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Альбом Mobb Deep

The Infamous (25.04.1995)
[The Infamous Prelude]
[The Grave Prelude]
. . .

YouknowwhatI'msayin'? I wanna say what's up to my man, Louie you know he's
still here. Drop this one for you you know. For those that only know. 41st
side (word up yo this beat is ill).

I keep it real pack steel like my man Y.G.
When a fool try to play me wet 'em up then I'm swayze
You must be crazy kid
Man I never did forever wildin' that's how we live up in the Bridge
You just sit scared cock back the gat then hit a nigga like a big
25 naw kid you gettin' life
Forever burnin' in hell niggas is trife
It's the, semi auto you can bring it on yo
I'm pullin' out strippin' niggas just like a porno flick
I'm sick the Mobb rolls thick
Cross paths with my clique and get vic
I'm on some bullshit that's how I was raised G
Slept ? stage have you slippin' down blazin'
In pools of alcohol walk before you crawl
I'm in this to win this you gonna take a fall
Infamous Queensbridge kid we on the scene kid
Creepin' for those that's caught sleepin'
Don't ever do that I run with two macs
And plus my crew back my every move
I choose givin' crews the blues
I'm open off the Damey
Obey me or get sprayed with the street sweeper
Cause I'm my brothers keeper
The Grim Reaper holdin' with nothin' but big batters
And big ?hedence?
Blow ya three times leave a mark like Adidas
Jig you I know how to fix you
Pretty boy frontin' hard is the issue
Word to my unborn you get scolded
Old and molded when I get bent you get folded
Every rhyme is the truth that I must get cross
Put your right on your back take it to the source
No doubt I'm stuck and I can't get out
Of this lifestyle the 41st side get bent run wild
The 41st side too you know how we do
Violate motherfucker I'm a see you, with the linden
It's the start of your endin' settin' it again and again

Yeah kid, big time boy. 12th street representin' it. A big shout out to my
man. Tear Gas, Think, Nate whole crew kid.

You knowhatI'msayin'? I'm sayin' couso. Richie Fraud known to leave ya
scarred. Big shoot out to my man Heavy L. Big Palms representin'.

Yo it's the P. E. double push a Lex bubble in the winter
You can't come alone only the hoes can enter
Told him to meet me at six on the hill at the center
Took her to the west way and bent her right over
Stay intoxicated never sober
Face it, violate and get laced while you wastin'
Slugs you ain't buckin' nothin'
You better off buckin' yourself you need to stop frontin'
I use to drive an Ac and kept a mac in the engine
Little painted it black with crack sales intentions
To blow up the whole projects the Infamous
Our sons will grow up to be murderers and terrorists
It's the nigga in me accompanied by the Coniac
You can ask around don't fuck with the Mobb
I could of told you that where you been at?
You must of cut class
If it ain't me another member of my crew will kick your ass
(what what?) Who do damage to limbs
In '91 stompin' you out with black Tims
Prodigy and the H.A.V.O.C. from the Q.B.C.
Puttin' cowards where they're suppose to be
If I don't know your face then don't come close to me
I got too much beef for that
Drama in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action when niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they endin' my man's lendin'
Me his linden 42 shots dependin'
On wheather or not the clip is full to the top
We bustin' caps non stop
Blazin' in all the shows and even at the hoes

Naw naw chill son chill

And it's the start of your ending
Yeah yeah it's the start of niggas endin' youknowhatI'msayin?
And it's the start of your ending
All y'all weak ass crews that got drama with mines you knowhatI'msayin'
it's the start of your ending
And it's the motherfuckin' start of the ending
You know who you fuckin' iwth (yeah yeah nigga) you know what will happen
(recognize and realize) 41st side get bent run wild. 41st side get bent run
wild. Word up youknowhatI'msayin'?

. . .

[The Infamous Prelude]

[Нет текста]

. . .

Yeah.. sendin this one out.. to my man Killa B
No doubt indeed.. without weed.. knowhatI'msayin?
That old real shit..

There's a war goin on outside, no man is safe from
You could run but you can't hide forever
from these, streets, that we done took
You walkin witcha head down scared to look
You shook, cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
They never around when the beef cooks in my part of town
It's similar to Vietnam
Now we all grown up and old, and beyond the cop's control
They better have the riot gear ready
Tryin to bag me and get rocked steady
by the mac one-double, I touch you
and leave you with not much to go home wit
My skin is thick, cause I be up in the mix of action
if I'm not at home, puffin lye relaxin
New York got a nigga depressed
So I wear a slug-proof underneath my Guess
God bless my soul, before I put my foot down and begin to stroll
And to the drama I built, and all unfinished beef
You will soon be killed, put us together
It's like mixin vodka and milk
I'm goin out blastin, takin my enemies with me
and if not, they scarred, so they will never forget me
Lord forgive me the Hennesey got me not knowin how to act
I'm fallin and I can't turn back
or maybe it's the words from my man Killa Black
that I can't say so it's left a untold fact, until my death
My goal's to stay alive
Survival of the fit only the strong survive

Chorus: Mobb Deep

Yo, yo
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(We still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(Thug life, we still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(We still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
(we livin this til the day that we die)
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(survival of the fit only the strong..)

I'm trapped, in between two worlds, tryin to get dough y'know
When the dough get low the jewels go, but never that
As long as fiends smoke crack
I'll be on the block hustlin countin my stacks
No doubt, watchin my back and proceed with caution
Five-oh lurkin, no time to get lost in -- the system
Niggaz usin fake names to get out quick
My brother did it and got bagged with two ounces
I-llegal world where squads hit the block hard
Ask my man Twin when he got bagged, that fucked me up God
But shit happens for a reason
You find out who's your true peoples when you're upstate bleedin
You can't find a shorty to troop your bid witchu
Hit wit a 2 to 4 it's difficult
Wild on the streets I try to maintain
Tight with my loot, cause hoes like to run game
Some niggaz like to trick but I ain't wit that trickin shit
I'm like a Jew, savin dough so I can big whip
Pushin a Lex, now I'm set, ready to jet
No matter how much loot I get I'm stayin in the projects, forever
Jakes on the blocks we out-clever
If beef, we never seperate and pull together
When worse comes to worse and my peoples come first
Try to react and get them motherfuckin feelings hurt
My crew's all about loot
Fuck lookin cute, I'm strictly Timb boots and army certified suits
Puffin L's, laid back, enjoyin the smell
In the Bridge gettin down it ain't hard to tell
You better realize

Chorus: Mobb Deep

We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(We still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(Thug life, we still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(We still livin it)
We livin this til the day that we die
Survival of the fit only the strong survive
(Thug life, we still livin it)
(the strong survive)

Look in the eyes and get wise
Look alive, in ninety-five, word up
Hypnotic thug life, get that ass paralyzed
Knahmsayin? Mobb Deep and all that..

