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Mobb Deep

Альбом Mobb Deep

Amerikaz Nightmare (10.08.2004)
. . .

Yea.. Amerikaz Motherfuckin Nightmare bitch

They wanna know, where the hood at, nigga we right here
Live in the flesh with the Tec's they never scared
Them guns we holdin, claustrophobic, we'll let 'em in
Dump Dump, reloaded the Amerikaz Nightmare
They wanna know, where the hood at, nigga we right here
Live in the flesh with the Tec's they never scared
Them guns we holdin, claustrophobic, we'll let 'em in
Dump Dump, reloaded the Amerikaz Nightmare

Dogs, I think smarter, reach harder
slugs travel much farther
Niggaz stomped a Timberland wearing face carver
With the box cutter, top gutter
I hover over you lames, Run for cover, end in your brain (yea)
You did your thang but not very good
And by the looks of things, You can't come back to the hood
This is not a good look for you my nigga
Wus really poppin, Inquirin minds wanna know
How you rocking them new guns, we cope those
Invoke, like we bought 'em in Costco's
Don't get yaself murk'd, wet shirt
Said it first, hurry this that red alert
You ain't gotta get buck to know that this letter hurt
The sight of my Hammer, gotcha heart pumping
Nerves twitching, Eyes jumping, heads will roll
when the pound starts kicking You be missing
Moms will be wearing that yellow ribbon
While I'm somewhere in the Carribean Islands, chillin

They wanna know, where the hood at, nigga we right here
Locking the flesh with the Tec's they never scared
Them guns we holdin', claustrophobic, we'll let 'em in
Dump Dump, reloaded the Amerikaz Nightmare

Yea…Dun..You know we keep them big thangs ( big thangs )
That make dead people when we hit brains (hit brains)
It's a wrap for the sequel get yo whip spray'd (whip sprayed )
Tho I rather hit you walkin, get yo shit shaved ( shit shaved )
Plus showered up, talkin then we split, EY (woo wooo)
Wont catch me gun smokin, have the cops think
There was drugs that provoke it while we rollin, EY
Baby girl, I see you, can I get a taste
Of that thang, heard its lethal in a good way
Just so you kno I ain't the one that get yo clit ate
But hope you got a strong back, I'll make yo shit break
You'll be walking like a penguin for a few days
Yo Bitch, you know we got BIG CASH
Money fallin out our pockets, give you whiplash
When we drive past your project, ain't nobody can stop us
Infamous they can't stop us, They want our spot
Yo fall bak nigga we got this

[Chorus ]

I got love for my niggaz, love for my niggaz
Love for my niggaz, got love for my niggaz
I bust thugs for my niggaz, thug for my niggaz
Thugs for my niggaz, bust bloods for my niggaz

Yo slugs touchin, medics will rush you
Jay dusting for Prince, make shift
Morgues made for you pricks
You know wuts on my hips, you know the hood that I rep
You know we dumpin' them clips
You in the valley of death

Get comfortable nigga, you runnin out of breath (outta breath)
Ya blood is spilling thru the sealing of the necks (of the necks)
Floor or have you flood the cement
Ouside somewhere on the streets, no longer in the flesh


. . .

"Here I go again, whether I, win or looooose" -> [Jean Plum]
"... whether I, win or looooose"
[variations of this sample repeat throughout the song]

Another day another dollar it's about gettin money
Then you can give me a holla, my nose runny
I've been out in the cold, hustlin for so long
my hands numb, but bet I feel that paper in my palm

It's like ahh shit it's on, time to go shoppin
For cars not fashion, my whips be the bomb
My clothes, be the same shit that we had on
And fuck lookin cute, save that for the broad

It's the H-A-V-O, C-dump-and-reload
Knock knock, answer that, I'm blastin through the peephole
Body charges, pay lawyers so we beat those
But get locked and I'm sluttin lady C.O.'s

And we the only niggaz you know, that fuck they P.O.'s
They push our files to the top, you still on parole
We got, money to roll, no time for penitentiaries
Too much dollars to fold, it's bulgin out our jeans

"Here I go again, whether I, win or looooose"
[H] But losin ain't a option girl
My destination is top of the world, top of the world
"Here I go again, here I come, win or looooose"
[H] But losin ain't a option girl
My destination is top of the world, top of the world

Y'all like bitches - the chit-chatterin
Stay not likin a nigga but givin dap to him
Hav' don't change for no chick, and they adapt to him
Never get cool with you niggaz, I end up clappin 'em

Aiyyo - federal note fetish, you fuck with my niggaz
Franklin and Grant, get yo' ass blammed with the quickness
Y'all niggaz is finished
You overdosin the world with that cute shit
It's time for this realness

And here I go again, lettin the mac blow
Slugs bubble up in your stomach like lactose
I'ma date shorty, put it up in her backbone
For real, put it on her like {?} wrapped dome, f'real

Know what? We outlive labels, and distributors
We run laps around e'ry artist on your payroll
Then hop up in a Range Rov', jet black
with the black rims, killin yo' bitch in her a-hole; uh-oh!


