the return of Billy Ocean, Cuervo is my drink 
Stank, stank means you got the funkiest, dopest heat on the street 
Three G ski, Slimm, Big Boi and ths is C B-O-N-E 
If you need some back-up find Jerome, 
ya girl gonna give you grief at home 
Just tell these hoez wanna be on the same team that she's layin on 


Dope boys in the trap like to stack the dough 
When beef come areound can't let it go 
When my funds turn legit i'm gonna let you know 
Ridin rims real good down Old National 
It's trappable, two bed, Jacuzzi bath, it's natural 
Puttin cheese in ya stash, un-taxable futhermuckers get mad 
Steady watching myself, got eyes in my back 
Don't take no slack, when you managing the trap 
If you work out, gotta get it right back 
I trap by day boy, rap by night, 
C-Bone in this Bitch College Park trump tight 


[T-Mo Goodie] 
I'm pimp tight, give a fuck, niggaz know what's up 
It's T-Mo and Outkast in the back of my truck 
We gotta simple little problem that we got to solve 
It like it ain't about the money, we got to handle the job 
No colors or rags, just guns and masks 
We not scared to blast and dip off fast 
With the Dungeon click, just pulled a lick 
Now what you really wanna know about the gangsta shit 

[Slimm Calhoun] 
Back on the scence, a sack of green sitting on crome and rubber bands 
Paint looking like Candyland, it's Sllimm the South Paw triggerman 
Flippin work and whippin weight, rock up, roll and get the papes 
Chop them hoez and then you skate, ack to the block wit the deflate 
Grams the O's, slabes to whole one's da flake 
A young nigga holdin big face foldin 
Pimps are known for catching runaways 
A good hustler's known to keep his gun away 
First nigga run up and try to jack mine, 
first nigga fuck up to get flat lined 
Pack still stainless Coupe and Verts brainless 
Y'all don't wanna fuck wit me, the trunk be at bangin 
Of the chain danling, y'all know that i'm form C.P 


[Andre 3000] 
Outkas wit a K, yeah them niggaz are hard 
Harder than a nigga trying to impress God 
We'll pull your're whole deck, fuck pulling your card 
And still take my guitar and take a walk in the park 
Any play the sweetest melody the street ever heard 
Now bitches sucking on my nouns and I'm eating their verbs 
Get full, and niggaz, niggaz, 
pop, pop, lock, lock to the, to the beat, beat 
As if pitbulls went out of style, made a vow to myself 
If it's for the wealth i'll stop, well put i like this 
It's like me selling some dope because my girlfriend wants to shop 
Wrong reason, whatever the season, hey winter, spring, summer or fall 
I dont stall, slow drag wit your brain against the wall 
Yeah, nigga naw, we learn to the side don't fall 
All y'all fuck boys, tuck toys inside your pants 
Just to pull it out, point it at the ground and make a nigga wanna dance 
Now what that be for, you're on that reefer and on that Tupac 
In front of them oooh wops, trying to show out, that's the hoe route 

. . .

Have you heard the news? 
They say a little 14 year old little girl had a baby on the way 
Tooo much for her little mind to bare 
And that type of news to her mama she cannot spare 

Toilet Tisha, damn we miss ya 
Toilet Tisha is the issue 
Damn we miss ya, Toilet Tisha 
Damn we miss ya 

Don't go away 
Don't you dare go away from me girl I can help you 
Don't go away dont you dare leave me 
Don't go away, away 
Don't go away 

*Big Boi* 
Five thousand, one hundred ten days 
Is a short period of time a mere fourteen years 
On this precious mother earth, you see Tisha had issues 
And her decision making skills were still in its early stages 
You know what I'm talking about 
Therefore she could not properly handle a blessing in which 
She thought to be an obstacle in her path to adulthood 
Pause, Just like a brother with a thousand pauses 
Should I shouldn't I I cant I have to, mama will never see me the same 
Daddy and Big Mama I know all of them gonna be ashamed of me 
Are just a few thoughts racing through her cranium 
As she sits on top of the pale, cold porcelain seat in the rear of the house 
The unthinkable moments away from becoming reality, sadly with no clue 
And no way of expressing her feeling to her mam or anybody else in her life 
Tisha done came to the crossroads and now she got to choose 

. . .