. . .

f/ Nas, Raekwon


As time goes by, an eye for an eye
We in this together son your beef is mines
So long as the sun shines to light up the sky
We in this together son your beef is mines


Verse One: Prodigy

Let me start from the beginning, at the top of the list
KnowhatI'mean? Have a situation like this
Another war story from a thirsty young hustler
Won't trust ya, I'd rather bust ya, and leave your corpse
for the cops to discover, while I be dippin in the Range Rover
All jewelled like Liberace
You watch me while Jakes tryin to knock me and lock me
But I'll be on the low sippin Asti Spumante
Niggaz try to creep on the side of my jeep
Stuck the heat through the window rocked they ass to sleep
Over a 3-pack, it was a small thing really yeah
but keep lettin them small things slide and be a failure
If I'm out of town one of my crew'll take care of ya
The world is ours and your team's inferior
You wanna bust caps I get, all up in your area
Kidnap your children make the situation scarier
Life is a gamble, we scramble for money
I might crack a smile but ain't a damn thing funny
I'm caught up in the dirt where your hands get muddy
Plus the outcome turns out to be lovely
Got G's in my pocket hit off my main squeeze
Push back, the sunroof, let the cold air breeze
through the butter soft leather upholestry
But mostly, keep the gat closely, cuz niggaz wanna toast me

Verse Two: Havoc

Yo I gotta get mines, no matter what the con-sequences
Count up my blessings, add up my weapons
Cock back the gat and let my nine serve purpose
Sling do my thing organize fiend servants
Tryin to make a mil is stress you know the deal
So we sling drills get your cap peeled, cuz everything is real
cuz I wanna chill, laid up in a jacuzzi
Sippin bubbly, with my fingers on the uzi
Try to infiltrate my fort get caught
dead up in New York, my brain is packed with criminal thoughts
Get your life lost never found again my friend
Mission completed, watch you drop in less than ten
On my road to the riches, hittin snitches off with mad stitches
Your last restin place'll be a ditch kid
No one can stop me try your style's sloppy
Want to be me, you're just an imitation copy
My theme is all about making the green
Livin up in luxury, pushin phat whips and livin comfortably


Verse Three: Nas

A drug dealer's dream
Stash CREAM keys on a triple beam
Five hundred SL green, ninety-five nickle gleam
Condominium, thug dressed like a gentleman
Tailor made ostrich, Chanel for my women friend
Murderin, numbers on your head while I'm burglarin
Shank is servin em, whassup to all my niggaz swervin in
New York metropolis, the Bridge brings apocalypse
Shoot at the clouds feels like, the holy beast is watchin us
Mad man my sanity is goin like an hourglass
Gun inside my bad hand I sliced tryin to bag grams
I got hoes that used to milk you
Niggaz who could've killed you
Is down with my ill crew of psychoes
Nas Escobar movin on your weak production
Pumpin corruption in the third world we just bustin

Verse Four: Raekwon the Chef

Hold up and analyze the wildcats slang cracks
they swing an axe, the new routines, be my eyes black's
playin corners glancin all up in your cornea
Corner ya, seen cats snatch monies up on ya
But late night, candlelight fiend with a crack right
It's only right, feelin higher than an airplane right
Word yo, I want to get this money then blow
Take my time, blast a nine, if you front you go
Sip beers, the German ones, hand my guns to sons
Shaolin, and Queensbridge we robbin niggaz for fun
But still, write my will out to my seeds then build
Mahalia sing a tale but the real we still kill

Chorus 2X

Outro: Raekwon

Lay back
Word up, just bless em
with the bulletproof
Mobb Deep, Nas, Chef creation
for your nation

. . .

Sometimes I wish I had three different faces
I'm going to court for three cases in three places
One in Queens Manhattan one in Brooklyn
The way things is looking I'm 'ma see central bookings
Facing 3, 3 to 9 is mad time
After reconcurrence for assault 2 9
I gotta maintain 'cause stress on the brain
Can lead to a mothefucka suicide thing
And plus my provation a ill violation
How the fuck did I get in this tight situation?
I'm going all out you know moves I never fake
And fuck the jake digger catch me at my way
And if I did burn a bag of blade
Put the light in the air sometimes I just don't care

Son I got plans, power movements, get on some real shit
I keep living like this I might loose it
My man is coming home from doing long ass bids
What up Kiko? I ain't seen your ass since we was kids
It's all strange my nigga's locked down thinking long range
And see their names in the Daily news third page
They sent a kite to my nigga Killa
It only took one sword to put seven holes in his squila
A 3 to 9 spending most of his time inside the bin
Reclined, and still came home with a shine

. . .

f/ Big Noyd

Hey yo Queen's get the Money long time no cash
I'm caught up in the hustle when the guns go blast
the fool retaliated so I had to think fast
pull out my heat first, he pull out his heat last
Now who the fuck you think is livin' to this day?
I'm tryin' to tell these young niggas crime don't pay
they looked at me and said "Queen's niggas don't play. Do your thing
I'll do mine kid stay outta my way".
It's type hard tryna survive in New York state
can't stop till I'm eatin' off a platinum plate
po po comes around and tries to relocate me
lock me up for ever but they can't deflate me 'cause
havin' cash is highly addictive
especially when you're used to havin' money to live with
I thought step back look at my life as a whole
Ain't no love it seems the devil done stole my soul
I'm out for delfia, selfia, P's not helpin' ya
I'm tryna get this Lexus up, and plus a cellular
yo Big Noyd! (What up cuzin'?) I can't cope
With all these crab niggas tryna shorten my rope.