[samples continue to fade]

. . .

Yeah, yeah, yeah
All day baby, all day

[Chorus: Havoc]
I'ma flood the block block, with all that shit
I'ma flood the block block, with all that shit
I'ma flood the BLOCK block, with all that shit
I'ma flood the block block, with all that shit

You know my story, you can feel me, you know how I get done
I'm bout the money, I been at it for a little while
Never put the metal down
Hunger never satisfy, billion dollar Snicker bar
And once I settle down, pre-nup to the lucky broad
A Bentley Coupe, a bless in the backseat
First day, once they hand over them keys
Couple of G's, I'm trickin on the watermelon trees
So high, so stuck, like Jay's Rucker team
On the bus no diss f'real stuck
Just countin that, money and still visit my niggaz on the Island
The money mountain I climb it, it won't stop
My money too dirty to ever go pop
It's a lot, you could do with a fifty {?} watch
Steadily, eliminate, competition and flood
that block with the primo, cuz the trunkilo {?}
Not for too long, gotta stay on top of your people

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

It don't matter if it's the winter or summertime
I got the mac in my pants
Make niggaz do that dance, they fuck with mines
It always come a time, when it's time to flip
You only flippin when you hit by a gun of mines
You broke and you wanna shine, you in a dollar van
I'm in a oh-five G-55
That girl you with's a friend of mine, I hope that's not yo' wife
You wouldn't do that if you seen the bitch other side
We ain't got time for peasants, the streets need our presence
They not gettin fed from them other guys
We in the hood like drugs, if we ain't out on tour
with Mobb Deep written on the headline
While y'all poppin all that lip
We does what y'all talk and more of that kid
Unfold one of my knots, it look like a brick
We'll never go broke, while you sit and bitch

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

. . .

(feat. Nate Dogg)

Yeah.. c'mon man
[Nate] Dump dump dump
You know this shit is ours man
This is our field man
[Nate] Dump dump dump
Y'all niggaz need to just leave this shit to us
[Nate] Dump dump dump
Corny-ass niggaz, aiyyo
[Nate] Dump dump dump

That's that hard shit
That hit a nigga up in his car shit, this war bitch
Somehow I feel we need more of the thing
Instinct to get that paper, know it's all in my vein
You rookies need to be toilet trained
You faggots shittin everywhere that you eatin
That's why the coroner came
You never know, when the tec'll blow
Wet you and catch you off guard
Niggaz know that I crept slow
And never fold bitch, hollows we let 'em go
And hope them little jugs you sold cover your medical
Y'all don't wanna bump heads with us
Dump lead head to head with us (nah)
And ain't no leg-in homey, neck and up
It come to beef, you know we chef-fen it up (all day baby)
And ain't nobody do it better than us
Dry snitch and we wettin you up
[Nate] Dump dump dump

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Many men try to set me up to watch me die
Tie me up and put me in the trunk then wave bye-bye (dump dump dump)
Everyone who know me know that I'm Mobb Deep and I
keep it true and ain't afraid to shoot so duck when I (DUMP DUMP DUMP)
Ain't gon' catch me slippin up
Ain't gon' catch me give it up (dump dump dump)
Ain't gon' hear me creepin up
Roll down the window I'm about to (DUMP DUMP DUMP)

Nigga I'll smack that smirk right off your face
You listen to jerk music, this is Mobb Deep
You ain't never seen or heard no shit like this
Until you purchase our CD, it's very worth it
Don't confuse our album with that "Mix Tape" shit
Those our scratch, basically our throwaway shit
And nobody wrap the street like the Infamous clique
Slash Jive, now we got millions to work with
And we Violators too, so you know we overdoin it
What's stoppin the crew, only death can ruin it (bring it)
Homey been there and done that, and still they wanna come back
and shoot us down (blaow blaow blaow)
Our advice, you want somethin done right
then you better come and do it yourself
We give shooters this shits, make O.G.'s get they gun off the shelf
And blow the dust off they old snub-nose three pound
[Nate] Dump dump dump


[Nate Dogg]
Shoot 'em up now bang, bang
Don't fuck around with the wrong mayne
In every fuckin city it's the same thang
Don't be sayin nothin stupid to a grown mayne
Shoot 'em up now bang, bang
It really ain't the same, now the game changed
Got me grippin on my weapon just to main-tain
Fill you full of holes and get my name changed


. . .

