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Альбом Luniz

Operation Stackola (04.07.1995)
Intro (Operation Stackola)
Put The Lead On Ya (feat. Dru Down)
I Got 5 On It (feat. Michael Marshall)
Pimps, Playas & Hustlas (feat. Dru Down & Richie Rich)
Playa Hata (feat. Teddy)
Broke Niggaz (feat. Knucklehead & Eclipse)
5150 (feat. Shock G)
So Much Drama (feat. Nik Nack)
Outro (Operation Stackola)
. . .

Intro (Operation Stackola)

[Нет текста]

. . .

(feat. Dru Down)

[Quiet voice in the background]
What the fuck is this?? Bullet holes Tupac.
[gun shots]

Unload the barrel and blast
I'm puttin lead in yo' motherfuckin ass

[Chorus x3]

I'm broke as fuck in this life that Im livin in
I'm watchin niggaz bubble an the jealousy is kickin in
I wanna pull licks but that jelousy don't fit me
let's bet on the set, I'm a vet runnin from Fifty
It spell out, so I'm a post to the fullest
Only servin then, the Ice Cream Man is out again,
It's jealous niggaz on the lurk still
We had a treaty, so now they goin back on they first deal
(Awww now they ready to put the lead on ya
how would you like it if a nigga was broke an came fed on ya??!!)
That's why I'm still on my P's an Q's, readin fools
I'm known as a shista deceivin fools, (see quit pagin me!!)
snoopin around found trouble, fo tryin to fuck up a niggaz bubble
don't bubble mo than he got
cuz now he know that if he get rid of you
then that's more cash in the pot
I got a rival now,
tha turf is showin what it's worth
I gotta pack a gat fo survival now
they juss won't let me be, all I can be, so all I can see
is victory, I'm struggle master, so
the doo-doo that you do will only make me wanna bubble faster
no party-poop cuz this troop came fed-eral
slappin hoes in they neck juss to let em know
it's all clear now why
it's so hard to say goodbye
you broke, I'm gettin high
don't make me put the lead on ya

[Chorus x2]

[Dru Down]
Here I come, I'm outta jail, fresh in the air
nigga need a come up, so nigga didn't care
so let me think, nigga, I need to pick up pace
nigga need a lick, nigga need no safes, so ah
let me get straight down to business
I need me some distance to run when I carry gun
an I'm a be like quick on my feet
you try an be a hero
my nine milli, you an me
an even if you're the chief of police
nigga you will still catch some heat
cuz I'm juss.... one of the killaz in the town
a niggaz know they call me Dru mutha fuckin Down
so homie step back, this is a jack
nigga make a move an that ass will get jacked
because I'm loaded, I'm loaded off the dank-quid
an Jackie you will get me high juss fo free see
juss call me.... S-I-C-K
I love to kill fo play
cuz like Cube it was a good day
an I'm a be like strictly on my Q's, P's an Q's
I'm puttin quarter holes in fools
so don't you even fuck wit my rep
my rep's too big
an leavin you diggin fo days
an I'm a get ya
nigga if I want ya
I got a gun you run nigga
I'm a pop ya
because I'm broke I need to fill me some ends
give me yo pocket book so I can break it in
I goes to Wells Fargo, Bank of America
an if your a woman, don't think I still won't put the lead on ya

[Chorus x4]

Hell yeah I'm on welfare, G-A checks
keeps me paid like a mutha fuckin vet on the set
let, my mail stretch an gets up
to even the point where my bitch be choppin zips up
I whips up the cream
twenty-eight grams on the triple beam
chefs hittin clean, how much clean??
four-fifteens, an the zap-co
the rap-go slip an made a weak move
don't sleep dude, I pull licks every week fool
but ain't no Bonnie an Clyde nigga
cuz if a bitch set up a lick, I get the money an slide nigga
I hit the crap game first thang, leave if you shot yo
cuz bein broke is the worst thang
check this out man, cuz you know I ain't that type niggie
I scoop the dice, once or twice then the riggie, riggie
dangle roll shot, is a fa sho shot
no shot, I mean it's so hot, I'm snatchin hella face from the block
I got the glock
sixteen on my waist juss incase
never hit 6-8's, know the haters at the gate
when I shake the dice-a, nother one bites the dust
they mad as fuck gettin struck by the shista
I shoulda known, cuz rule number one
never roll craps wit some niggaz from a track you ain't from
they young an claimin they broke, but they forgotten
that I got they mail, an I can tell they plottin
but shhhhitt, they'll get licked like a popsicle
don't fuck around an get sent to the hospital
lil niggaz think they slick, but they already sawin
popin at y'all takin raw shit
let me raise up from these cowards turf
yeah, cuz lil do they know what's below the Eddie Bauer shirt
niggaz mean muggin me but what that do
I'm a soldier til it's over
6-5 on my tattoo punk
so if you want funk you be a dead homie
cuz I be down if you pull a 2-elev homie
now all the niggaz gettin lit up
I told ya live in yo house wit out yo strap is a rigg up
cuz I'm a put the lead on ya
punk ass nigga


. . .

people in Oakland...Oakland
woo, see I'm ridin higher and higher, woo-oo
kinda broke so ya know all I gots five, I got five

player, give me some brew an I might just chill,
but I'm the type that like to light another joint like Cypress Hill
I'm steal doobies
spit loogies when I puff on it,
I got some bucks on it,
but it ain't enuff on it
go get the S-t. I-d-e-s
never the less,
I'm hella Fresh,
rollin joints like a cigarrette
so pass it 'cross the table like Ping Pong,
I'm gone,
beatin' my chest like King Kong,
it's on,
wrap my lips around a 40,
And when it comes to get another stogie
fools all kick in like Shinobi
No he ain't my homie to begin with
Theres too many heads to be poppin' and let my friend hit
unless you pull out the phat crispy
5 dollar bill on the real before its history
cuz fools be havin them vacuum lung
and if you let em hit for free
you hella dum dum dum dum
I come to school with the tailor on my earlobe
avoiding all the dick teasers, skeezers and weirdos
Got me goin off the land like "Where the bomb at?"
Gimme 2 bucks you take a puff and pass my bong back
Suck up the dank like a slurpee
that serious bong will make a niggee go delirious like Eddie Murphy
I got more growin pains than Maggie
Cuz homies nag me
To take the dank out of the baggie

