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Nellie McKay

Тексты песен Nellie McKay

Текст песни "Baby Watch Your Back"

Baby watch your back
Baby watch your back ...
I watched you come and go and never noticed
like daily papers, faces, knick-knacks
but now I've seen you
and you are my focus
baby watch your back
I went my days and nights
not knowing of you
but now you fill my every minute
and I can't stop myself for my thoughts
of you are infinite

I watch you
you hate me
I don't like you
but I want to have your baby
you ain't got no soul
I don't really get you
you ain't got no soul
like I've never met you

You ain't got no soul
but I'm gonna let you in
for a big surprise
Baby watch your back
baby watch your back
watch out

Now you walk down the street and I follow
wearing my wig and funny glasses
and I will follow you wherever you go
baby watch your back
I'll catch you one day in the rain or the fog
and then you'll realize how I care
and I'm invincible for I am like smog
I'm everywhere
I touch you
I feel you
I brush you
soon I'll steal you


Baby watch your back!

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