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Neal McCoy

Тексты песен Neal McCoy

Текст песни "If I Was A Drinking Man"

If I was a drinking man
Like I used to be
I get myself a bottle and
You'd be history
You made me a thinking man
When you walked out
And if I was a drinking man
I wouldnt need you now

I've learned to live w/o you
One day at a time
Eventhough your always on my mind
There's a bar around the corner
If I wanted to forget
That I aint giving up on our love yet

(repeat chorus 1x)

Knowning me like you do
The kind of fool I've been
You probably think I'm three sheets to the wind
I wish I could tell you
That I'm feeling no pain
Oh you should see how much I've changed

(repeat chorus 1x)

and if i was a drinking man
i wouldnt need you now

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