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Тексты песен Orphanage

Текст песни "Deceiver"

your spirit turns black
as sympathy of life declines
only selfish ways reign
in your sickened mind
your tears have dried
and floods of deceit are unleashed
upon all humanity

heed me from you, deceiver, make believer

you shattered my dreams in two
all trust lost in dust
I sweep and in agony I bleed
your honesty repressed by hypocrisy
mental thief, turning my life into disease

no paradise, in hell you'll see
internally I'm screaming
my fear of dying's dying
as compassion decays
tell right from wrong
words nothing more than vicious lies, betrayal
too late, I'm pissed off with violent rage
we call him traitor

Hate and fear united
won't turn into tranquillity
no sympathy for God or Christ
reality? It's all fantasy
life's washing away
forever caressing the bitterness
I'm roaming forever through my anger

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