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Neil Young
Neil Young

Настоящее имя Neil Percival Young
Дата рождения 12 ноября 1945 г.
Место рождения Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Откуда Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Жанры Rock
Hard Rock
Country Rock
Годы 1960—н.в.
Лейблы Reprise Records
Geffen Records
Motown Records
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Тексты песен Neil Young

Текст песни "Big Time"

Gonna leave the pain behind
Gonna leave the fools in line
Gonna take the magic potion
Gettin' in an old black car
Gonna take a ride so far
To the land of sun tan lotion
Gonna take it state by state
Til I hit the golden gate
Get my feet wet in the ocean

I'm still living in the dream we had,
For me it's not over...

Walkin on the bridge on day
Lookin out across the bay
I saw a rippling in the water
Once a big ship had passed
I borrowed a traveller's glass
And focused on the ocean's daughter
Kind of like a wave confused
Dancing in the sunset hews
She waved to me and called me over

I'm still living in the dream we had,
For me it's not over...

Talkin' bout a friend of mine
Talkin' bout a gold mine
Richest vein in any mountain
Talkin' bout the enemy
Inside of me
Talkin' bout that youthful fountain
Talkin' bout you and me
Talkin' bout eternity
Talkin' bout the big time

I'm still living in the dream we had,

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