Featuring Cee-Lo (Goodie Mob)

(Hook) Slum beautiful, driving I plum crazy 
Slum beautiful, soul, but so amazing 

[Andre 3000] 
They don't know, but I do though 
Baby my darling you make me loose composure 
Fragments of a million me 
Scattered across the floor to a certain degree 
Where I had to give your mama call 
And thank her for spending time with your daddy 
For all its worth, girl what's your frequency 
And can I come there frequently 


[Big Boi] 
What I like to do most is spit this game like sports announcers 
And will pity pat them hoez down like a gentlemen club bouncer 
Ounce of killa dilla, be making my game more flagrant 
And once I done had some Cuervo 'bout six shots I'm nothin to play wit 
Like plug sockets and babies, possums, raccoons, and rabies 
Maybe Lady Luscious oba kaybee so they say thee 
An old school playa pimp type ass nigga like Tony Mercedes 
And will work every last muscle off in your body like Billy Blanky 
Hanky panky, where did you get your gold grill cause it's banging 
And I like then redhot Fila straight from Walters off the chain 
Fuck them bouige bitches they don't know nothin 'bout you 
'Cause you push a big black Buick, so fresh, so clean on them trues 
Slum beautiful you's the would to me, shawty I dig ya 
And I'm loving the way them Jordache got a bear hug on your figure 
You my nigga, nigga 


[Cee-Lo Goodie] 
Look at you, unbelievably, brilliant beautiful you 
You're looking deliciously divine darling you really and truly do 
The very thought of has got me running at the speed of love 
Exploring everything about you from the ground to the God above 
Suddenly I started dreaming, traveling in time so fast 
I could almost taste outer space 
I saw the face of God and looked like you and me too 
Hello, I'm the man that God made you for 
Profound don't think, okay let's put this poetry in motion 
I'm shining simply because mother earth I'm your son 
Our entire circumference engulfed in emotion 


[Andre 3000] 
I don't know but, it seem like uh, your daddy must have gave you 
A teaspoon of honey every night before you went to bed 
Or was it a pack of Now & Laters cause you're the sweetest thing on my head 
And I'd like to say that I'd love to make love to every molecule of you 

. . .

[Man] Hey baby.
[Woman] Yeah?
[Man] I know we've been together for a long time, right?
[Woman] Yeah.
[Man] Well, I got one question to ask you.
[Woman] Yes?
[Man] Will you marry me?
[Woman] Yes!
[Man] Good, but I got one mo' question.
[Woman] Yeah?
[Man] Will you sign a pre-numptual agreement?
[Woman] What?!

. . .

Featuring Big Rube & Sleepy Brown 

What does love look like? 
Love looks like you 
What does love love feel like? 
Love feels like this 
What does love smell like? 
Love smells like us 

(Andre 3000) 
You make me understand 
What it means to be in l-o-v-e once again 
Why, must we fly so low? 
Are we 'fraid of heights, do kites get lost in the tow 

Stank love, stank love, stank love, stank love 

(Sleepy Brown) 
Let me show your mind a new freaky side of love 
Open up you flower please let me taste your love 
Honeysuckle sweet, can't stop till I get ever drip drop on my tongue 
Hitting every spot of you, what you gonna do 
Your body is the rhythm of the boom in the room 
Up and down it seems to go 
Oh my god I think I'm bout to explode 


(Big Rube) 
My fingertips scan flesh so supple 
No longer a couple like two in one skin 
Where do you end and where do I begin 
Both brains become one mind sensually 
Every nerve becoming it's own individual entity 
With its own lusts, it's own needs to serve 
Longing for the love of all the other nevers 
As they writhe and twist in satisfaction 
In the burning chill of please we bathe 
Engulfing, encompassing like a cataclysmic shockwave 
Of an impact so deep, but not one of destruction 
But of creation, elation in the re-making 
No taking in the relation, no taking in the relation 
Just giving of ther persona making lover after making love 
Till ain't nothing but Stankonia 

. . .

Heyy-yo, heyy-yo, we speedballin..

[Andre 3000]
Livin by the grace of God
At the pace of the Devil life is hard, we speedballin
With no time to waste
The trouble tends to weeble wobble over the base, we speedballin
Nose wanna blow out steam
So make some fuckin noise if you know what I mean, we speedballin HA
But if you don't you won't
You'll end up in your trouble while the fury of funk, we speedballin

Uhh, uhh, yeah sucka we're speedballin ballin ballin ballin
Yeah, uhh, we speedballin ballin ballin
Uhh, yeah we speedballin ballin ballin
Uhh, uhh uhh, yeah we speedballin
ballin ballin ballin ballin ballin ballin
Ballin ballin uhh, we speedballin
Yeah, WOOO! Yeah, uhh

Mama think I'm on that blow
Cause anything over marijuana fa sho, we speedballin, huh
If I could just come down
But when I do come down I don't like how it sound, we speedballin, HOO
The pitcher all on the mound
Thowin fastballs with a curve, the nerve of speedballin, HA
Some niggaz serve to live
Some niggaz live to serve not a fuck who they give, we speeballin, HA

HA, yeah, woo we speedballin ballin
Yeah, can y'all feel that? Uhh we speedballin ballin ballin
HA, c'mon! Yeah we speedballin what?
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

My God, my heart, my start, my saviour, my soul
My end, my friend, my sin now when can I go?
If you can hear me now then make me move
Stank-ya, I like it like that, I'm in yo' groove