I got five on it,
grab your 40,
let's get keyed
I got five on it,
messin' wit that Indo weed
I got five on it
It's got me stuck cannot go back
I got five on it,
potna lets go half on a sac

I take sacks to the face,
whenever I can,
don't need no cruch
I'm so keyed up,
'till the joint be burnin' my hand
next time I roll it in a hampa
to burn slo,
so the ashes won't be burnin' up my hand, bra
hoochies can hit,
but they know they got to pitch in,
then I roll a joint that's longer than your extension
cos I'll be damned if you get high off me for free
hell naw, you betta bring your own spliff, cheif
wassup, dont babysit that
better pass the JOINT!
stop hittin' cos you know ya got Asthma
crack a 40 open, homie, and guzzle it,
cos I know the weed in my system is gettin lonley
I gotta take a whiz test to my P-O
I know I failed cos I done smoked major weed bro,
an everytime we with Chris that fool rollin up a fattie,
but the Tanqueray straight had me


hey, make this right man
stop at the light man,
my yester night thang got me hung off the night train
you fade, I face
so let's head to da east
hit the stroll to 9-0 so we can roll big hashish
I wish I could fade the eighth, but I'm low budget
still rollin' a two door Cutlass same ole' bucket
foggy windows,
smokin' Indo,
I'm in tha land gettin smoked wit my kinfolk

been smoked,
Yuk'll spray ya, lay ya down
up in the OAK the Town
homies don't play around,
we down to blaze a pound
then ease up,
speed up through the ESO,
drink the VSOP with a lemon squeeze up
and everybody's rolled up, I'm da roller
that's quick to fold a blunt out of a buncha sitcky dosia
hold up, suck up my weed is all you do
kick in feed, cause where I be's we need tab like a foo-foo


. . .

[Chorus: x1]
You gotta have a j-o-b
If you wanna be wit me
Cause broke ho's is a no-no
Broke ho's is a n-o-, n-o- fa sho

[Girl Talking]
I'm tired of these motherfuckers
Talkin bout broke ass ho's
You motherfuckin right I'ma broke ass ho
Breakin yo motherfuckin ass off every time I see you
I needs my cash man
Gotta have it, gon have it, gon get it

Who's the mack, I'm the mack, you's the mack
Kickin a gangsta limpin pimpin like Pretty cone
Now it's your herringbone I'm wearin home

Dearly beloved, I'm so low-budget no gold nugget's
Chillin in the two do' cutlass same ol' bucket

I love it when them bitches call me J.J
Cause I'm the bebe, them bitches come visit
on pay day

To get checks to buy leather coats
That's why I'm solo
Cause broke bitches is a no no

[Chorus: x1]

[Girls talking]
Bitch that's just like when that nigga
Took me to Vegas, his fat ass fell asleep
I got him for his Rolex, and his car keys(whaat)
When I initialed back to the town
Sold his triple gold for a playa's price(HAHA!)

My balls spin off the wall mic goes, psycho's
Therapy to carry me, and felt me
A bitch can't help less that bitch wealthy
Cause they ain't shit but ho's and tricks
So I goes and gives the bitch the stolen grip
That left on my nigga's clothes and shit
Vogues and shit, for my hooptie, gucci link
Me don't wanna no broke ass hoochie
Cause they coochie stink
Think, while your fa sho sho, bitch is a no no
Nigga's kick down you do' at the kick
She got your ass licked at the mo mo
Don't no why ya trustin the bitch
Cause she suckin ya dick
But he fuckin ya bitch
In the mix, don't get it twisted
These bitches be broke as fuck
Knowin the under they be posted up
Sellin but on Novero, make dinero cash
Or get the eight and half up yo narrow ass
I lay my pimpin down like Ron O'Neal
Chill in the village, deal wit more
Clean dope fiend like Willis, broke bitches kill me

[Chorus: x2]

[Girls talking]
Oohhh, bitch ain't that Num from the Luniz
Yeah, I heard that motherfucker got hella scrilla
You ain't knowin, I'ma set the motherfucker up
Get him high wit this sunshine pussy
And Nummy all mine, ohh yeah

I wanna fuck and that's it
After that split
I didn't kiss ya cause ya breath smelled like shit
I only stayed cause you was lickin me
But then I got fed up because ya dookie braid's was stickin me
Ya lookin like ya from the blue lagoon
But I ain't trippin cause I know that you'll be leavin soon
Bitch, you only wit me cause you think dat I'm rich
You fuck twenty mo' nigga's, then come to me
Sayin you got the itch
But I ain't got it punk, I use to jimmy
"Uh-uh, remember that day we was fuckin to humpty hump"
The rubber broke, and I jumped
Hit my head on the lamp
Cause I was amped, off of drank and the hamps

[Chorus: x3]

. . .

(feat. Dru Down, Richie Rich)

[Yukmouth & Knumskull talking]

Nigga, what's hap'nin?
Who we got in here?
Nigga, ain't this the last album.
Fuck that. We got Richie Rich, Dru Down, (you know!) Yukmouth,
Knumskull, we bout to do this shit man. Fo the 9-Fever, check it out.

[Chorus: Yuk & Richie]

Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech out to get the scratch, it ain't easy, bitch believe me.
Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech out to get the scratch, it ain't nuthin nice, Yukmouth let me
hear ya.

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Well it's the one of the mill nigga
the Vill niggaz, that spill niggaz guts to the fullest
fill niggaz up wit bullets
kill niggaz, Yuk don't bullshit
an I pull licks if I have to, no laughter
or chit-chat I juss clack my shit back an then I blast ya
when it's the wig split
come wit big shit fo the 9-Feva-roo
cuz ya fuckin either two
of yo baby ma'mas
got em on camera
doin a tootsie roll wit a hammer up her coochie hole, an a 40 up her
bootsy hole
fo sho, I pimp nights like Gladis
niggaz better knock on wood like havock, when I'm in yo hood wit an
so crack ends, givin me jaw, I be call fuckin around wit mo ups & downs
then a see-saw
sometimes I feel like I'm broke, sometimes I'm shot calla
who got all the bitches lost in the motions like Pala
balla than shisty, mo betta blues then Spike Lee
might be off the 40 cuz I'm OG like Ice-T
ya dig?

