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Nitin Sawhney

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Тексты песен Nitin Sawhney

Текст песни "Nothing"

Nothing you'd have to say can be heard
Nothing helps me me find my way empty worlds
No more will I question why what we feel
Nothing left to make me try nothing's real

Fear no one
No more fear
Nothing hides in me

If my nothing here resides inside me
I have nothing left to hide could be free
No more clinging to this world nothing here
Insecurity unfolds no more fear

Fear no one
No more fear
No more fear
No one
No more fear
Nothing hides in me

Feeling cuts me like a knife and who's to say
If we've everything in life find our way
And there's nothing I have found nothing more
But in the space inside my mind I open doors

Just no one
Open doors nothing
Open doors no one
Open doors nothing hides

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