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Marie Fredriksson
Marie Fredriksson

Настоящее имя Gun-Marie Fredriksson
Дата рождения 30 мая 1958 г.
Откуда Össjö, Sweden
Жанры Pop
Soft Rock
Pop Rock
Blues Rock
Годы 1978—н.в.
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Сайт Website

Тексты песен Marie Fredriksson

Текст песни "The Change"

Suddenly The Change was here
Cold as ice and full of fear
There was nothing I could do
I saw slow motion pictures
Of me and You

Far away I heard you cry
My table roses slowly died
Suddenly The Change was here
I took your hand, you dried my tears

The night turned into black and blue
Still we wondered why - me and you
After all we're still here
I held your hand
I felt no fear
Memories will fade away
Sun will shine on a new clear day
New red roses in my hand
Maybe some day we will understand

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