[Verse 2: Richie Rich]

Smoke hoes, an coke hoes, are sumpthin like the same
one fo the white dope, one fo the nigga that's in the game
now I know bitches that say "Richard, do what ya wanna"
but like old Vogues them bitches cry when I hit the corner
my 7-duce, produce, cuz the zues was pissed off
I'm still gettin zips off
niggaz feelin ripped off, an clipped off
until they told me, it was Knumskull, Yuk an Dru
now what you wanna do?
it's 35-hundred for the straight laced triple gold, wit the vogues
that's what they cost in the store, yeah
an you can reach, but you can not touch
ever figga, scared nigga that you feared too much?
if you scared go to church, I know it hurts
to find out, she works for me
brought me that Jeep
that's why I, keep my bitch business in the cut
that way I gets yo skrilla, plus I get to fuck,
cuz we.


Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech out to get the scratch, it ain't easy, bitch believe me.
Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech out to get the scratch, it ain't nuthin nice, Dru Down, let
me hear ya.

[Verse 3: Dru Down]

I'm steadily stackin up on the green
ballas will use the triple beam
shot calla use they words
hustlas will use they shoulders, playas sit back an get served
now observe the definition of the pimp-mode
I take hoes, an break hoes, an hoes is stayin mobile, really though
doe is what I love, so what's up?
nigga who you tellin, that life always been tough
nigga I had it rough
an nigga it ain't no bluff
an potna I had my own mama sufferin, that's sumpthin
yeah okay
I turned straight into a hustla
crap on bustas
skrilla fo reala from them suckas
I gave my mama half, me half, I'm out the door
ready to bubble
I turned into a balla, shot calla
two for twamp
with in a year I'm back on the spot
zippas in zipper, I'm ready to hit some fences, it's so wicked
bitch you jack rabbit call me Bugsy
four-four up in the Paddy wagon, to break my niggaz love me
an I'll be sure the next time niggaz see me I'll be high
do or die, throwin up the 5, in the 5th lane right
side, I'm watchin the rearview juss for po-po's
I swerve to the curb, about 3 an you know that I straight broke that

[Verse 4: Knumskull]

Fa sho. G-A fo checks
pimp bitches fo sex, might as well go all out an pimp the whole block
wit 4 techs
niggaz on this, on the move in many
plenty taken, playa hatin, Caddy's
that ain't my thang ruger
it's good to roll skrill that's the best thang
my S-S-I check came, you gotta be a big mack to do some shit like that,
an issued this game
my buddies, who ever can better my Operation Stackola
smack, mack, the greenery an crackola
homies wanna be down rollin big stacks
you wanna make an effort towards paper, then bitch get crack
so sick wid it
that's why I shitted on raps fo luck
I'm like what ever it takes to make a buck
could never be stuck
I'm facin a life of brokeness already
fuck the pain, it juss make sense fo me to stay on my hustle and game
blame no nigga fo my down fall
but pimpin is the final frontier, I gets around y'all
we all.


Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech gettin major scratch, it ain't easy, bitch believe me.
Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.
T for tech tryin to get the scratch, it ain't easy, bitch believe me.

[talking in the background]

Pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot callas, all of us.

Bitch believe me... ahhh-yaaa!! Ahaha.

. . .

(feat. Teddy)


Why you wanna.... playa hate on me??
oh-hoo-hooooo baby,
oh yeahhhhh,
why you wanna playa hate on me??

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Nobody can help him,
so welcome to the land of ski maskes,
we blastes,
to bust a couple of caps up in they weak asses,
the dust that's bein kicked up,
an Yuk is down to lick up,
do a stick up,
at an Armor truck pick up,
then get tucked,
up out the scenery,
wit greenery,
stopped up, watch up,
sew the block up wit creamery,
the cream, I sling, got fiends on my team,
like a fiend I dream, an hoes swing on my ding-a-ling,
sumpthin tremendous,
they spend grip,
endless trips to Macy's, they trade me,
so playa hataz.... hate me,
I keep the safety off my four-fifth,
hold it in focus,
fools didn't used to trip on my dick when I was the brokest,
but notice, I got a lil mail now,
cuz everbody bump L-U-N-I-Z like hell now,
you juss a busta brown an blood you know,
Chris spreadin faulty rumors around the Town like Club New Vogue,
really though.

[Chorus: Teddy]

Why you wanna.... playa hate on me?? [x2]
(Why you playa hate??!!) [x1]

Why you wanna.... playa hate on me?? [x2]
(Ooohhh!!) [x1]

[Verse 2: Knumskull]

I gots to,
keep my business to myself,
cuz hataz talk mo than get shot to spread rumors when it's loaded,
hatin get yo grill exploded,
the first thing I heard,
I stole a credit card from Chris Webber,
I never knew that,
but's who's that, an next,
I heard them ridin around smokin crack in the back of my homies Lex,
it be them broke ass, no cash,
bustaz tryin to quote.... that's why the Town got rid 'o $hort,
I think you busta browns need to wise up,
before we ride up,
sew up yo block, an sew them lies up,
once don't trip,
twice no grip,
three timmesss, will get you bucked wit the nine,
I thought the hatin would stop, but the rumors are passin still,
sounds like that busta that plugged mo holes than mass appeal,
you need to stop!!
hatin on,
the C-N-O-T-E, D-R-U, an the L-U-N-I-Z.

[chorus x4]

Break it down, oh yeah,
fo the Luniz an, they homies.
I am here to let you know!!
Gotta think for you.... so leave the Luniz alone.

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

Let me tell yo ass a story, yes,
they juss be hatin to the fullest but you can miss me wit that B.S. that
you stress,
when you test the young Hugh Heff,
the tech a spit up,
chest get lit up,
foo that's a rigg up,

[Verse 4: Knumskull]

Now I think the whole world knows me,
not what they should know,
it's like rap an sellin crack is all I'm good for,
hangin in the hood for so long,
I see why they talk,
snitch a bustaz home.

(Can we talkkkk.... fo a minute??)