Yo it's the r - a double p
e - r, n - o - y - d
Niggas can't fuck with me
comin' straight outta QB
pushin' an Infiniti
you ask can I rip it constantly? Mentally?
Definitely, to the death of me
come and test me
trust me, nigga couldn't touch me if he snuff me
so bust me, you're gonna have to, 'cause I'ma blast you
my lyrical like a miracle, ill spiritual
I'm born wit' it
I'm gettin' on wit' it
an' I'ma have it 'til I'm fuckin' dead and gone wit' it
'cause I'm a what? Composer of hardcore
a lyrical destructor
don't make me buck ya, cause I'm a wild muthafucka
you know my flow, you know my stilo
even pack my gat when I go to see my PO
Jump out my hooptie
pass my gat and my lucci to my shorty
in case my PO try to troop me to the island
and if I start wildin'
flippin' on niggas walkin' around wit' da nice gold medallions
but she didn't violate me, so I escaped see
back to Queen's pumpin' the fiends makin' more Cream
know what I mean? I'm a natural born hustler
won't try to cut ya, pull out my 4 4 and bust ya.

Yo babe no time for fakin' jacks
Cuz niggas who fake jacks get laid on their backs
the streets is real can't roll without steel
I feel how I feel 'cause I was born to kill
do what I gotta, to eat a decent meal
brothers is starvin', don't try to find a job son
it's all about robbin'
so don't be alarmed
when we come through, 'cause we supposed to
if you opposed to
get your face blown dude, off the map
cause I react, attack
a brother wasn't blessed with wealth so I act like that
drug dealin'
I'm frontin on the world once I start 4-wheelin'
Cause back on the 41st side we do a ride
Sippin E & J, gettin' bent all night
Yo, who dat? I never seen him in my whole life
Step to his business 'cause it's only right
po po ain't around so I grab my pound
Money retaliated so I hit the ground
my life is on the line gotta hold my projects down
can't see myself gettin' bodied by a clown-ass nigga
That ain't even from my town
hit him up in the chest and now he's layin' me down dead
and up from under the benches I started hearin' sirens
I stop firin'
He cut ass like a diamond
Jetted to the cribpiece, what a relief
stashed the heat then proceeded to peep out the window
call my son, "yo son we got beef
but no question
Money had a problem so I solved him".

I got my mind on the stick-up now it's time to get paid
thinkin' of ways to take loot already made
there's crime in the air, ain't no time to be afraid
gimme yours and get laid
give up the goods and get sprayed.
I got lots of love, for my crew that is
no love for them other crews and rival kids
all them out-a-town niggas know what time it is
and if they don't they need to buy a watch
word up
caught up in the cross-fire get theyself hurt
while I be sippin' gin straight in a plastic cup
on a park bench on 12th st., my whole crew's famous
you tried to bust your gat and keep it real but you nameless
first of all slow down, you on the wrong route
let me put you on your feet and show you what's it all about
the street life ain't nuttin' to play with
no jokes no games kid
for years I been doin' the same shit
just drinkin' liquor, doin' bids
extortin' crack heads
and stickin' up the stick-up kids

. . .

Uhh, no doubt, son, word up


Word up, son, I heard they got you on the run
Filled with body, now it's time to stash the guns
They probably got the phone tap so I won't speak long
Gimme a half second and I'ma put you on
It's all messed up, somebody's snitchin on the crew
And word is on the street is they got pictures of you
Homicide came to the crib last night, six deep
axin on your whereabouts, so where d'you sleep?
They said they just wanna question you bet me and you know
that once they catch you, all they do is just arrest you
then arraign you, hang you, I don't think so
It's a good thing you bounced but now you're stayin low
Once in a blue I check ta see how ya doin
I know you need loot so I send it thru Western Union
They probably knock down the door
in the middle of the night, sometimes around four
Hopin to find who they're lookin for but they want ta see
All they gonna find is mad empty bags of weed
But worse, son, you got the projects hotter than hell
Harder for brothers to get their thug on but oh well
Son, they know too much, even the hoodrat chicks
Oh, you heard who did what and why I don't this shit
So stop askin, then I know I'm not goin crazy
From windows I see lights flashin and maybe
somebody's takin pictures
You know who that be, police lovers and neighbourhood snitches
They put up *?pertice?* so everybody's pointin fingers
and lyin, aiyo son, the temp is risin


The temperature's risin, no there's nothin surprisin
The temperature's risin, huh and nothin's surprisin
The temperature's risin, huh and there's nothin surprisin
The temperature's risin (There's nothin surprisin)


What up, black? Hold your head wherever you at
On the flow from the cops or wings on your backs
That snitch nigga gave police your location
We'll chop his body up in six degrees of separation
Killer listen, shit ain't the same without you at home
Phony niggas walk around tryin to be your clone
They really fear you, when you was at home you was pale
That's why they wanna see you either dead or in jail
By the time you hear this rhyme you probably be locked up
tried to hussle, where along the lines your plan slipped up
Got caught up in a crime that you can't take back
Reminisce on how I use to pick you up in the Ac
Years ago when we was younger seemed the hood took us under very deep
Wonderin who snitched and got me losin lots of sleep
at night, you know my mouth is tight
I never sang to the cops cos that shit ain't right
Sometimes I stroll past the scene of the crime and backtrack
Damn, why the situation go down like dat?
It'll be a long time before the heat dies down
In a couple of years, fool we'll see you around
But til then maintain and keep ya story the same
The cops is grabbin wrong niggas, lookin for someone to blame
They harrassin, strugglin to find the truth
Is it a chance ya case'll get thrown out cos they ain't got no proof
To say you're guilty, your fingerprints filthy
Deliver me the gun, I'll tie two, quickly throw it in the river
Make sure it's safe to the bottom
Our smart police snuck you out at the projects, we got em
But still, but still, but still......

Chorus x3

*repeat to fade*

. . .

