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Madeleine Peyroux

Тексты песен Madeleine Peyroux

Текст песни "California Rain"

California rain is fallin'
I can hear the summer callin'
Far away, far away
A song that's fadin'

Put me on a plane tomorrow
I'll try to run from all my sorrow
Far away, far away
From endless waitin'

It's so cold here without the sun
I'm so sad here far away from everyone

What a fool to be ambitious
Moving here with all of my wishes
Far away, far away
From where my heart is

Shut the phone off and pack my bags
No more boys who boast and brag
Far away, far away
Where I belong

I'm so sorry for some things I've done
I'll be lonely till I can see my only one

California rain keeps fallin'
I can hear that old love callin'
Far away, far away
Where I started

I'm goin' back, back where I belong
Gonna catch a train
Gotta get back where I belong
Get back

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