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Тексты песен Orphanage

Текст песни "Inside"

Call out my name. Your sadness is my sorrow.
Make up your mind and the feeling stays inside.
No time for pain. No Time to thinks things over.
Find out what's real in your secret world
This is what I say.
We're living our years of decay.
But I cherish all moments each day.
I remember the love that I knew. õ
So sad. So true.
The quest for the truth where it lies.
All I see is the pain in your eyes.
But feelings do not betray.
My faith will move mountains.
Every day of my life.
What will it be, wrong or right?
Mentally insane.
You're so close yet so far away.
Together alone we will stay.
I'll care for you for what it's worth.
Untill you will be one with the earth.
Every day of my life.
What will it be, wrong or right?
I will wait.
Be faithfull.
Untill my death!
Mentally insane.

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