Verse One: Prodigy

It all began on the street, to the back of a blue police vehicle
Next come the bookends, the way things is looking
It's Friday, you in for a long stay, gettin shackled on the bus
First thing come Monday, hoping in your mind you'll be released one day
But knowing, home is a place you're not going for a long while
Now you're up on the isle, in a position that you ain't got to, refusing
to smile
But keep in mind there's a brighter day, after your time spent
Used to be wild, but locked up, you can't get bent
Thought you could hack it, now you're requesting Pee, see you fragile
It ain't hard to see, niggas like that don't associate with me
I'd rather, get busy to the third degree
cause the war populations are
If this was the street, my razor would be a mack demon
Hit you up, leave your whole face screaming, what you in for kid
Busting nuts, taps heard of million street stories caught inside this trap
Who are you to look at me with your eyes like that
Wising up young blood, before you make things escalate, and I would hate
To set your crooked ass straight


Make your moves at night, pack your heat in this warzone, niggas is trife
Runnin from one time, ain't no time to slip, make one false move
And it's a up north trip
Livin the high life, make your moves at night, pack your heat in this warzone
Niggas is trife, runnin from one time, ain't no time to slip, make one
false move And it's a up north trip

Verse Two: Havoc

You tried to dip, duck, but still got bucked, you talk too much shit
You should have kept your mouth shut, all that gossip
Motherfucker don't you know my glock kicks, hollow tips
To your body, mad toxic, I fade you, blow you with a rusty-ass razor
Did you a favor, tried to wet you but i grazed you
Pop goes the glock when there's beef on the block, chill for a while
Make them think the beef stop, then I creep like a thief in the night
It's only right, ain't no turnin back, it's on tonight, and if I get caught
Then my ass is up north, straight on the course for upstate New York
Stress, smokin back to back cigaretttes, it popped off, gon' point in
the mess hall
But to avoid that, from head to toe, dipped in all black, hit them niggas
Where they pump they cracks at, Havoc, with the murder masterplan
Keep my nine up to par, so my shit won't jam, God forbid if my shit do
Run behind a tree, fix my shit then hit you, slugs in your body
Mainly in your brain tissue, witness from the scene, get ghost, stash
the pistol
So simple then, watch my back, lay up and relax, roll a sack, ?K-A black?
Find a shorty intact


Verse Three: Prodigy

I got the powder, combine wit the powder, and water, it oughtta
Drop in a half and hour, in the, form of oil, watch the cocaine boil
Keep my eye on it so the shit won't spoil, then I pause
And ask God why, did he put me on the serve, just so I could die
I sit back and build on, all the things I did wrong, why I'm still breathing
And all my friends gone, I try not to dwell on the subject for a while
Cause I might get stuck in this corrupt lifestyle, but my
Heart pumps foul blood through my arteries, and I can't turn it back
It's a part of me, too late for cryin, I'm a grown man struggling
To reach the next level of life, without fumbling, down to folding
I got no shoulder to lean on but my own, all alone in this danger zone
Time waits for no man, the streets grow worse, fuck the whole world kid
My money comes first, cause I'm out for the gusto, and trust nobody
If you're not family, then you die by me, cause niggas will have you
locked up
The snitch, be a man, givin police the run down on your plans
We're never goin down like that, so I, shut my mouth and hold my words back
The legal business, forever mine, fuck payin taxes, the last kid that shitted

And gave police access, to my blueprints, used names as evidence
Skipped town and I haven't seen the snitch nigga ever since
The moral of the story is easy to figure out, a lesson that you can't
live without

Repeat Chorus once
*Livin the high life

. . .

Check it out now..
Word up Son, shit is ill kid..
Knahmsayin? Bein that we livin the motherfuckin trife life
Don't have another day right?
It's only right
Let me put you on to what happens Son, never believe this shit
Kick that shit

It's just another day, drownin my troubles with a forty
That's when I got the call from this brownskin shorty
She asked me where's my crew at? Said we could do whatever
She got her crew too, and said that we should get together
I said, "Aight -- just call me back in a hour
so I can take a shower and gather up the manpower"
Then I hung up the horn
And I thought to myself that it might be on
Cause this trick ain't pick up the phone to call me in years (Why?)
Ever since I left the hoe lonely in tears
Ain't no tellin what her friends puttin up in her ears
Ideas of settin me up, I'm not tryin ta hear
(Check it out, Son) So we take the gats for precautions
Plus this trick live in Brooklyn, home of the coffin
She might got a whole batallion of Bucktowners
Waitin for us to get up off the train and surround us
Or maybe, I'm blowin this shit out of proportion
But this shit do happen, to niggaz very often
So fuck it, a nigga gotta do what he meant to
My crew got my back, fuck the world is my mental
We put together five soldiers, the bitch called
My blood curdled, told me to meet her on Myrtle
Got to the plaza, we're waitin for the G train
We put a plan together, just in case the beef came
Now we Bed Stuy bound
Far from home and on unknown ground
But together we six deep, with fire piece, nuttin sweet
First nigga frontin gettin lifted off his fuckin feet
It took eternity, we reached our destination
My heartbeat is racin like a cardiac patient
We finally got to Myrtle outside the train station
I saw not a soul, told my peoples to be patient
But hold up, thats when a black caravan rolled up
My legs then froze up, I grabbed my pound
Told my man, "Eyes open cause it might go down"
Said he don't like the way the shit is startin to sound
Evey angle of the car was smoked out and tinted
So we couldn't tell if the enemy was in it
It mighta been TNT, I wasn't tryin to wait and see, we
jetted thru Marcy cause Dee's ain't baggin me
Word Son, they got us on the run, Dunn, see yo


Check it out, check it out, check it out, yo
Trife life got me thinkin like an animal
No doubt, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt yo
What can kill you is what you don't know

