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Malcolm Middleton

Тексты песен Malcolm Middleton

Текст песни "Monday Night Nothing"

On a Monday night I’m nothing
on a Tuesday night I’m nobody
On a Wednesday Thursday Friday night I’m sad
Then the weekend comes to haunt me
Of all the places I should be
Minding me of the best times I ever had
So there’s nothing wrong with being alone
No need to call the doctor
Sometimes people need to be by themselves
And there’s nothing weird about hating yourself
When you’ve seen the hours I’ve spent
Darkness comes and darkness goes
Just like my good times went
Old and driving
Tired from straying too far
My head wont give me a break
And the rest is making my history
I never seem to make the right decision anytime
I need to crash this piece of shit into a tree that fits
So I don’t know how to finish this song
I’m happy now but for how long
I’m a sad tune and I’ll have to keep the tone
Well it’s only a matter of time before I feel like shit again
I’m a happy army marching to defeat

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