Yo..yo..ain't no party once we crash the party
I'ma squeeze shorty then vacate the party
You keep grillin I pump-pump the shotty
Put you in the trunk then dump-dump the body
Nigga you don't know, you better ask somebody
Ya'll get down, we gonna clash probably
Peel snowflake outta that Abercrombie
I'm tryna rip Brittney, so I made Jive sign me, nigga
Catch me in the club with a double edge banger
I'm the wrong one to fuck with
Ya'll know the promoters I'm in with the muskette
Pound of that haze and a box of Dutches
High to the cottonmouth, paranoid
Make the wrong move, bitch, and your ass is out
Like M.O.P., nigga, I'll mash you out
If I can't get you here, swing by your house, motherfucker

[Chorus: Havoc]
Ya'll niggaz got it twisted, huh?
That liquor up into to you, charged
That truth come out when you drunk
Your ass won't make it to see tomorrow
Ya'll niggaz got it twisted, huh?
That liquor up into you, charged
That truth come out when you drunk
Your ass won't make it to see tomorrow
We step up in the club with one thing (one thing)
On our mind, that's leave with something (something)
Get rid of that ring, get rid of those cuffs
We about to, curl
We about to, curl
We about to, curl-curl
We about to, curl
We about to, curl-curl

Party over here, ain't shit over there
Them Mobb Deep boys got it locked right here
Whereever we at we keep the blix right there
So whereever there's beef, it's gettin fixed right there
And they can't stop us...they too scared
They know our caliber of thugs shoot at heads, nigga
QB drop you off of that bridge
Show you how we do it in Queens where murder ain't shit, nigga
This is P talkin, show you where I live
You can come to my crib and get it for shiz
You bein manslaughtered, right in front of my kids
A little blood get on my daughter, it's nothin, she'll live
Got cops shook to death of us...we don't like D's
You never catch us runnin with the police
Ya'll niggaz get your vest-es up
And you better invest in some real heavy bullet-proof paneling


. . .

Alchemist - fuck is the deal nigga?
Uh-huh, yeah..
Yeah.. when you hear the..

P yeah you heard of him, big ignorant chains and sports cars
Gallons of Bacardi, been at the awards
I need a bitch like Christina Aguiler-y for a broad
I know I can splack that, she dyin for a thug
And she heard of me, she know about my Infamous life
Shootouts in New York with various types
Fast money, faster guns, we party e'ry night
Cause we perform, e'ry day of the week for that price
(Mobb Deep) Who you know got a similar catalogue
and still sound brand new, like we just started?
The Carhatt Mobb, Guess jean team
Forty inch chain gang, volume please
So these people can hear the sounds of Queens
I make your arm hairs stand up, it had to be me
Mixed with the A-L-C and H-A-V
N.Y.C. to L.A., we do our swing
E'rybody have a ball, e'rybody party
E'rywhere you turn it ain't nuttin but phatties and hotties
E'rything is all love 'til you try to try me
That's when I make e'rybody (shhhh)

When you hear the... it's on
When you hear the... it's on
When you hear that.. it's on
When you hear that.. it's on

Yo I'ma glow, like a dirty bomb, jux, with the certy arm
Rippin anything, that you motherfuckin hear me on
Add it to the catalogue, heavy hitters had the song
Niggaz showin no feelings and me, got 'em camoflauged
(F'real baby) You little babies so emotional
And tip-toe around the beef until that toast to you
Ain't got no problem in smokin you
Enemies I could deal with, be the ones that's close to you
And do, what I'm 'posed to do, approach Duke
Why you faggots only squeezin from out, the vocal booth?
Know my style be that overproof, open the Coupe
Open your face was talkin, wasn't talkin to you
And now the medics gotta mind to your face, tyin the lace
You tellin that a D.A. got 'em tryin the case, yeah
Bottom line you cowards is ass
Know Mobb good, in numbers y'all music is trash

[gunfire] When you hear the..

[Chorus - echoes to fade]

. . .

(intro havoc)
Yeah y'all know what it is
Infamous has just entered the building
Yeah, yeah mama
Keep doing that just like that I like that
But you got one problem
You hanging with some real clowns over there
They some real clown killers
Shooting off in the air like that
aye yo son where my real thugs n' them at

(chorus) x 2
If you live nigga then you bussing your hammer
All my real niggaz not having to stand up
Niggaz better run or you'll be picking your man up
Clapping at whoever I ain't even in handcuffs

One hammer two hammer three hammers four
H got drama with you I'm bringing it to your door
We get money on tours cuffin them broads
While we slutting them all then passing them off
Peeling off in that Bentley coupe
Got ma wetting them draws
You know I keeps them in that birthday suit
She know once that she up in that ride
And we get pulled
The hammers going in between her thighs
Need a chick got to explain a thing
She hip to it the games in her blood
And down for the grind
Till the death rep M.O.B.B
You a problem with it then you know where to reach me
I give them the business
No mirrors or smoke screens
Either you live it you live it
Or you just fronting
This rap shit for life
P thats my Co-D
We go back like staircases and O.E.
Stop playing

