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One Man Army

Тексты песен One Man Army

Текст песни "Down The Block"

Scotty's mind is made up he's finally had enough of running he aint getting pushed around Scotty says he'll go down swingin' he's come too far to quit just a couple more blocks the wait will finally be over it's all come down to this to take back what's rightfully his [chorus] I can see him down the block with clinched fists and his mind made up I can see the look in his eyes and feel the rage in his veins and this time the blood wont be his he'll take that pride back that he's missed he don't feel pain no he don't no more Scotty he'd forgot he forgot about the cops the charge is aggravated assault now he's serving two to four behind bars and when he thinks back to the day there's a crooked smile played across his face as he says to himself out loud no one is gonna push me around..... [repeat chorus]

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