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Тексты песен Orphanage

Текст песни "Deliverance"

[Dedicated to Opa van der Aa]

remembering the day we took eachother's hand
but in our minds we knew we would lose a friend
out here we think, we gaze and look above
every star for everyone we've loved

I don't hear and I don't see but
as my guardian he is here with me...

we are what you'll lose
deliverance is what you will gain
nothing else to choose
but deliverance from the pain

my feelings are mixed, like living apart together
but in my sleep I know he's with me forever
this time it's him who's says that it's OK
helping me to get over the previous day

lacrimosa, dies illa

in heaven reunion will take place
so take my hand have no fear

lacrimosa, dies illa

through my laughs and through my tears
I'm overwhelmed by memories
not in one day nor in years
we will forget you've disappeared

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