(chorus) x 2

Nigga you thought wrong
Now look at you now
Look like sandwich meat with the ketchup sauce
But you was just hollering about
Infamous this infamous that
Your mouth was going off
Meanwhile we counts money piles
Till our fingertips green and them shits is sore
But we prefer plastic now
Its nothing like when its your tour stacking cash on the floor
saran wrap to the top jumpoffs wont fall down
Its not my cash your bitch love
Its how I kill it on the song
And she get a taste of the dick
She open now
Its shiny like a door and I don't pay the bitch no thought
I got alot of gall
Thats what the bitch haal
While I'm leaving her sight my heart is real cold
Real hard on a hoe
But much much harder for the dough
It be a bloody slaughter when we through

(chorus) x 2

So don't get mad because your hoe probably sucking the kid
Attracted to the lifestyle of how us gangsters live
Teach her all about life
And the bees and birds
And how I shut that shit down when the beef occurs
And how I stick, and move all you see is a blur
Yo I'm a cool ass dude until you push me sir
And cant nobody squash this beef
YOu get it on with us then you up shits creek
Queens clique

Dont have me putting these bullets all in your ass
Your era is done and your time is passed
We better and these is the simple facts
You real rusty
My niggaz is built to last
And its on
We running around with our guns
Jewelery fit for pharaohs
Around our necks dun
In o four our thuns get the o six trucks
O lord
there is no saving us

(chorus) x 2

. . .

Yeah-h-h-h, one two one two
Yeah, okay, now
You know who we got up in this bitch
M.O., M.O.B.B.B.

[Chorus: Prodigy]
(Boy) Lil' shorty wop (wop) young thuggin in the street
Ever front on him (yeah) that's how you get popped
(Girl) Lil' shorty wop (wop) fatty and she hot (hot)
Young thuggin in the street, givin up the crotch (crotch)

And we don't give a fuck (fuck) like you don't give a fuck (fuck)
Them hammers'll buck (buck), ashes ashes dust dust
Death toll addin up, them razors we let 'em rust
Them haters we clap 'em up, countin cash, that's us
Catch me in that GT Coupe, with the flat screen drooped
in the driver's seat souped, cause it's a Bentley
When I pass by, have you stuck, S.U.'s, black 'em up
Twenty-four, black rims, tires gotta fatten up
Whips, go to AutoSport, stash spot, sorta for my mascots
that pop off, buck buck
Sick 'em Fido, let the car idle, I ain't never been there
Shit can happen have yo' ass, disappear in thin air
Shit real, y'all not, get robbed in a car lot
You bitch you call cop, you snitch and that's off top
My biscuit is gonna pop, whether you like it you not
ever gonna play me motherfuckers get shot (boy)

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Yo yo yo yo dunny you comedy with tragedy nigga
You go 'head, keep smilin, we ain't laughin my nigga
We dead serious, you niggaz is livin jokes
We don't game around, these bullets'll eat through your bones
Y-y-y-yeah, that's right you heard me nigga, reach for your chrome
When you see us, better bleed us off the top of the dome
Meanin you better get to squeezin cause our reason is gone
Meanin that shit is out the window, we won't give it a thought
And we don't give a loud motherfuck about who you are
What's your set that you rep, you can get 'em involved
(*BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM*) is all you hearin when you go at the Mobb
(*BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM*) is all I'm sayin if you tryin to talk
We what you would call, niggaz that talk it walk it and live it
Your music is not "Murder," you an Infamous mimic
You what we would call, niggaz who suck dick for a living
Get off our balls, or we'll take chances for prison

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

. . .

(featuring Lil' Jon)

[Lil Jon]
This some of that real gangsta motherfuckin shit nigga (yeah!)
Yeahhhh! For all the real niggaz out there (yeah!)
You know what I'm talkin bout? (what!)
Like my motherfuckin East coast niggaz (what!)
My motherfuckin Dirty South niggaz (what!)
And my motherfuckin West coast niggaz (what!)
Let's go!

[Chorus 2X: Havoc] + (Lil Jon)
Some, peo-ple run (yeah!)
But, gang-stas don't (yeah!)
Know my hammer stay cocked (yeah!)
If, you, leave you crippled (hey!)

Now y'all know the deal why we up in here (uh-huh)
Burn that ma, put it up in the air (c'mon)
Ma got a phattie so I'm up in her ear
Cause - these clowns wanna grill, I got the clique right there
Now you could get your ass drug around up in here
You know I know the promoter, the pound's in here
And these my parts, you outta town out here
Slow it down, pump the brakes, get found out there
I'm push that melon, what the fuck's that smellin? (pussy)
Thugs not thugs no more, they tellin (yeah)
You did that time, but you not that felon (nah)
Nigga kill the noise, your hammer not yellin
.. your infra-red not beamin (nope)
Y'all not eatin while your neck not gleamin
We don't give a fuck, flip for any ol' reason
Just for the fun have your bitch ass leakin
[Lil Jon] Okay!!


[Lil Jon]
Y'all niggaz ain't gangsta
Aiyyo Prodigy, tell 'em what's up!