Yeah! Yeah! Entire world, UHH!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! De-caaaaaaaaa-turrrrr, WOO we speedballin
Uhh, yeah, yeah, A.T.Lllllllllllllllll!
Uhh, yeah, New York we speedballin ballin ballin
WOO, yeah, uh uhh we speedballin
L.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Woo, woo we speedballin
Woo, woo woo, woo, woo woo, uh uh uh uh we speedballin
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
Yeah yeah woo woo we speedballin
What? Ha, what? Woo woo, we speedballin


Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more

[Big Boi]
Nigga wanna think these boys don't blow
Hoe you see them snortin them coke
Chaos still don't give you a hoe
Maybe you think the music is low
Maybe you say, the niggaz is wack
If he asks, want some crack
If you do that, you never come back
Back to life, reality black
Pump pump pump pump pump the brakes
Analyze shit got down to stakes
Take a shortcut tryin to win the race
Whatchu gonna do when you step in the place?
At a player's place, nigga takin my time
What he gon' say when I freak the rhyme?
How you gon' deal when's it heat tonight?
Buck buck buck nigga on the run
Niggafied cause we still on the grind in the trap for the dope boys
Speedballin freefallin in my own moon and my own zone
Boy life is short gonna suck it up
Arsty-fartsy nigga fuck it up
Down in the trenches, press your luck
Assed out like you ain't no butt, nigga what?

My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!
Ha ha ha ha
My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire! I'm on fire!
Ahh good God!
My soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!
..Ah good Lord, my soul is burnin, about to catch fire!
I'm overheated, about to catch fire-hah!
I can't help myself, I'm on fire!

. . .

f/ Goodie Mob

Yeah.. yeah.. yo
Gipp keep it slow poke, hang out the side with no rope
Sit in the tub, flick the remote and soak
Pull up, jump out, and then I strut for em
And if anybody got problems, I'ma cut for em
In this atmosphere now you can disappear smoke thick
Shells bail like tailbacks lookin for hoes
Drag my ass down the air like I care
Scar that ass, leave your shirt open like an arab
Makin money off these breakdown slabs
We got this zone, get your own
Better move on before your folk get split, you won't forget
The DF put it down, now get down, or sit down

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
so Godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

(I got it, I got it shorty.. it's our ball, uhh)

I tackle my problems, never run from my foes
Stiff-arm facemask, hit the juke but it didn't leave a sucka froze
like he just tried to stuff a whole ki up in his nose
on all fo's
You hit em high I hit em low, for this dough
Yo heart gon' bust out here, cause we comin full speed
We dig intend you lift you up off of your feet
at the lift, of the glass, sippin victory
Clean cut but I stay dirty
Uhh, you play fair, I teach
I spot this pig in yo' face like you never stopped eatin pork
or beast, and diseases end careers
Tenacious on his grill, uhh, all-pro hall of famer
with no fears, blood sweat and tears, uhhh, uhh, ohh shit

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
so Godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

[Andre 3000]
The rich boy got it bad cause he is rich
The po' boy got it bad cause he is po'
The bad boy got it bad cause he won't grow
The good gul got it good cause she got game
It runs in no undeveloped fellas considered lame
Same like mechanics do it, baby who need her Buick
repaired don't have no knowledge of what a brake shoe is
Make woo it, turns a nickle, squirm and tickle
We wiggle, now yo' emotions like a dill pickle
in autumn, fall, into the bottom of black, holes
Make a left on nothingness cause that's where I'm at
Cold as summer, I got yo' number, you got my number
Let's add em, see what we come with maybe we can slumber
like uhh, babies in homes and uhh, retarded ones, uhh
Dolphins and whales, uhh, the smartest ones, so
nothing you can do can be new up under the sun
Depending what sun you live under you can be the one on

Sunday mornin, makes me feel
so Godly, pardon me, if I shake your soul..

[Big Boi]
Ain't no Sunday School this mornin
they say somebody blowed up the church
What's even worse than that
I heard Pastor Jenkins he got hurt by the
perpetrators, demonstrators of violence and hatred
It's fin' to be 2001, the rojo-necks are racist
Fascists acting savage on the Sabbath must be demons
Errand boys for Satan defeated when I repeat it
Rebuke thee, rebuke thee, the look in they eye was spooky
But now I find myself in the park sittin in my hooptie
Like a movie, I was daydreamin and everythang seemed real
But now I'm at Mosley Park and we got some chicken on the grill
Get a beer, nigga chill, roll a joint, pop a peal
Cop a feel, on some cut, as we do it like this here on..

On Any Given Sunday, alllll, Atlanta will be born
Ahhhhhh tradition will be broken
Ahhhhhh, victory is yours, on Any Given Sunday

Sunday mornin, makes me feel

. . .

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