[Verse 5: Yukmouth]

You're wrong I won't be offended,
I be there hand in hand wit the pencil,
can it all be so simple,
like Wu-Tang, spit true game, to get pootang,
from a nimfo.

[Verse 6: Knumskull]

Now I keep sayin,
don't get mad cuz you can't bump me,
but I'm still gonna spit it,
cuz you still don't get it,
if it ain't noted, don't quote it,
hataz when it comes to common sense you ain't showed it,
I don't understand!


. . .

(feat. Knuckle Head, Eclipse)

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

Broke niggas make the best crooks
ya best look
over your shoulder
if you's a Highroller
(broke mutha fuckas they make the best crooks)
(broke mutha fuckas they make the best crooks)

[Verse 1: Knumskull]

Let's see how your vest look
see if it fits ya
picture four hideous hustlas
quick to lick the silliest bustas
I played the roll
and ready to fold
fix bitches in gold
is a no-no
livin low like De La Soul
it's the "O"
and the folks don't understand
yes you can
rush, shake the van
and catch the Ice Cream Man
they know me
as the loyal citizen
the boy who visited
but on the spot
I'm more chillier than Dennis-in
finishin up my zip
quick to make my grip
you fuck around and get licked
by the Luni click
so that means bitches can't fade me
fuck lobster
I'm fuckin up yo monkey like the monsta on Aliens
I got work
someone told Knumskullin
four man deep
in a stolen jeep
wit heat
keep the space between niggas and me ever
What? Ballin outta control??!!
Nah, petty theivin
leavin no evidence or clues
bitch you gets a date wit yo moms
but you gets robbed by the Luniz fool
if I was a bum
I'd be straight to ride out
fuck a piece of the pie
I take the whole cake and sky out.

[chorus x1]

[Verse 2: Knuckle Head]

Knuckle Head
fool wit that master plan
got my glock caulked
wit my yay in my hand
I'm bigger than
fourth indo man
that rappin nigga also known as Mr. Window Man
cuz when I roll
nigga I rolls deep
I be killin mutha fuckas in they sleep
So punk P!
The situation is I skipped it
no set trip
got the glock caulked
keepin the tech on the hip
like a pro
deep up on the slope
pick up the pace
wit no time to waste
put my gun to his fuckin face
action-packed wit my shit
it's the poetry
kickin this psycho shit
wit my click
so you knows of me
it's goin down
I'm all about my mail
wit my g's
flipped from keys
equals dope I'm a sale
got me on top wit raps a crook
but all you ever get
is cum in yo little lungs
so mutha fuckas took they last look
(I'm broke, I'm sellin check books)
cuz broke niggas make the best crooks.

[chorus x1]

[Yukmouth talking]

Eh bail, look who that? Who the fuck is that?

[Dope man talking]

You're cocaine, give it to me. Now!


What the fuck you? You must be snortin some shit or something.
(What the fuck is that?!)

[yelling and screaming in back]

[Knumskull talking]

Let's go turn off all the lights
and make it seem like no ones home
niggas comin from the Eastside
bout to hoo ride and get stole.

[Verse 3: Eclipse]

See the whole thang was a plot
cuz that bitch you got, she gave me the scoop
12 o'clock
Lexus coupe
fill it up wit hella loot
since your neighbors are all in my business
you niggas don't need to know who the fuck this is
juss throw on a ski mask
and then I dash
this my last visit
and then I'm outtie
350 prob'ley
you niggas scared
don't stop me
I'm a pro
when it comes to gangsta robberies
the Paraphanalia
the niggas
the killas
the Mobb
the riggas
the skrilla
the dealas is doin they job
keeps clips
(So don't you make 'em wanna blast nigga)
I'd rather jack yo ass nigga
than be a broke ass nigga.

[chorus x1]

[Verse 4: Yukmouth]

Dope fiends in the kitchen
smokin on a pipe
hustlas on the corner
shootin dice
all of my folks in jail
raisin hell
got bitches on the whole stroll
sellin fruit cocktales
to clock mail
fuck pimps
shot callas
all of us gots to get our money on
Oakland be's no joke
it ain't no mutha fuckin funny bone
sky out to your Honey Comb Hideout
Money gone!
pullin capers on fakes
erase your papers like white out
ain't no tryouts
or basketball sports
juss a crazy horse
my four-fifth strapped when shootin craps on the porch
back and fourth
like Cameo
I'm always Death Row
even though I try
I can't let go
like Mariah
Carry the four-fiver
to blow shit up like Maguyver
me be steadily Mobbin an robbin a cab driver
either be a broke ass
no cash
havin your doe on
I float on
break more niggas than Ozone
really goes on
the props I must
hearin no glock
will have that ass holdin like buckshots
fuck cops
I post on the block slangin crack-noid
avoid being broke
I'm tradin places wit Dan Akroyd

[chorus x1]

. . .

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Posted up in the cut
to make a buck I had to sell nuff drugs
showed up, an rolled up, bubbled wit tough thugs that love to bust slugs
I had much love, from dope fiends
plug 'em wit mo cream, my dangla
used to sport Wranglers wit Pro Wings
fa sho green-ery stacked up, that macked up
quick to put the gat up an blast on niggaz that act up
snatched the scratch up, quick hit the back fence loc
I been broke, rollin through yo mutha fuckin hood in trench coats
wit double barrels get yo narrow ass on the ground
I'm not play, I don't play though
I'm out to get yo pay roll
say hoe, you get yo monkey ass stomped wit the steel toe
fucked in the game like a dildo
from the Vill hoe
to the mutha fuckin Fil-Mo fo real though
none can get wit this sick wit it man slaughter
practice lookin harder than 40 Water
niggaz all over claimin they foldin weight
I caught yo slippin, rippin that duct tape over yo face an off the
Golden Gate
let go, I'm down to break jaws when I takes all's
yo cash, blast that ass won't last fo one mo day like Nate Dog
break laws
leathal weapon like Danny
slangin candy
livin lavish about my cabbage understands me.

[Chorus x2: Knumskull]

Can't slang cream, can't lay low
quick to pull licks for some paper to fold
it ain't me fuck gettin fronted
(Gaffled an licks I done it, that's why a nigga always gets blunted.)