Yeah, all I want is the money and y'all can keep them sloppy hoes
My calender's shows booked, I ain't got time yo
Gimme the cash, keep them beat up chicks
My bank bounce gotta stay thick
You know e'ry day I stay with, the latest guns
Keep those under our belts to blaze you up
E'ry day we play with, the latest trucks
Work that tip chronic on the porch well
Don't get rat-a-tat tatted up, it be a bad look
Be wettin your pants when bullets hit, mad shook
Droppin your gun and all that, you mad puss
34 shell cases fall in one push
You get beaten and battered up, y'all little chain snapped
We still takin 'em, fuck it let the team have it
Be droppin your drinks, trippin on things scramblin
It be chaos when guns ring at him
[Lil Jon] Okay!!


[Lil Jon]
Aight it's bout to get real ugly in this motherfuckin club
What, WHAAAAAAAAT?! I need to see nothin (hey!)
but the real gangsta niggaz and bitches on the dance FLO' (hey!)
YEEEEEEAHHHHH!! We gon' crank this motherfucker UP!
Let's crank this bitch up!
We need to see all y'all motherfuckers doin this shit! (what!)
Doin what?

Hey, put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Let me hear you say - put your middle finger up, fuck you nigga!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you nigga!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you bitch!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you bitch!


. . .

(featuring Jadakiss)

You know, situation like this
Sometimes you know you gotta give back to the community
Gotta show these motherfuckers how to wipe them thangs off y'know?
Teach 'em a little somethin

Pick you up, off your feet like a forklift, but instead it's the four-fifth
Ragu red, your brain leakin them sauces
Like an, autopsy leavin 'em nauseous, when I aim at your bosses
Put a pep in that bop that you walk with
When my tec spittin at reinforcements
I could never be a victim, but the streets I endorsed it
Spittin that real, y'all cowards just cough it
Like fluids in my lungs, motherfucker I'm more sick
You turn them hoes off, I put 'em on so they on this
You talk game grammar school, mines metamorphic
Dem fools ain't killin nuttin in the club, they all bent
My intent is to sober that ass up, leave 'em all drenched
See what a few cups of liquor can offset
Got a little paper, I ain't stressin, they all press
Ain't sellin records, they come at me for more press
When they realize it's real them dudes out coppin more vests
Better learn how to

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Wipe, them guns off, get that money money
Wipe, a nigga smile, off ain't nuttin funny
Show, you motherfuckers, just how hungry you
get, when your feet are touchin (kid a nigga hungry / yeah, he one of ours) *

* changes each repeat

P gunna, shots stay a come up
out them hammers at light speed, make it a hot summer
in New York, New York - a.k.a. Ground Zero
The Big Apple, with the worms in the middle (eww)
The White Castle, the Empire State
The home of that Time Magazine new face
Metropolis of the world, I'll show you where I come from
by how the cash stack, and how I make a gun bust
But look past that, and listen how a killer be
Imagine the concert, they dancin on they seats
Shorty mad gettin stained, she damn near about to faint
She never saw a grimy dirty nigga like, P
With mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink
Don't wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing
Mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink
Don't wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing


My niggaz they can't stop us
Ev'rysince we got our hands on the AR's, the S, and the fresh choppers
All of them is filled to the top with the vest poppers
We can get it on with America's Best Coppers
Soon as the lead pop you, whoever don't make it
to the funeral or wake can catch you on Ted Koppel
I'm a rare thumper, you just a gay nigga
with a rainbow sticker on your rear bumper
They say life is short, death is longer
That makes it even harder to express my hunger
And I don't wanna polly y'all, I'm a zone of my own
Sorta like Tom Hanks talkin to that volleyball
A "Cast Away," I'll blast away
Fuck if you broke tomorrow, get cash today
And even though it's hard, niggaz is on they job
It's the Ryders and the Mobb, before my niggaz starve we'll


. . .

You know my weapons conventional, blow a hole, then you folding
You be the death of you, every do, last view will be arial
Put the Range on off road, the woods to bury you
Never question my M.O., or the ammo I carry, a state
Crime or federal, task force to battle you
Faggots, know what the lead'll do, put ya vest on daddy
Them slugs will burn like verenial, off top to carry you
Dirty laundry, we airing you, respect my gangsta, and shotty
You little raps don't grab me, the truth'll hurt for they addy
They drink the drink and rade the pain, to build some courage to clap me
Give a fuck if it's tellin' you, more the merry, I'm marry to guns
Muthafucka, pull ligaments, nigga, they vary
Being need of some medical, livin' life as vegetable
Take that, think about it and don't try nothin' fancy
Make a move and I'll level you, like a bomb with atomic forces
Niggaz betta pray and kiss they crosses
Holy water to bless you, them slugs will tear your tissue
And clog the fuck outta a vassel, and got you seeing me crystal
Niggaz sweatin' in they sleep, I got them sleepin' with pistols
I'm the dope, you the fiend, fuckin' right, I'm fiction

