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Откуда Springfield, New Jersey, U.S.
Жанры Emo
Punk Rock
Pop punk
Годы 1998—2005
Лейблы Columbia Records
Drive-Thru Records
MCA Records
См. также Cobra Starship
Senses Fail
Band of Thieves
Humble Beginnings
Сайт Website
Бывшие участники
Gabe Saporta
Heath Saraceno
Tyler Rann
Rob Hitt

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Тексты песен Midtown

Текст песни "Direction"

Run away when you are down.
Pick up the pace cause you fear the sound of mistakes
that are getting closer every time.
Time is catching up to you.
You keep on trying to escape your problems,
but problems keep on catching you.
You should try to turn the other way and escape your lies.
You run with no direction,
can you find direction now?
Say when you'll never change,
I'm hoping that you'll say.
But I doubt it will come,
and I doubt it will stay,
and I doubt if you want me anyway.
Can you find direction now?

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