[Verse 2: Knumskull]

I see what you see, but you don't see what I see
mill an zips come up the whole grip like Kadafi
20 years of age, waitin fo the say someone say cap me
a whole line of felonies on my rap sheet
any means to make loot in the East Oakland Bay route
it's all about makin mail fuck bein cute (whoo)
that's the sound when it's time to lay down my hustle
why there's so many bubbles, I choose to throw rocks like Barney Rubble
can't lie back, wit a gang of top scratch
I gots to move on, an scoot on
now mutha fucka can you buy that?
lay low make no mistakes, make it successful
an if a nigga run up then make his chest full
I toss niggaz that try to struggle off me
cross me
a gang of jelousy because I'm saucy
it's not my fault that I grew to become a licksta
instead I say moms meetin pops was a mix up
pick up
hennessy got my brain runnin quicka than I can think
adrenaline pumpin about to faint
ain't no shame
can't be no 9 to 5 nigga
the "O" is where I'm from, so I gots to survive nigga.

[chorus: x2]

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

Nigga notice I'm broke wit a loaded four-fifth gat
the real nigga rolled an showed us where you hide yo doe an shit at
he did juss that, showed me where the kicks at
an big scratch told Knum to come nigga lets get that.

[Verse 4: Knumskull]

Yuk pull over
park the Nova
tonight's the night, so I hope you write about the yola
I hold the Mag, lookin for the attack
search the whole fuckin crib cuz I know he got scratch.

[Verse 5: Yukmouth]

Creep up the mutha fuckin stairs wit the ski mask
on the second floor in the drawer there should be cash
but we laugh
cuz we see task cars right next door
but we poor, no budget fuck it, so kick down the door.

[Verse 6: Knumskull]

Boom kick it once
boom kick it twice
three times it's breakin an have the fuckin building shakin
make our way through the house nothin less nothin more
(where the kicks at??!!)
I think they in the third drawer.

[Verse 7: Yukmouth]

There's more
an that's a fa sho-sho I got the doe, now we up out the door
before the neighbors call po-po
to the mobile, to count the real deal bank roll
in my sock, I rub daily cuz it's scratchin my ankle.

[Verse 8: Knumskull]

It's morn-ing
we unleash to the streets
wit 12 g's a piece
headed straight to the East
better recognize this game is bought to be sold
that's why I pull licks fo some paper to fold.

[Chorus x2]


. . .

(feat. Shock G)

Behold, your highness, the Luniz are here
Bring them in
Man where the fuck we at who the fuck are you??
It is I, Jesus, Shock Jesus
And what brings you brothers to such an early fate?
Man, no what the fuck man
Niggaz just shot me man, what the fuck man
How dare you use such language in the face of the almighty
Fuck you
You shall perish (beitch!!)
It is my judgement that you shall burn in hell
Man, noo
for eternity
Nooo (the Luniz are here)

5150, feel me
Psycho disco just go Luni
5150, feel me
Psycho disco just go Luni

I wish I had cot (what?) I wish I had some cot (why?)
So I could sky and have a place to lay my head and plot
A broke nigga boney
Quick to lick but I could never steal shit from my homies
I play acts and make scratch from table scraps
and always end up fucked watchin other niggaz backs
I broke hamps wit my folks and get pounds
but in the mist of funk
would they really bust rounds?
I get woozie when I inhale all the badness
I swear to the Lord when I was young I never had this problem
I stressed the fuck out gotta doubt my own niggaz
I try to solve my problems wit hamps and liquor
I used to swig a 22, graduated to a 64
and now I don't smoke weed no mo'
And I ain't knowin where I'm headin
Most likely it's the scene of creamery
I'm petrified of the whole scenery
The game is some shit ya either roll wit
Or give up because the game is quick to make a nigga stroke it
For less is what I was wishin for it never came true
So it came to plannin missions damn near shittin in my drawers
I gotta play my part though and take what I can
from the niggaz I don't got Scarface nigga I feel ya
By any means nescescary
That's why they find scary niggaz buried
Carried to a whole 'nother place
If youse a hard nigga die with a smirk on your face
So much drama, I put my best in it
Peace, I'd rather live than rather rest in it
Where I'm from or where I'm headed, it ain't no love
I give thanx that I'm alive to the man up above
I'm still takin shit day by day
Survin off a nifty, that's why I'm goin 5150

Ripley's won't believe I'm shot, limpin down the block
Tryin to scoot out, carry the bloody glock
Cause niggaz they plot, it was a shoot out
Tryin to take the loot out my pocket
But I'm quick to let the glock spit at his 350 rocket
Then I split runnin down the block
No sense of dick made them bitch made niggaz whip out a guage
Then blaze my ribcage, I'm dazed
on the ground hella bleeedin ass out
I remeber seein somebody put me in a glass house, I passed out
Then my spirit arose up out my flesh, I'm old
No more bullet holes in my chest
A gold vest when I awaken for Mista Go-Tec-9 is awaitin
The Lord has no love for playa hatin
I'm facin Shock Jesus cause I'm the G-ist nigga to do the job right
Because I'm trained up in that mob life
Come back tonite strapped tonite
He said if I suceed he'll bring my family and dead homies back to life
A big ass eagle scooped me up then we bails out
Flyin through the cuts goin the secret hill route
The whole scene was a disaster
Friday the 13th the final chapter
Lookin niggaz wit casper the ghost
But I float until I smoked the big man
Slipped in quick sand
He's gonna kill me but my spirit slipped in my body
I yelled watch out he's gonna get me
They didn't get me, huh, they labelled my ass 5150


. . .