OK check it, you're on your way to your girl's crib
But the bitch live in the 'Bridge
You ain't really sweatin it, cause little do you know
The niggaz in the 'Bridge be settin it
You thought you was safe and tried to walk the backstreets without heat
on the 41st Side (settin it) of 12th Street
The cyber-niggaz don't give a fuck
Decide well if you come thru frontin, kid you gettin bucked
On your way, to apartment 3A
with a phat herringbone, let him slide, no days
Son get the heat, cause I'm about to stick em
(Fuck that shit, yo if that nigga front, yo hit him!)
Aight bet, so just hold it down
while I cock back the long three pound
You're upstairs bonin, not knowin that I'm scheamin
Just the right time kid, it's twelve in the evenin
You're leavin out the buildin as you kiss your girl goodbye
Thought you was safe and got caught by surprised
"What's goin on?", as I reply,
"Shut the fuck up and don't make this 'to another homicide"
He tried to play tough so I put one in his brain
Even though I took his life, all I wanted was the chain
Come through truck without heat, how you figure?
When you in the projects keep your fingers on the trigger
But fuck that we're juxin, if you got what we like you gets tooken
Put you on your back, send you on your way, yo good lookin
Now be catchin the cap that holes in ya Lewis in Brooklyn
Gettin to' up from the flo' up, hit the dress sto' up
Got the 80-0 in case a nigga wanna roll up
Get'cha motherfuckin shit swoll up
Now it's back to Queens to serve fiends
Makin G's by any means, my eyes on my enemies
Sippin Hennessey, with my mind on some crime shit
One-time searchin me but never ever find shit
It's the everyday, get the loot then breeze
Though my goal is to leave outta state, push ki's
But all this bullshit holdin me down, I can't leave
Fuck a 9-to-5, I get the loot with ease
Don't even need a degree to earn a six-digit figure
I get mines slingin on the corner with my niggaz
Pullin the trigger when the drama appears
Cause that nigga worse enemy is FEAR
So yo....


No doubt, so what can kill you is what you don't know..
[ad lib to outro]

. . .

[Havoc] Fuck it kid, whattup Queens in this motherfucker
(Tell you I'm bangin tonight kid)
(Yo Shorty got a FATTIE right there)
[Prod] Queensbridge in the house, aiyyo wordup
[Havoc] Aiyyo Ty yo Ty c'mere Son
(Whattup Boo? Can I buy you a drink or sumpin Boo?)
[Ty] Whattup whattup?
[Havoc] Where Twins and them at yo?
(The fattie's bangin!)
[Ty] I don't know (damn!)
[Ty] I think Twins laid up
[Havoc] Aiyyo Son gimme two Hennessee
Son I want two Henessee's yo!
Straight yo, word up man!
Aiyyo what up with them Queens niggaz man!
Hey, fuck you!
What? What the fuck, what?
Think they killers or somethin man
Ay fuck you money, whattup kid
*more chaos*

I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a man
And learned to use my hands for protection
in scuffles, throw all my blows in doubles
I'm coming from Queens motherfucker carrying guns in couples
And wilding, a Q-U soldier
From Lefrak to Rockaway back to Queensbridge
Black it's only crack sales makin niggaz act like that
Back in the days we could scrap, now you lay on your back
As things changed with time I traded in my knuckles for a Mac-10
And rather live the life of crime
With my Bed-Stuy connection connected in two
It's live Boo start shit too wild for you
Peace to, Baesley, Forty-P get down
And when you outta town represent your ground
Them niggaz bleed just like us so show em where we come from
Queens; leavin niggaz done Son

The Mobb gets hectic
Shit is for real up in Queens we get hectic
Shit is for real we abouts to get hectic (3X)

As we sling on the corners like we always do
Son get that loot quick, spending dough like I never had shit
I'm living large pushin luxury cars
Though that shit is outta reach, anybody in my wake gets scarred
Permanently bed-ridden
And if you're pussy, then motherfucker get in where you fit in
As I walk around the streets
Son I got mad beef, I'ma blast you before you blast me
That's my philosophy cause nowadays you gotta be relentless
Grab my Mac and slap a nigga senseless
Don't try to play me if you do you better D.O.A. me
Son I got em shook grab a little baby for shields
You got drama run for shelter for real
Pour some beer for the ill ain't no time to chill
Hit em up cause I'm quick to erupt like this
Wet em up with the Mac scratch em off my list
Show em, the real meaning of drama you never had it
Til you bumped heads with the Havoc
Ain't nuttin soft or sweat, I lift you off your feet
When I cock back the heat, whole crews retreat

Ain't nothing soft or sweet, I lift you off your feet
When I cock back the heat whole crews retreat

We gets hectic
Shit is for real we abouts to get hectic (2X)

Everything is real inside my mind; these days
you can't make it if you ain't affiliated with crime
A lifetime of street living
Throughout the beef I've accumulated many slugs have been given
But wilding ain't the way to be living
You're only gonna end up bloody on a floor shivering
Or locked up, caught inside the beast
Meanwhile on the street saying no more peace
My man, Sto-Bo, kid hold your own
In a cell locked down not far from home
And at the same time on the outside I'm representing
Still packin heat make you cowards keep stepping
Getting high, it's cause of the lye, I can't lie
I could move the crowd poppin slugs in the sky
Why come around if you afraid of what's over here
My man Havoc put the bug in my ear
On the real, for real, but wait it gets realer
Real like an innocent child that turn killer
It's thing like that that only makes things iller
and makin cream doin sticks if you ain't a drug dealer
[It's] only facts coming out of my mouth feeds
As far as I can see these streets is getting sour
Q, U, too much drama to get into
And niggaz regret when they begin to
Regardless of your name or what you been through
Pause for a second, open your eyes and think dude
Life ain't the game that it seems to be
Fuck a fantasy I'm leaving in reality
Caught up in this untouchable mentality
Hit you up bad, make you loose a few calories
I need to slow down, movin through life at a high speed
Watchin all the slow runners pass by me
I can see through you, due to, my Queens education
Speaking in behalf of this drug-game nation
The Foundation, the Queens nation

Up in Queens, shit is for real we abouts to get hectic
Word up
Shaolin, shit is for real we abouts to get hectic
Word up kid
The B.K., the shit is for real we abouts to get hectic
KnowhatI'msayin? (No doubt!)
And Manhattan, shit is for real we abouts to get hectic
Up in the Bronx we abouts to get hectic
Word up, knowhatI'msayin? The whole world kid
Shit is over dead, Mobb Deep say party UHH
KnowhatI'msayin? Party UHH

. . .

f/ Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killer, Big Noyd

Yea, yea, check it out
Now run for your life or you wanna get your heat, whatever
We can die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the esscense
I don't give a fuk about my prescence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
For the next crab nigga to step and meet fate
I'm lethal when I see you, there is no sequel
24-7. Mac 11 is my people
So why you wanna end your little life like this
Cuz now you bump head wit kids that's lifeless
I live by the day only if I survive the last night
Damn, right, I ain't trying to fight
We can settle this like some grown men on the concrete floor
My slugs will put a stop to your hardcore
Ways of action, I grab the gat and
Ain't no turning back when I start blasting
Pick up the handle and insert the potion
Cock the shit back in a calm like motion
No signs of anger or fear cuz you the one in danger
Never share your plans wit a stranger, word is born

