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Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams

Альбом Michelle Williams

Do You Know (26.01.2004)
I Know (Destiny's Child)
. . .

You can make it, stop complaining
There's a purpose for you life
Mama's been where you goin''s gonna be alright
He'll never put more on you than you can bear
It's temporary, it's gonna get better
Yes it will

There is a light that's shinin'
And soon the dawn will come
You'll find purpose
Purpose in your storm
Soon you'll discover, peace like a river when the
rain clouds form
You'll find a purpose, purpose in your storm

Mark my word
Keep on livin'
I must have heard this a thousand times
Daddy told me things will happen
Go on ahead and cry
Whoever said it would be easy
walkin the street called life
You can make, you'll survive it
Yes you will

. . .

Oh, what a lovely heady game
This ascension into fame
I feel no shame, but oh
Such a longing in the soul
For something only it can hold
God only knows and oh
As the days of yester wane
And all the melodies remain
We'll sing our song again
Even if you don't remember my name

All the sam, "que sera, sera" as they say
Hey I'm just glad we had this day
And I know I'll never be the same
I'll never be the same

And oh, whaty a lovely crazy game
Juggling fortune with the fame (but still)
I'm glad you came
You know we're really not that far apart
That is if I do my job, then in your heart
Are all of the things I will try to say
As you allow me room on your stage
And we sing our song again
Even if you don't remember my name, well...


And oh, as our memories we reclaim
And all the blessed songs that we once learned
to sing
We'll sing our song again
Even if they don't remember my name

. . .

Featuring Dawkins & Dawkins

I could see if I'd done something noble,
incredible or simply wonderful
Then I'd understand just why you care for me
Saved the child from the building on fire, then fed
all the hungry supplied their needs
Then maybe it would make more sense why you
dare to love me, but

I can't figure out this love thang
Though we've talked about it all before
But the truth about this love thang, no one else
can love me more

Ran to others part time lovers for comfort
Lord I'm sorry I must have been out of my head
Tell me how many times did I manage to break
your heart oh yeah
Said I'd do but I didn't, no I should but I wouldn't
In spite of it all still You said
I'll always love you, love you as you are

Like a mother's love for her newborn child
You've embraced me and my faults
Oh with a love so strong and unconditional
Never once let me go
I've made mistakes so many time taken
advantage of you
But you've forgiven time after time, no matter
what I do
I'm so in love with you

. . .

I hate to see you cry
Seems like your world is torn apart
Just know that God is faithful
He'll heal your wounded heart

He knows that things that lie ahead, to come
your way
Keep standing on his promises believe in what
He said
Do you know
He is here
He will never, (never let you down)
Hold on, be strong, he will do
Do just what He said
I hate to see you crying
It seems you can't move on
Just know that God is faithful
He'll guide you through the storm
Let Him into your heart
(Let Him in, in your heart)
He's knocking at your door so let Him in, so lift
up your head ooh
(Lift your head) Up to the sky
For in Him He has the power to change your life

. . .

Lovely summer day
Humbled you'd come 'round this way
And I know what the people say
But I don't mind

(Cuz) I know it's straight insane
Like Superman and Lois Lane, no
Parker and Coltrane
On a 12-bar ride

Still you offer me this day
Tearfully I hesitate
Knowing I can't repay
with a million lives

But humbly I take your name
And I know that everything has changed
And tryin' hard to explain
No words I find
Still I wanna say I love you
(I wanna tell you
I'd tell You but I can't explain it
I can't explain it 'cause
I don't even know why)
I wanna say I needed you
(I guess You know this
I guess you knew everything about me
Long before the Incident At The Well)

Well it's been a few years now
And still sometimes when I'm in a crowd
I'll hear some fold whisperin' loud
As they pass me by

"Remember that Girl Michelle (huh?)
you know that chick from the well..."
And as I pick up my pail
I can't help but smile

Cause they don't know the half of it
Hey they don't know how deep it is
Hey they don't know what you did
How you took my broken heart ad put
it back again
(If they only knew...)

. . .

You're my only love
My only, only love
Is you

Said I know that you can be
Everything to me
The day I met you I became we, yeah
And I know inside my soul you gave me
And that is why

you're my only love
My only, only love
Is you

See for me to give to you
Is for you to give to me
Take what you want for more it's yours
Ooh yeah
We got a special chemistry , a love so sweet
You give me all I can and cannot dream
You're my only love
My only love
You're my only love
My only, only love

. . .

Through all the things I never said and did
Through memories and passageways I'd long
since hid
One ordinary life is somehow changed
I can't explain

For all the wounds, the longing scars and pain
There's a picture of a broken dream
somehow re-framed
One ordinary life somehow exchanged
I'm born again
Don't understand

It should've been me left standin' out in the
pourin' rain
All of my hopes and dreams burned up in a
burst of flame
And it should have been a once in a lifetime
I'm still here wondering why
And here you come again

Now looking back through time and space
and dreams
The image of your love and grace I've
often seen
And knowing now what I could not know then
This was your plan

And still sometimes I bow my head in shame
Desperate in my longing just to speak
your name
And finally I'm resolved to simply trust you
And here you come again
I just don't understand

It could've been me left out there
wandering aimlessly
Running here, running there, with no
place to be
And I should have been a one-hit wonder
15 minutes of fame
With nothin' gained and nothin' left to lose
My only chance was you

. . .