[Chorus: x4]
"Always gotta blame a god damn nigga
900 blame a nigga"

[Verse 1: Numskull]
How can I get blame for shit
That a nigga really didn't even do
One nigga did the dirt, but the blames on the whole crew
I feel like O.J., and Rodney
A little mayo, but still don't be havin
No happy days like Potsy
Nigga's get blamed for every thang
From robbin you house, to ho stroll's
And the tropicana cocaine
And if the sun turned black
("Yup a nigga did it Jim") OR
("get a nigger over so I blame it on him")
Nigga's getttin (??) like the oldies
Played the fuck out, we only known for stealin cars and drinkin 40's
Or showin your whole ass crack on cops
They quick to do a nigga on the routine stop
Chopped rock's, in a nigga possesion, a whole zip
Blame me cause I'm one of fo' grips
Now you can have mayo and a gang of triggers
Bit that ain't shit, cause they still gon blame a nigga

[Chorus plays over REDNECK talking]
Boy I tell ya Jim, one of those black niggers took
The battery outta my car last night
I did see it, but I know those were niggers

Drivin down the block, and what did I see
A police man tryna gaffle me
Threw down my rocks, so I wouldn't get caught
A high-speed CHASE for fourty-eight blocks

[Verse 2: Yukmouth]
I heard some shit was goin down though
It might be scanda-lous, on the down low
Plus I get around ho, like Shock and Mon'
Walkin to the lot, forgot I got the gun
In the bushes, more mayo then the rest of the pushers
Tonight a nigga might be readin my Nike's like Bushwick
Chronic smoke like chimney, to lit a doobie
They knew me, let me in free cause I bee that Luni
Higher then the police sky waves off the blue
I partied two or three hours now I'm sideways in the sukra
To the hoopsta's, survival is the be-under
But I was in it, now five-oh's on my bumper
Ready to dump the forty outie, and weed baggies
They had me searchin through my car, for what we have we here
A queer tryna frame a nigga, but shame on a nigga
That try to put the blame on a nigga

[Chorus plays over REDNECK talking]
Uh, hello, this is 900 blame a nigger?
Uh, my daughter's raped, and comin back from
A Ku Klux Clan meetin, and I know a nigger did it

Last night was the night before
Twenty-four robber's came knocking at my door
I ran out, they ran in, tryna blast for my cash
Wit ski-masks on they're chin

[Verse 3: Luniz]
Take a puff from my hamp then bounce
I'm on a mission for scrilla, vanilla slugs by my zipper
Playa haters trippin off ho's it seems that they plot
Snitch to the cops, and swear that I chopped O's of cream
That's what they mumble
Now knowin about THE POWER OF NUMSKULL!
Now I done had it wit all that static
I'm thinkin I should load my automatic
And let all these faggots have it

One love, it's cocked backed, and then I bust slugs
Roastin a motherfucker, so busta always suffer
Blood in the ghetto, other niggas try to run up
Wit they gun, and get done from sun down to sun up, punk
Dead bodies in the trunk, they kept on tellin me
Oh I was sellin P.D. I was sellin D, I caught a felony
As soon as I got it, had to pop out a nigga brains
I was the wrong nigga to frame

[REDNECK talking while Chorus plays]
Boy I wish I could get a job
But them damn niggers take all the jobs nowadays
They got affirmative action stuff
I tell you that guy up in puff, he agreed to that stuff bad
Them, them niggas are gonna know where it's, hey...

[Yukmouth talking]
Wassup man, you all on my tape and shit
Talkin that weak shit, get the fuck up outta hear

Who are you, who are you!
You nigger's are tryna kill me!

Get yo punk ass up outta here, peckerwood motherfucker
Jive ass turkey, that's right
I stole yo motherfuckin car
But aye, it's yo fault
Yo ass brought us from Africa, bitch
Aye get yo ass up outta here, you peckerwood motherfucker [gunshots]
Blast that fool man, blast that fool, get him, get him
He tryna run, blast that fool, yeah, talkin all that shit
Pointin the finger and shit, I'm tired of y'all
Pointin the fingers at motherfuckers mayne
Y'all done got O.J., Tyson, my potnah Tupac, Gov
Man fuck blamin me, I didn't do it, WHY, fuck that you did it

. . .

[two dope fiends talking]



Eh, eh, eh, yo mama got a long ass throat, when she drink milk, by the
time it get to her stomach it's spoiled... ahaha!!

Where you get that cream from man??

The Ice Cream Man, man, that nigga ain't no mutha fuckin joke.

Hold on, hold on, close the blinds, cuz, cuz the neighbors are lookin.

What?? Nigga lets get busy man, I'm ready to hit this big shit man, you
know what I'm sayin, this is big, big....

Get that kid outta here!!

Whoa!! The kids!! Man get the kids outta here.

Close the door, cuz they gonna tell on us.

Eh I'm blazin this up fo tha Ice Cream Man nigga!!

Uh, uh, uh,

[Chorus x2: Yukmouth]

It's the Ice Cream Man,
BITCH don't you hear the music??
(Dope king, dope king.)
I got the shit fiends holla if you wanna use it!!

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

This shit is to be to let go,
so welcome to the ghetto,
got no love from my moms an pops had to creep an caulk heat wit my
niggaz from the Big O,
always down to scuffle,
had the hustle from the get go,
an didn't no.... body, give a fuck about Jerold,
not when I had hella dirt an lint in my dried up ass curl,
hit the dice game,
hurled off the night train,
so hang that four-fifth at my brain,
if you want me to do the right thang,
ever since my eyes open,
I musta really sell dope in,
the 6-9 Village of East Oakland,
my dad would come back,
but that fool vamp,
now my mama spend the checks on woozy's an the food stamps,
that's why my ass was pumpin gas,
an shootin craps,
so I can make me some rootin-tootin scratch,
no dap from the school hoes,
now why did I cut school,
fuck school,
cuz me didn't have no school clothes,
I had to go,
hook up, a book up,
now I'm a crook up,
on the late night posted,
slangin cakes like Hostess,
sumpthin ferocious,
mo candy than Reese Pieces,
fo human species,
that wanna swap fo T.V.'s an V.C.'s,
I'm ready,
like Heav D, nuttin but love fo ya,
fedi dubbs fo ya,
the only nigga would glove fo ya,
it's me,
the Ice Creamery,
so weasle down the Yellow Brick Road while I fold the greenery.

