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Marie Fredriksson
Marie Fredriksson

Настоящее имя Gun-Marie Fredriksson
Дата рождения 30 мая 1958 г.
Откуда Össjö, Sweden
Жанры Pop
Soft Rock
Pop Rock
Blues Rock
Годы 1978—н.в.
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Тексты песен Marie Fredriksson

Текст песни "Many Times"

Another day is gone
We waited far too long
I wonder how you feel
Our life is not for real

A never ending rain
My days are filled with pain
No matter what I do
There is no life with you

I tell you...
Many times, many times I cry
Many times, many times I lied to you honey
Many times, many times I cry
Many times, I said many times

I tried to deal with time
But luck was never mine
The change that never came
And life remained the same

I tell you baby...
Many times, many times I cry...

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