[Chorus 2X: Havoc]
Shot a nigga from frontin', I'm on the run now
Nigga try to fuck with my hustle, I'm on the run now
Used to gettin' paper, I'm touchin', I'm on the run now
Life is so good, nigga, push me, I'm on the run now

Nigga be duckin' and slidin', cuz they know we providin'
All the shots for they night, they on us, we got it
It's on us, you can put ya money back ya pocket
Keep ya chains and ya watches, this is deeper than robbing
I want your soul muthafucka, see you deep in some shit
Now you catchin' and shifts, and now I'm ready to flip
Without a thought, now we up in the whips
We pay our own music, yeah, yo, we all on our dicks
Got these bitches nose open, they be breezin' and fiendin'
Got her shootin' at people, mad cuz they do leave them
They can't believe it, now my car change with the seasons
When the spring, summer, fall, the truck droppin' the t-rex
I be boatin' and flying, strapped in when I'm driving
Be on the side walking off, we truly be wilding
They got billions behind 'em, still can't fuck with our rhyming
And these songs overpower, where shit they frontin'

[Chorus 2X]

. . .

Kanye.. And we have.. M-O-B-B, Yo, Yeah
C'mon drop that, Yeah, Uh-huh
Just throw your hands in the air
Yeah.. Yo

I'm there for you, here with you, it's clear its crystal
I air before you only get stronger the things, you been through
I don't kill you thats what it'll do
Run with a few multiple-scribed, they say we belong in a fuckin' zoo
We done crashed all sorts of clubs forcin' the love
Often above them cowards and them so called thugs
When we come through respect is there, cause we demand it
Know the mobb is in the building, we officially landed
Keep your eyes on the man with the hammers, they can't stand us
Try to raid us the faggots snitchin' and got the cameras
Cock the cannons but shorty just keep dancin' cuz it might
be a chance that it won't pop off
If it do stay close to the wall, we gettin' it on
You about to witness fellas who gifted in brawl
My homie Lyndon Erik Da Bob pissin' you off
This southern cat finnin' to get it so kiss ya cross

So if you goin' thru it but you won't let it hold you down
(Just throw up your hands) C'mon ma
We gon party to the crack of dawn lets get it on with the girls and me and my

Theres only few things i die for
Infamous my family, this money, sonny I hit the sky for
we don't take time off, we take rhymes off
Come with somethin better than that, to blow your mind more
Gettin our shine on... I think this due for a storm, hurricane Mobb
Rain on your parade and you can thank god
Or you can thank P, for simply not squeezin'
Really it wasnt called for, and you don't want it
to call for it, don't play my gun, it go off
Inside of your head oops, niggaz be dead
Then we drooped in the Coupes real heavy on the gas
Out there like the concord
I show you how to get murdered, and the cops never catch on
I show you how to do songs, then after than show
you how to do them contracts and get yours

[Chorus 2x]

We ain't finished yet c'mon baby bring it back c'mon
You know that thing in the stash box
Ready to pop bast in the spot you stunt, you know we gon lock ass
Inevitable, can't control them slugs
Came from a place, that shape and mold them thugs
Flood the block with nothin but that gangsta shit
Y'all dead on that, now take ya miss, bitch.

It's plain to see, that you could never snake me
I never let the grass grow past my Nikes
Summertime in our wife beats, boiled this brick
outside with thermo shirts underneath tees
I stalely keep a mack on me, and let people
Try and contest Mobb Deep

Uh, yeah, yeah, c'mon


M-O-B-B Baby
(Just throw up your hands)
0-4.. Kanye
Flip it out my nigga

. . .

f/ Littles, Noyd

(Get me) Uh-huh
(They pretty) Uh-huh
(Wit me) Uh-huh
(It's crispy) Yeah!
Whoo! Uh-huh, uh-huh, yo.

Y'all just blowin smoke, fan in the fire
Your wife is gettin curious homie you better hide her
Keep it gully baby boy, share that
Easy when you see me, I don't like to get stared at
Niggaz only mad cause they asses can't rap
Soup the cowards up, if you want, get your man clapped
Yeah - sealed signed delivered, anthrax
You got a thousand niggaz I'll do numbers with half that
Catch me whylin out with a mami in Club Black
Enough on the wheels make me feel like the tunnel packed
Yeah, if it's some'n I'm feelin you runnin that
And we don't let a thing slide baby, what's up with that?
Talk on the jack like Feds, got the phone tapped
Havoc make tracks, didn't know, just hold that
Career ain't goin so well, I got that
Slide you some hot shit, nigga it's a wrap!