[Chours x2]

[Verse 2: Knumskull]

You wonder why I became the Ice Cream Man,
cuz I knocked straight hands,
but niggaz on my block didn't understand,
that I was born to be a factor,
if roses what I play, to get paid,
then don't fade,
but first give a nigga props,
fo ditchin cops,
I couldn't work,
so I knew a nigga couldn't stop,
slangin mo yay than the next man,
if I come up, don't get mad,
juss give a pound an let the best stand,
cuz I done tried gettin twenty off a note,
I been there, slangin fo the next nigga still broke,
he flippin shit, but you ain't,
you fuck around an crumble,
then you come up short on yo bundle,
an plus the dope fiends be gafflin,
rolled out all yo scratch,
you broke, so you whips up a dangle batch,
to get enough to cop a zip,
I'm stackin up my grip,
got my .380 out so I don't slip,
I need some real folks to come up,
niggaz wit some guts,
plots an set up shop, wit Dru an Yuk,
my lick mates,
100 percent hustlaz,
games an heists,
quick to lick a niggaz house on bikes,
twice the game, bigga the endin,
endin rules,
much shit, an tucked tens is what I'm sendin fools,
I goes through all shit,
to lick a ball bitch,
to law shit,
then I'm off wit the Lootchie,
my game is ready to be sold,
I got my stripes fo followin the Yellow Brick Road.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

Now I'm the Ice Cream Man,
don't you see the man sittin on gold ones,
dishin off half, zips, an whole ones,
no one,
could stop the Operation Stackola,
a black soldier slangin crack only fo scratchola,
I told ya,
I do it to fold ya,
straight over nighter,
then flag the driver down wit my flash lighter,
"He speak please g, please don't say no to me, fo the cream, I dream, I
fiend like Jodeci!"
Notice he had a G ready to spend it,
got my shit so I won't get apprehended,
once again it's on,
I gets my bail on,
weasle down the Yellow Brick Road wit hoes an my mail on.

[Verse 4: Knumskull]

I chops cream,
seems like the whole block is holdin now,
broke my triple beam, cuz the whole scene is rollin now,
hope I can get to break it down an hold thangs, wit my luck,
Num an Yuk, wit gold thangs on the ice cream truck,
nut up wit nuthins,
stroll down the Yellow Brick Road,
quick to lick fo some paper to fold,
stole my whole load,
what you want a nigga to get hurt fo??
My operation don't include spendin on the turf hoe, (biatch!)
the quickest nigga to finish,
I cruise some,
can't be too dumb,
sewed up the block,
where you from??
so float on, an roll on, an understand,
easin down the roooaaad,
it's the Ice Cream Man.



. . .

(feat. Nik Nack)

[Verse 1: Nik Nack]

Nik Nack is in the house for the four,
my niggaz locked up, left a kilo.... it's good as sold,
gumbo pot creamery,
rise to the top,
my limo even slide through on the late night for that high,
I wanna zoom-zoom, bumpin Luni-Tunes,
candy paint K-5
bitches I stay high,
playa hate,
callin me a balla, shot calla,
cuz I'm slangin all the major weight,
close the door to my residence,
po-po start searchin low, but found no evidence,
they tryin to wash me an our county like Downy,
quick to pick a nigga Nack up like Downty,
don't clown me,
dike hoes wanna lick my clit,
but end up gettin stuck in the gut, wit a dick,
down fo my shit,
tricks wanna get em up wit me,
because they heard their baby-daddy fucked wit me,
but I'm out on you hoes,
wit the 10 g belt,
the only thing I'm concentratin on is checkin my mail,
what the hell??!! what the fuck??!!
do you mean,
your boyfriend is a dope fiend, an he smoked up all my ice cream,
oops upside yo head fo gettin licked like a lolli-pop,
let yo nigga cut, where's my shit, now you get lolli-hopped,
by everybody on the turf,
oh yeah about that skrilla.... hell yeah that welfare check is mines on
the first.

[chorus x2]

It's so much drama in the streets,
an I can't tell you why the funk be deep!
Do you really know where ya going to,
an do you like the things that life is showin you??

[Verse 2: Knumskull]

Fuck around an trust yo underfolks,
like dope fiends, you leave yo cream wit,
post, you come back an yo whole bundle gone,
or this, niggaz add dirt to the list,
getaway clean,
but one wanna keep everything,
he gots to cook it, cuz we need the good shit to post,
tryin to bake a whole thing, this fool claim that the pot broke,
but here goes 5 g's an dubbs,
you can probably catch mo cuz I chop slugs,
blood bubbles, so I charge it to the game wit no shame,
even though we got away wit a whole thang of cocaine,
I got fucked in the deal, sumpthin cool,
(Why meee!!)
cuz that 5 g's he gave me was boo-boo,
too much drama in the streets of the Oak,
niggaz will tell you what they want you to hear,
not what you should know,
instead of sellin mo cream,
niggaz is sellin mo dreams,
lyin juss to kick it sellin weight wit no fiends,
now this is sumpthin that I don't understand,
why the FUCK would that nigga Master P call himself the Ice Cream Man,
BITCH!! Don't you hear the muzik??
That's jankie as fuck,
he musta been off the fluid,
niggaz steadily tryin to take shit from the next man,
don't playa hate, juss give a pound an let the best stand,
it's too much skrilla in the Land,
fo niggaz to be hatin,
Captian Savin,
I juss don't understand.

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

Cuz when I was a youngsta, money was so damn hard to find.
But dealt wit my young comrads an we was deadly on the grind.
When I wanted to bubble, fools start trippin talkin shit.
They never woulda thought I'd be, the mutha fuckin wit all of the grip.

Check this out here you jive ass turkeys man. Hoe's slobberin-obberin in
the O. There's only one Mobb man, don't hop on the back of the Ice Cream
truck an get yo ass booted off.

I can't stand punks on a man hunt,
that destroy,
lay low, cuz my four-four,
will make yo ass glow, like Bruce Lee woo,
(sho nuff)
since they bigga,
many figga that I can't throw,
but they don't know about this bole-legged skinny nigga,
mad because I'm foldin grip,
plus rollin thick,
still up on that late night loadin clips,
holdin shit,
to myself,
shotgun bullets be bad fo them health,
so save that gang-bang shit on somebody else,
where I peep thugs,
have drugs to sell you,
don't fuck wit the L-U-N-I-Z that's what they tell you,
peep the murder we wrote,
we roll wit C-Note an Noo-Trybe to fools slide,
at my show because I make the whole fuckin O hooride
slide to get the remedy,
twamp, twamp,
make you wanna pump, pump on the enemy,
been havin suicidal tendecies the whole day,
alazae will have a nigga on lock down like O.J.,
like the Cubans,
they hate when I'm crusin,
don't fuck around an get yo life ruined fool,
so take yo last look,
you get yo ass whooped,
Rolex took,
cuz broke niggaz make the best crooks,
you best look over your shoulder, highrolla,
wit that cola, cuz my soldiers come wit mo folks then yours does,
no bluers or blunders,
we fed to head wit mo bread than Wonder,
an strapped wit a Mac-11 an go under.

