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One Man Army

Тексты песен One Man Army

Текст песни "Lonely Road Nowhere"

I've known it for quite some time they're gonna come save me put me in the schools to learn to be just like them to drive a steady life investments and a job to choose my own path picked for me when all I wanted was my own novelty I fought them all for the lonely road nowhere for the right to something I can call my own in the end the distance that I've covered stretches miles even overseas playing to the sound of my own beat even breaking my own empty promises they seldom ever call but I see them now and then always asking me if I need anything yeah all I want is a ride downtown I fought them all I don't need none of them the lonely road to nowhere is my own in the end well now they're holding me so I can see that condescending look at me that pointed finger saying I told you so your luck has run out with nothing to show but pocket change from your coming of age old stories of the lonely road to nowhere

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