[Chorus: Havoc]
See the cats in the whips wanna - get me
But I got the pounds and them .9's - they pretty
See me on the streets, them gorillas they - wit me
Bills in the pockets, know them things is - crispy
Yeah, y'all niggaz pussy son
Y'all not known for bustin them guns
So for the .9 I got beef for days
Y'all want it wit us don't get carried away
Call the coroner

Yo, a closed mouth don't get fed, that's why I talk to him
I'm hungry, niggaz is eatin fo' pounds, I walk through 'em
Either you shook or your .9 spray
You got a row of sixteen and a clip, one in the head around my way
Fuck with my money you be shot the fuck up
The name Littles got the streets locked the fuck up
Dumped off the bridge, body mopped the fuck up
when them Mobb Deep boys creep or pop the fuck up
There ain't a nigga that can cramp my style
Fifteen get money, livin frozen out
You cowards softer than a bitch, get a baby wipe
'Fore I show you what the .9 or three-eighty like
Want beef muh'fucker come and get me
All this rap in the booth, or whassup in the street
Not a nickel get sold in the park 'less I eat
Think different the mac'll spin you like the G-Unit piece

[Chorus] - first 1/2

Aiyyo, hey hey
Look I walk around with my pound in a glass
Puffin my haze, missed with that dro and sprinkled some hash
How I roll? Why would you ask?
Know I'm swingin my piece, pocket full of G's, gun in the stash
I know y'all roll with the boys with the badge
That's why when you kick that gangsta rap, homie I just laugh
From the ave, where snitches get blast
They say - no Noyd, you won't blow makin songs like that
I say - homie you sell your soul to glitter, it don't last
I don't get no bigger, I'ma keep it realer to death
Fuck is a check if you ain't bustin a tec
Nigga we countin the scrilla with the gun on the deck
Countin the gang that snaps, think how many straps and vests
We flash the pound around and knuckle down the rest
We hate the E-mails and the phones, the spots get blown
It's +Deep+, we can't even speak in certain rooms


Nope, you get outta here, fuck outta here.

I'm tellin you it's somethin 'bout them Mobb Deep boys, they no joke
They blood-thirsty for that rap music yo
It's not a song, it's a goddamn bomb fittin to blow
They not a group, they a muh'fuckin gang for sho'
More than a gang, we more like a troop and oh
Let's not forget to mention our jewels is whoa
All our guns get blown, all my fools is loc
E'rytime we drop a new one the streets gon' go
straight berserk, cause we don't play with that there
They know it's safe to spend they money over here
E'rytime they cop from somebody else, the shit wack
That shit there is doo-doo, the shit here is crack
Get 'em all higher than Scotty could ever beam 'em
They know it's safe to spend they dough over here
Fuck that new shit, they high wear off too fast
Them niggaz got garbage, this is that smack!


. . .

Yeah, bout to get my head right on this one
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, uh-huh uh-huh

Hav' come through, slump low with the seat back
With somethin in the stash to push a elephant bean back
Shit, my shit is touchin, hungry hurry up need that
Tryin to live right, only a juk for the relapse (yeah)
Perhaps I'll fold, maybe I won't
Go back to it like an old bitch I boned
Nigga Havoc he a problem 'specially when he zoned
Let a nigga get foul like the wool he smoked, so
Smell me people, these clowns ain't equal to I
Bitches feel me cause they love my vibe
Know what a chick want, know what a chick need
Recognize the difference from a male, and chicken feed
I'm blessed that's why my neck is glistening
You in a slump cause you not listening
We hold our own and earn our keep
And never ever get more than the one eye sleep

(We up!) Word man
(We up!) I be havin nightmares son
(We up!)
(And I love it, and I love it)
(We up!) I don't even wanna go to sleep no more
(We up!) I be havin the illest dreams son
(We up!) Tell you about this shit son
(We up!) Yo (Everybody wake up!)

I'm havin dreams of squeezin a gun that don't work
And some nigga with a tec come and wet my shirt
I catch bullets in my stomach, and them shits burn
I wake up sweatin, holdin my stomach cause it hurt
Yo the shit seem too real, I'm dyin of thirst
I gotta drink mad water just to calm me down thirst
'fore I get back to sleep, and get some rest
Then I can't get back to sleep, I'm too stressed
I got the shotty real close, right under my bed
I know that work, cause I been practicin
with my gauge at the range, nigga I'm nice wit it
Nigga motherfuck them dreams, I'm real life wit it
You'll be coughin up yo' spleen, guts an' all kinda shit
You invade my space, I'm beatin the case
Nigga come fuckin with me, yeah that's my kind of shit
Please, or all of my guns'll be a waste

(We up!) Yeah, I feel you my nigga
(We up!) No doubt
(We up!) That's why I'm glad we up man
(And I love it, and I love it)
(We up!) We got niggaz to do that shit for us y'know?
(We up!) Word up man
(We up!) That's right my nigga we up
(We up!) (Everybody wake up!)

. . .

