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Nellie McKay

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Тексты песен Nellie McKay

Текст песни "Oversure"

Maxine shrek was a very lucky lady!
Maxine shrek was a very lucky girl!
Who you wanna be? (maxine shrek!)
Who you wanna see? (maxine shrek!)

Have you got some time
Have you got some spine
Have you got something to begin with
Or are you in a sinwich
Have you got some nerve
Have you got some verve
Have you got something to depend on
Or do you fender bend on

And if you say no
Do you mean to go down below the earth with nothing

Now you've got my name
And you've got my fame
Have you got something to remind you of who you used to be
Or are you happy being me

Moonlight and roses
Starlight and fairytales that won't come true
Good news for those who pine away
The day comes shining through

Kittens high hattin'
Sittin' on satin with a host who's catnip fond
For those who seize the day
The way is paved beyond-er

I didn't know the world was like this
If I'd have known, then I'd be psychic
If I had a clue
Then maybe I'd be blue as a mockingbird
Why do you think she laughs so much

I didn't know i had such problems
If I'd have known, then I'd have solved them
But looking down the road
The Oklahoma toad's beckoning to me

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