I put the glock on you kid, now I got you
You got the heart to get busy without your crew
Let's get it on nigga, do what we gotta do
You bucking me, I'm bucking right back at you


Fuk where you're at kid, it's where you're from
Cuz where I'm from, niggaz pack nuthin but the big guns
Around my way, niggaz don't got no remorse for out of towners
Come through fronting and get stuffed wit the 3 pounder
The loud sounder, ear ringer
And I'm a point the finger on all you wannabe gun slingers
You got a real ice grill but are you really real
Step to the hill and I'm a test your gun skills
Cuz real niggaz don't try to profile
You just a chump who needs to get drunk to buckwhyle
But swing that bullshit this way
And I'm a make your visit to the bridge a muthafuking short stay
Queensbridge, that's where I'm from
The place where stars are born and phony rappers get done
6 blocks and you might not make it through
What you gonna do when my whole crew is blazing at you
Wit macs and tecs to lend to get your dome crush
You thought that you could come around my way, you big stupid fuk
What the hell you smoking, what the fuk possessed you
To come out your face, now I have to wet you
Throw on my tims, black mask and black ?serpent?
Twist a nigga cap, then jump in the J-30


(Rae and Ghostface)
Who's the richest nigga in the project, who got it live
Rocking Convertibles, frop tops and mad high
Peace to that whiz kid and playas on his team
Who's organize, all eyeballs is on CREAM
And yyour whole clique got nuthin but raw shit
Whip after whip, stay flashing your dick on tricks
Your whole crew's ravishing, team's untouchable
In the jungle, banging Nas, Mobb Deep and Wu
There's money out there, guns catch crumbs, those are your sons
Jums is in the mailboxes, bitches holding your guns
You know what's out there, thousands of gram, wrapped in siran
Sealed tight, keep the freshness, that's how we expand
Masked Avenger, drop your gun, son, now surrender
Get ninjaed on the island, plus the Bridge, boy remember

(Big Noyd)
My little thug's selling drugs and he's struggling
The game got him bugging, I tried to tell him slow down cousin
But he vexed and niggaz getting wet up in the projects
But wit no doubt, shorties out for his respect
But is his brain insane from the lye
From smoking that 118 ?chiny tye?
Why, a nigga just died last week
As he swore he was growing, he's a thug in the street
But it's like that, my crew pump cracks and we pack mac
His eyes is wild wit the rezzy monkey on his back
But I'm stressed and he need to be blessed
Wit a firepack, don't even go there cuz it ain't like that
Slow down baby, he said, what, you trying to play me
You must be crazy, pulled out the heat and almost blazed me
Then he was Swayze, the shot must of dazed me
Thug's selling drug, busting slugs, but he ain't crazy

. . .

[The Grave Prelude]

[Нет текста]

. . .

Forever wild from the cradle to the grave
Kid,watch your back,one time,it's comin always(Yeah!)
They lock me up for 12 days,I can't comprehend
Now I'm a free man on the streets again
Chasin St.Ide's down with some Seagrams Gin
Life is like a dice game and I'm into win

On the scene from the 41st side of Queens
We get the CREAM,laid up,love-love for dame
Cos I mean what I mean,I'm out to claim King
Doin my thing,do wild stakes my name'll reign

To all my peoples locked down comin back to life
In the world once again though ya fear was trife
While you was gone,we was goin to war and even more
Saw my man layin dead on the floor,kid I swore
That our crew will live forever,I guess I was wrong
No,until we meet again,hold ya head and stay strong(Yeah!)
Yo,got my mind on a place to hide from police(Where?)
Sweatin dogs as I'm runnin cross 12th Street
Just as I approach the block
I spot a jake on the creep down by Vick's weed spot(So what!)
Made a U-ey up the hill plus a change of plans
I had to hurry back so I could warn my man

Ya had me stressin little son,had my heart rapidly pumpin
Niggas start a guttin behind the bushes duckin
My ears rung,I punch a clip into the guns
Got (?Raydes?) in the arm,one slug hit my son
He was bleedin from the head,I couldn't believe it
We was defeated,if it was a case I couldn't beat it
Felt like cryin(The temperature's risin)
I saw my man helpless,damn near on the verge of dyin
So to P I passed the iron

Kid you ain't lyin!
I went to stash the murder weapon,plus I'm relyin
On a door to be open,goin in the building,it's a trap!
Police buckin at me,they try to twist my tongue back
Jetted up the staircase to the third floor
Reached behind the sink,throw the heater on the floor
Locked the door,police grabbed me up and tryed to break my jaw
"So where's the gun we saw?"(I don't know!)
"We know you was there at the homicide scene"(I know nuttin!)
"And if it wasn't you,was somebody from ya team"

From the cradle to the grave
(From the cradle to the grave)
REPEAT x 2 1/2
(Straight from the motherfuckin cradle to the grave!)

Yo,it's the real drama kills,nobody moves,stand still!
Bottle you!drop that ass off in a land-fill
Son bless me with the iron,I got beef
With some niggas from the other side over some weak shit
Load up the heaters,greet em with the hollow-tips
Flip em like the Gotti clip,my crew shift the body shift
The cradle to the grave is where I'll end up
Fuck gettin sent up North,son I'm bett-er
Doin my dirt on a low
Fuckin wit them mobbers like a crowd
No doubt you gonna blow,you never know
He didn't even have to go there
Unprepared,now he's six below
Y'know I'm chillin,I gots no time for catchin feelings
Get that money I wants,some brothers wanna act funny
But it's all good I still die for the hood
For my peoples,yeah knock on wood

Triple L,rollin dice while I put you on
To the drama what I gotta say is short not long
This nigga that I'm beginning to dislike he got me fed
If he doesn't discontinue his bullshit he might be dead
Know him well and probably go way back
But I don't care if he's your man doin shit like that
I hope the word gets back to him,cos I screw him
He shitted on my man and we got plans to do him
Lets get it over with quick,I'm tired of waitin
Ain't no fair overhead there,we just debatin on when and how
Later on right now,spoke to Killa yesterday
He said to chill for a while
But it's hard acting like everything is alright
I get the chills when I see that nigga in my sight
A dead man walking,not only that he's still talkin(About what?)
About how what he did buried off and you don't know
How much I fiend to put his ass in a coffin
One day my man and the next he's not
Didn't know him long anyway so fuck it!
It's funny how things change(Word up!)