Gun wars, money, hustle, the hoes
Niggaz that don't get along for life, that's how it go
Momma's victim, take care of there kids, and let 'em roam
And you can see how he or she gon' be when they get grown
Your childhood, ideals crushed, youth press due and stuffed that
Basically, just go fuck ya ass up, you a volcano about to erupt
Runnin' the corrupt guns shiny, but them basketball trophies covered in dust
Them babies kids, the innocent that was lost in
Not them, circumstances, and had that hand forced
When I was little, yeah I dreamt of the Porshe, and of course
Ain't get it, admitted, them loose rocks, the only source
To that shit that rob and lease, preech the riddle was in reach
God, give me one last word, to kill her
Yo, you lookin' down in the hood, willin' with that advice
But it's beat the other nigga, gettin' killed tonight

[Chorus 2X: Havoc]
Some things'll neva change
Some things'll neva change
Some things'll neva change
Some things'll neva change

Make a nigga say, fuck birthday, and fuck Christmas
Fuck a wishlist, I'm writing out my shitlist
It got a lot of names, I got a lot of time
Blow out brains, see now you out ya fuckin' mind
You get gauged, for a pound of the wicked nine
Ya playin' games to the sound of them guns fire
Cereal and powdered milk, that was then then
A-1 Sauce sandwiches, we was children
Growing up broke, snatching chains and coats
Smokin' weed with coke, sellin' fiends soap
Drunk sleepin' on the bench, I couldn't make it upstairs
Woke up and seen the kids on they way to school, shit
Borrow money for my drug dealing friends
So I can buy beer, yeah that'll put me on my feet again
See, this real shit, you probably neva been through
Ching-ching, now I got bling, but..

[Chorus 2X]

Back to back, nigga, just gettin' knocked
Since swallowin' the pack, guess what, his heart stopped
It all happens in the hood, it never seems to stop
And even the good ones, get drugs planted by them dirty copss

Back to back, niggaz be gettin' shot
You would think that they would learn from they first time being popped
From the hospital, straight back to the block
Can't budge my thugs, this is what we love and

[Chorus 2X]

. . .

(featuring Twista)

Yeah, once again, and we have - the remix!
Yeah, uh-huh, what we got?
Twista I see you my nigga! C'mon now
Yeah yeah, yeah, uh-huh
"Oh my gosh! The music just turns me on!"

Yo.. yo.. ain't no party once we crash the party
Shorty, I'm only here for one night
Meet me in the lobby take a sip of this get nice
I'ma get you bent, but fuck it it's only right
The martinis, them Belvy's, the Hypnotiq's
Turned you out, wanna see what's up in your closet
You got a man, that's cool, I just wanna be friends
I ain't tryin to get hooked like phonics
We on the low so you won't be spotted
Front window tinted so you safe in the cockpit
Fools wild in the club, I just play the wall
My niggaz pray and pray for my downfall
Man how I scoop them broads and get that groupie love
One look and your chick is dug
Y'all ain't real, y'all some home thugs
Please don't make me show you what I snuck in the club, yeah

[Chorus: Havoc]
Y'all niggaz got it twisted, huh?
That liquor up in you, you charged
That truth come out when you drunk
Yo' ass won't make it to see tomorrow
Y'all niggaz got it twisted, huh?
That liquor up in you, you charged
That truth come out when you drunk
Yo' ass won't make it to see tomorrow
We step up in the club with one thing (one thing)
On our mind, that's leave with something (something)
Get rid of that ring, get rid of those cuffs
We about the.. girl
We about the.. girl
We about the.. girl-girl ("The music just turns me on!")
We about the.. girl
We about the.. girl-girl

They call me Twista but homey don't get it twisted
Fuck specifics, or the ballistics hollows'll get you rifted
Fuck with the gifted, take a look at what my machines did
That I got from my niggaz from Queensbridge, you ain't seen shit
Take a shot of my liquor, then I pull on the trigger
Rollin in with the Mobb Deep, and we steady gettin thicker and thicker
For the lords and the gangsters, thugs and the killers
We got too many toolies floatin between us, you can't get wit us
It's that killer Twista in the house, and I'm
quick to put the pistol in your mouth, and uh
got pounds like got seventy-five to cop twenty
But I'm only spendin sixty, the rest is new glock money
Distribute 'em to the click that we steppin up in the club
Where the freaks pop that ass on the dick, showin us love
Tryin to get out of line, you gon' get hit with the biscuit
You got Seagram's in front of you, so get twisted, don't get it twisted


If you really wanna party with P
Put your hands where my eyes can see
And shorty right there she come with me
And I hope she got friends, cause we Mobb Deep
No bullshit, Timb boots and gangster clothes
We don't follow trends - we set those!
You see us gettin dressed up, ain't nuttin
but some fresh white on whites and that ol' folks
Infamous a new label
Don't confuse our shit with no other labels (fuck up outta here)
Come through that bitch just force, and lay shit down
We don't gotta send people, we bang for real
You won't know if I did sum'n, I won't tell
Or rap about it songs, cause that's goin to jail
But come fuckin with me, that's goin to hell
You rap about me? That's how I can tell!


. . .

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