As I look back now
And I think how, how I made it
Couldn't sleep at night things weren't right
so frustrated
But through it all you held my hand
You didn't let me fall now here I stand
I can't express the way you make me feel
And I can't find

I can't find no one like you
Who makes me feel the way you do
Strung out, sold out lost in you
You're so special to me
Thankful you would choose me

And I won't forget what you've done, you're
so faithful
You'll be my friend until the end, you showed
me love
People may not understand, how I got to
where I am
You're the reason why, I'll love you for life
And I can't find

Nobody can love me, the way that you do
Nobody can hold me, when I'm going through
If I had ten thousand tongues, it wouldn't
be enough
You're love so incredible, I'll tell the world
I'm in love

I'm so in love with you
You make my dreams come true
When I can't find my way
You brighten up my day
When I think of love

. . .

I was looking for love in all the wrong places
and never found a cure
I was hoping that it could be sent from Heaven
- a love so sweet and pure
In all of my years I've seen many faces that
dwindled by the way
In all of my fears it left me lonely with tears
here to stay

I learned the way of love
I learned to pray for love
If you see it in a lifetime
Learn to stay in love

I had fallen so deep in the depths of passion
my heart about to drown
Fulfilling my need to have a companion but no
one was around
In all of my guilt I feel redemption it wasn't
all my fault
The home that I built was real inside me but
love was never caught


If you feel like you'll never be one of them
Who discovers a love for eternity
Continue to be patient and keep you heart
Safe from those who might tear it all apart
And learn the way of love

. . .

This old heart it won't be apart,
where are you
Hope You're not too far
Come again my love once again, sweet God
Come rescue my heart once again

Don't leave me now, I need Your love
The fault was mine, the blame each time
You know hat I need You, I can't breathe
without You
There's no source of life with You


Don't take away yeah no, Your spirit Lord
I'm on my knees, my knees, ask You please
I do need You with me, real close right
beside me
Hiding my head all the way

Don't walk away, my love please stay

. . .

Woke up this mornin'
And the sun was shinin'
Hey I feel so good now
No more worries on my mind
I've been just smilin'
Feelin' your love around me
Havin' you right beside me
All my problems pass me by

Didn't know I'd be so happy
Didn't know I'd feel se free
Didn't know your love could change me
I live in total victory
So many people tried to hurt me
They didn't know it would help me
Because of you, I'm much better
I didn't know, I didn't know

I feel so free
Can do anything
Loosed from people that were holding me
I can see clearly now
Tears so full of joy
No need to let them near me
No more compromise
No hurting me or deceiving me oh


Now my world is free from guilt and pain
For you I turned in my broken heart

. . .

I feel like
Talking causing a problem through the nation
I feel like
Teaching preaching the reasons why I
praise Him
I feel like
Clearing what folks be hearing about my God
I feel like
Telling yelling the truth I'm out for the cause


I don't know what you done heard
I don't know what it is you serve
But I'm willing to do the work
And I'm ready to spread the word
I'm ready to take these streets
And I can't wait for the defeat
So sound off (put your boots on)
Sound off (it's the movement)

I feel like
Marching taking it far and making it big
I feel like
Nothing has power enough to stop us but Him
And I feel like
Taking my book and breaking chains
and burdens
Cause if any cause I'm a part of
It's gonna be telling the world, about the word


Marching, marching, marching
For God I will be marching marching
Speaking out and speaking proud
For God will will be speaking loud
Lace em' up and stomp 'em down
Pick your boots up off the ground
Grab your signs and hold them high
It's the movement for the Almighty

. . .

I know someone whose love you can totally
depend on.
Have you ever thought you needed any
one this much before?
That's right, listen...

So you're finally tired, of the friends that
you admired
Spreading love that leaves you empty,
promises without a guarantee
Tell me what are you gonna do, 'cause it's
really all up to you
Make up your mind today, please yeah
I know who you can go to, He'll never
let you down
And his love you can depend on
Forever and ever...yeah

have you ever, needed anyone this
much before
Did you ever think that it'd be Jesus
No never, never knew his love is what you
have been waiting for

So you search for security love of many and
what it brings
Thought you'd buy you some happiness, but
you found out it didn't last
One thing I wanna say, that it's all His anyway
Between you and me, ooh listen
I know who you can go to, He'll never
let you down
And his love you can depend on
Forever and ever...yeah


All of His love is for you
No He won't hold back, 'cause He's all of that,
it's true
All of His love is for you

. . .

Het little lady why you walking with your head
hung low
There's got to be an answer to whatever you
don't know
Got a little man in the stroller looking up
at you
Don't understand but he knows his
mama sad
Why you running away when your problems
gonna find you
Dry your eyes and take the time to pray

Cause I know what you're going through
Don't let it get the best of you
Everybody goes through things
Don't worry it will be ok
I know hwat you're going through
Don't let it get the best of you
Everybody goes through change
And made it through yesterday

Whatever happened to living in a
World of peace and equality
COne in the same yet we killing one another
For greed and jealousy
We got three hundred million men and
women out there
Who loves someone
Epidemics got our nation dying young
You better be ready when he comes


Don't you let it break you down
(Don't you let it)
Don't you let it steal your joy
(Break you down)
I know it's gonna be
(Don't you let it)
(Steal your joy)
Don't you let it)
I know it's gonna be alright
(Keep on fighting)
Just don't give up the fight
Everything will be ok
As long as you keep him first
Don't worry
(Don't you let it)
The pain that you're going through
(Break you down)
Just for a ittle while
(Don't you let it)
Hold on
(Steal your joy)
Oh Lord

. . .

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