Word up man!
Y'knowhatumsayin,we gonna die!
It's for real,kid,no games bein played

. . .

w/ Q-Tip

Yeah, about to get my thug on
The 41st side of things

Verse One: Prodigy

I used to be in love with this bitch named E&J
Don't fuck with her anymore now I fuck with Tanqueray
Tanqueray introduced me to her first cousin Gold
Last name was Ide's and the first name Old
But Gold couldn't take the dick and made me lazy
We split apart and now I met this new trick Dany
Now me and Dany, we been together ever since
Our love combines to form a science, what is this
I bust a cherry, took her virginity in ninety-one
Now that she's open everybody want to tap somethin
Go get your own don't make me have to fuckin clap somethin
I love my shorty more than life now ain't that somethin
So love you Dany more than livin itself
Even though my friends tell me she ain't good for my health
When I go pick her up they tell me put her back on the shelf
They say say yo P she only wants you for one thing that's your wealth
But I don't pay attention, she's my baby, the Dany
You know she drive me crazy she's my number one lady
Met her back in eighty-nine now she's twenty-two
Actin like she forty, she said all I need is a man to support me
Besides, you from the 41st side of things
and Queensbridge niggaz be actin like they kings
Pushin Lexus' wearin fat diamond rings
My cellular phone reigns supreme, international think rational
The 12th street crew move back when we come through


I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my brain up with Dany, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my mind up with liquor, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's losin it's brain
I fill my brain up with liquor, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my brain up with Dany, and drink away the pain

Verse Two: Q-Tip

Tommy Hil was my nigga, and other's couldn't figure
How me and Hilfiger used to move through with vigor
Had to sit and plan on how to make these seven figures
Said the Brinks is comin through, at Fashion Avenue
At Tuesday at two, now we gotta form a crew
Now we gotta forum a crew, of motherfuckers
who ain't goin out like suckers
Told me call Karl Kani, and all my other brothers
I told my sister Walker, who was the smoothest talker
Negotiate the deal with them other money stalkers
Diesel drove the the beemer, the hatchback of course
Nautica'll navigate to keep us on course
Polo's acting bolo trying to say he the Boss
I said shut the fuck up, the kid is out where the loot's at
Got a big trey pound, picture just to swoop back
Timb is on the roof with the twelve gauge rifle
Scope is on the top so you know he livin Eiffel
Took the aim of Oswald, caught him North in the face
All them other kids they had they tools aimed at space
Levi had the snub so you know they gettin laced
Donna Karan was cryin, cause mad shells was flyin
Damn all we want is a piece of the pie and
Nike scooped the sess cause he moves like Air
Threw them shits up in the trunk now we up out here
Got back to the mansion, to divvy up the paper
Helle Hansen was the brain of the whole entire caper
So she felt it was right, for her to get the whole slice
Everybody in the crew didn't think it was nice
I guess not, and guess what's hot, so guess what
Guess took the jigga, and jigged her in the gut


When you play with crime sometime's it's not too fly
Even though the goods look deceivin to the eye
The end situation could leave your ass dry
That's why you got to walk on by, walk on by
Walk on by, walk on by, walk on by...

Verse Three: Havoc

My man P put me on to the shorty Henn Rock
Now Henn Rock is strong enough to make your heartbeat stop
One sip I thought the bitch was a fuckin warlock
The more she started givin me the stronger I got
Pushed her off to the crew then she started gettin jealous
Steamed cuz I spent more CREAM with the fellaz
Fuck them niggaz spend that cheese on me
See if they be around when you need pussy
Then I thought to myself yo this drink is right
Gathered up all my dough, so I spent the night
I can't help it, she got my brain in a headlock
Niggaz started riffin why you trickin yo diz shit must stop
Moms like you need to see the AA
Better hope they help your ass out on the same day
But enough of that, I got the shake so I need dat
Son caught me stressed out I just be that
But when it comes to Hemp Rock dunn I need that
She's my shorty for life so fuck the weed bag


I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my brain with the Henny, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's lost it's brain
I sip away on the liquor, and drink away the pain


For the brothers who ain't here
Pour a little on the floor son
Time to get a little bent do our thing
Word up, the 41st side of Queens
We gettin bent, knowhatI'mean?
It's an everyday thing

Henny got my mind in a headlock
Dany got me goin crazy
Dany take me away
Dany take me away
Dany take me away
Word up
Dany take me away

. . .

Word up son, word
yeah, to all the killers and a hundred dollar billas
(yo I got the phone thing, knowmsayin', keep your eyes open)
for real niggas who ain't got no feelings
(keep your eyes open)
(no doubt, no doubt son, I got this, I got this)
(just watch my back, I got this first, yo)
check it out now
(word up, say it to them niggas, check this out it's a murda)

I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous
you heard of us
official Queensbridge murderers
the Mobb comes equipped with warfare, beware
of my crime family who got nuff shots to share
for all of those who wanna profile and pose
rock you in your face, stab your brain wit' your nosebone
you all alone in these streets, cousin
every man for theirself in this land we be gunnin'
and keep them shook crews runnin'
like they supposed to
they come around but they never come close to
I can see it inside your face
you're in the wrong place
cowards like you just get they're whole body laced up
with bullet holes and such
speak the wrong words man and you will get touched
you can put your whole army against my team and
I guarantee you it'll be your very last time breathin'
your simple words just don't move me
you're minor, we're major
you all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player
don't make me have to call your name out
your crew is featherweight
my gunshots'll make you levitate
I'm only nineteen but my mind is old
and when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold
another nigga deceased, another story gets told
it ain't nothin' really
hey, yo dun spark the Phillie
so I can get my mind off these yellowbacked niggas
why they still alive I don't know, go figure
meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation
if I die I couldn't choose a better location
when the slugs penetrate you feel a burning sensation
getting closer to God in a tight situation
now, take these words home and think it through
or the next rhyme I write might be about you

