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Naturally 7

Тексты песен Naturally 7

Текст песни "Can Ya Feel It?"

Oooh Weee! Oooh Weee!


Can ya......Can ya feel it? (I can feel it).....
Parum pum pum
Can ya......Can ya feel it? (I can feel it)
Feel this drum

That's the sound of the man workin' on dat rhydum'
And we ain't gonna stop until yal workin' wid 'em
No time for standing for poses
Got to be movin' like Moses
And when that Funk comes together
You'll be holding ya noses
(Hands up) we da band, but we ain't plugging it up
(Stand up) if you can stand, you can't be sitting to rock
(Back up) back up if you not willing to ride,
Cause we going on a tour, (alright) where we going?

Fat, Fat Boys, way back , that's from the eighties
Fresh like Dougie, inspiration...we were babies
Get up on the stage, we go vocal, they go crazy
We got somethin' for the fellows,
This ain't only for the ladies.........


You wanna ticket to the show cause ya heard that it's vocal,
Where you at on the map? It don't matter we go local.
The label wanted commercial, so we had a rehersal
Dial ####### and get the infomercial
(Hold up) wait a minute, you mean that's all with your mouth
(Roll up) and we gon' bring it from the north to the south
(Own up) you ain't never rode like this before
Ain't no sleepin' on this tour, (for sure)
Where we going?



The oldschool connects the whole groove, "that's cool"......
The "that's Cool" connects the hi hats, next rule.
The hi hat connects you to the snare, here's one
The snare drum connects you to the big kick drum.
You know the kick drum connects you to the heavy bass note,
And then the bass note connects the 808, all throat.
The 808 completes the bottom and the melody seals it,
And now we all come together and we ask "Can ya feel it?"


With the final concoction, standing still ain't an options
Now we bouncing like a family, yea legal adoption.
Yal ain't moving yet, that I can't except
How many sounds we gotta imitate to getcha' respect.
(Don't stop) we in the flow, can't cha' see that we movin'
(Hip hop) that's the style of the music we using.
(First drop), last drop, you best get all you can get
Yal getting tired on this tour?........(Not yet)
Where we going?

"He's Biz Markie" yo make the music with ya mouth
(Nobody, Nobody beats the Biz)
"That's incedible"...20 years later...still edible
Bghghghgh! Stick 'em, ha, ha, ha, Yea we copied it
Don't worry be happy, we gonna do dis just like Bobby did


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