Son, they shook...
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death, scared to look
they shook
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death, scared to look

livin' the live that of diamonds and guns
there's numerous ways you can choose to earn funds...earn funds
some of 'em get shot, locked down and turn nuns
cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones...shook ones
he ain't a crook son, he's just a shook one...shook one

For every rhyme I write, its 25 to life
yo, it's a must the gats we trust safeguardin' my life
ain't no time for hesitation
that only leads to incarceration
you don't know me, there's no relation
Queensbridge niggas don't play
I don't got time for your petty thinking mind
son, I'm bigga than those claimin' that you pack heat
but you're scared to hold
and when the smoke clears you'll be left with one in your dome
13 years in the projects, my mentality is what, kid
you talk a good one but you don't want it
sometimes I wonder do I deserve to live
or am I going to burn in hell for all the things I did
no time to dwell on that 'cause my brain reacts
front if you want kid, lay on your back
I don't fake jacks kid, you know I bring it to you live
stay in a child's place, kid you out o' line
criminal minds thirsty for recognition
I'm sippin' E&J, got my mind flippin'
I'm buggin' think I'm how bizar to hold my hustlin'
get that loot kid, you know my function
cause long as I'm alive I'ma live illegal
and once I get on I'ma put on, on my people
react mix to lyrics like Macs I hit your dome up
when I roll up, don't be caught sleepin'
cause I'm creepin'


Son, they shook...
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death and scared to look
(he's just a shook one)
they shook...
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death and scared to look
(we live the live that of diamonds)

they shook...
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
scared to death and scared to look
they shook...
'cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks, crooks..

livin' the live that of diamonds and guns
there's numerous ways you can choose to earn funds...earn funds
but some of 'em get shot, locked down and turn nuns
cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones...shook ones
he ain't a crook son, he's just a shook one...shook one

Yeah, yeah, yeah
To all the villains and a hundred dollar billas
To real brothers who ain't got no dealings
G-yeah, the whole Bridge, Queens get the money
41st side (he's just a shook one)
keepin' it real (you know)
Queens get the money...

(Talk fades out)

. . .

f/ Big Noyd


Whatever? Party's over tell the rest of the crew
Yo P, it's on you, what you wanna do?
*repeat x3*

Verse 1: Prodigy, Havoc

Every day of my life since 11-2-74
on the street makin non-stop CREAM galore
Packin heat, stickin up weed stores and more
Collectin interest off of extortions to settle my score
It gets deeper when things get real
I'm down to stickin out West Bank for my mill
And I'm from Hampstead, it's close to the shacks of Park South
Well I'll be outside slingin, you're always high
And don't come around to the crossroads of life
We're to the death, you and me, this beef for eternity
I'm goin out to the fullest extent
So far into my troubles it's hard for me to get back
to my everyday self and composure
Catch you when you open then I bring you to a closure
Put ice on a razor and freeze ya when ya shelter
I went for ya grill but you dent from my *?rolder?*
I know this kid who says he knows ya because of that
Now I know where ya lay ya hat at and that's that
Say no more, I put it on you while you was yawning
Murder without warning the very next morning

Once we step thru the door, party over, that's the endin
You and your crew'll leave out, a bunch of dead men
Bump me and I'll bump you back
You ain't tough black, niggas like you just get their life jacked
But I'ma cool nigga til you push me thru the limit
But try ta play me and ya ass I get up all in it
Don't try to cop please now son, it's dead and done
(I gave you fair warning) So run and get your guns
It's on, time to show em how I perform
My attitude'll transform, leave you dead plus wrong
Gettin the flow within, representin for Queens
Shit is real, why you hopin that it's all a dream
But you can't wake up, wettin a chest you bless
Chokin off your own blood, don't blame me you brought your own death


Aiyo Noyd, it's on you, what you wanna do?
Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do?
Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do?
Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Yo Big Noyd it's on you, what you wanna do?
Whatever? Party's over, tell the rest of the crew

Verse 2: Big Noyd, Prodigy

My beeper kept beepin, the other numbers started leakin
'Who is this on my mind?' I was thinkin
Then I realised it was my dun playin 911
Once I seen the numbers I ran for the fuckin guns
My dun in trouble, I be there on the double
I jumped up in the bubble, yo kid where are you?
(1-14 between Manhattan and Morningside Avenue)
This happened just right out the blue
Aiyo dun, fuck that bitch, tell her get off your dick
(But she's cryin and she says she has feelins and shit)
Yo it's a settup, them niggas got me fed up
Ty stay in the buildin, if they move fuckin buck em
Get up off the scene, you know what I mean?
and hide yourself down with them other fuckin sixteen
Glock and get off they block
Then I hung up the cellular, ready to rock
and it's on

Yo, you get deaded in the streets, kid set it
You gots no credit, fool you get wetted
up with the semi-auto Mac double, love it
'Did he shoot eleven or twelve?' is what he wondered
Nigga I got one more shot, you must be drinkin
Put the heater to his head, watch him start blinkin
'Am I goin to heaven or hell?' is what he's thinkin
Switch to a bitch as his life start sinkin
down to a level of no return
Pull out the heat cos when the slugs hit it definitely burns
Now chill and think about your life for real
Every member of my crew is livin life for real
Got your self fucked into somethin that you couldn't finish
Up against the fulliest squad and get diminished
I'm from Q-U-E another E-N-S
So why you small tough talk? I'm not impressed
If I seen you in the Bridge, I'd make you undress
give up the money, the polo especially the Guess


Big Noyd! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Havoc! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Black Ice! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Queensbridge! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
The Big Twins! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Ty! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Yo Black! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
My man Killer! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Germ! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
Karate Joe! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
Ron Gotti! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
Karl Capone! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Rasheim! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Stobo! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Tena! Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Skins! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
And the whole fuckin projects! It's over, tell the rest of the crew
It's over, tell the rest of the crew
It's over, tell the rest of the crew
Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
Party's over, tell the rest of the crew
The motherfuckin party's over, tell the rest of the crew


Get that nappy up
Yo get that nappy up
Son get that nappy up
Queens get that nappy up
Yo get that nappy up
*talkin to fade*

. . .

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