[chorus x4]

. . .

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Nothing but a freak and no future in the front

[Verse 1:]
Bitches be lovin' how I dick em
when I get them in the mood to fuck
they hold up all my nuts and lick em
they break me off cash flow
any damn thing I ask for
so a nigga paid up the asshole
some fools be thinking they gotta win her like Bruce Jinna
but Joe Tenner is letting every nigger run up in her
most of the tricks I pick up
like to get fucked
as a bitch is a bitch as a hoe is a quick nut
like this slut named Kim I knew
she fucked me, fucked him
and she fucked all of them too
so we worked the train on her
and left enough stains on her neck
looking like a gold chain on her
no free high, the hoochie couldn't find two
even though she popped that coochie like the hole from 2 Live Crew
so if you bump into this bitch on the streets
and you like the pussy deep, nigga speak
because she's just a freak

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Cause a bitch is a bitch as a hoe is a quick nut

[Verse 2:]
I'll be rolling through your cup
motherfuck, you whats up
its that little nigga Yuck
and I don't give a fuck
rolling through your neighborhood
motherfucker, yo it's me
the capital N-U-C, K, L to the E
see this is for them hoes and the trick tramp sluts
all these stupid bitches on my motherfucking nuts
all up on my nuts cause a niggas getting richer
didn't mean to hit ya, hope you get the picture
back in 91' you was a little bit stuck up
acting like you didn't have time for the fuck up
trying to walk the halls wit that little switch
trying to play that roll but you aint nothing but a bitch
a bitch on my dick cause you hoes make me sick
come and get a lick of the dicks do a trick
caught you in the mix with a fix turning tricks
fucking one nigga while you licking two dicks
she's a freak

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Nothing but a freak and no future in the front

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Cause a bitch is a bitch as a hoe is a quick nut

[Verse 3:]
My dick up, but hick up bitch
but don't stick up your nose
cause you don't look shit like En Vogue
hoes taxi around them gold ones
acting like they don't fuck no one
be the master like Sho Gun
at the hot tubs making a gang of waves
hoe in the cunt doing stunts like Super Dave
ballas call her the human giraffe
no joke cause that ass be deep throating niggas on the quick fast
with no whiplash
you see me footing it but couldn't it be cool
won't buy you assy food when we cruise, you lose
she give niggas blues like 505 don't ask why
I guess that stank bitch is a fall guy
you got no bucks, you can't fuck
we'll thats how I put it
C&H got that hole on tape, straight footage
the same bitch that wouldn't speak was on the TV screen
sucking everybody mean
because she's just a freak

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Nothing but a freak and no future in the front

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Cause a bitch is a bitch as a hoe is a quick nut

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
Nothing but a freak and no future in the front

I fucked you, you fucked me
We had one fat ass orgy
With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt
[fade out]

. . .

[in the background]

Man that's all he gets is a year man, hell nah!

[Yukmouth rambling]

Hey, what's all this?? Hey stop all this confusion. Hey!! Order in the
court.... YOU'RE GUILTY!!

[man talking]

No I'm not guilty, you're guilty. Law makers. Politicians. Business men.
The police. You don't see no black folks dropping packages out of
airplanes. You don't see none of that. You're the reason why, I'm a
criminal. You're the reason why, I'm.... The Ice Cream Man.

[Verse 1: Knumskull]

I, spent hella time on the block late,
an I feel safe, as long as I can shoot the glock straight,
so come,
get the greenery,
rush to the bank collect yo doe,
make sho you got yo bucks in yo hand, cuz the man,
(be comin around the mountian when he come!)
that's a rigg up,
I rather swallow my yay, an shit slugs,
fuck task, it's a must I bubble,
so many rocks in my jaw I feel like Barney Rubble,
I got my, pager,
an my, bus pass,
grab my Avion water juss incase I had to dust task,
it was about four otha niggaz on the spot grindin,
one was on my team smokin hamps an poppin leads,
(knock on weed nigga, fuck that knock on weed, you got a twenty??)
gave up two ten's an a bump cuz I had plenty,
not even knowin what I juss did,
put the money in my pocket an headed back to the crib,
got a tingle on my dick feelin bad,
looked up an seen task cars comin at me,
so I bounced through a buildin lost all my cash,
swallowed my rocks, ditched my pager, I'm haulin ass,
then found myself by Blyman's house,
thinkin about juice,
hit the turf, sky out,
through the roof,
but that plan was cancelled,
betta give up,
betta throw yo hands up,
here comes the man,
the gloves on the other hand,
got on my knees,
crossed my legs,
then threw up my hands,
one of them yelled "Bitch hit the deck!!",
Kevin Reese grabbed the stick an almost broke my neck,
I'm handcuffed on the ground wit a foot in my back,
then they asked me "Hey where the fuck our money at??!!",
now I'm stressin cuz the dogs right beside me,
they took me down so that the under could identify me,
You got the right one BAY-BEE!!
Shot me downtown,
threw me in a cell that's drivin me crazy,
so they booked me,
walked me through the court door,
stripped me down,
an gave me some drawls the next nigga wore,
I'm in my pad makin phone calls,
so I can post bail,
go home,
an then put on my own drawls,
got in touch wit my nigga Yuk,
what's up fool??!!,
I got a quarter ounce hidden in the cut,
snatch it up,
get it off,
come an get me,
before I go back to court an they judge can get wit me,
cuz the D-A,
was talkin nonsense at my arraignment,
an think she's still talkin the same shit,
they try an keep me,
locked up fo a grip,
an my public defender ain't sayin shit!!,
the deal is zero to twenty-eight days,
that shit is filthy!!,
now they got a nigga pleadin gulity.


I ain't did nuthin wrong,
Why should I plead guilty??,
They caught me wit no work,
But they claim that we was filthy,

I ain't did nuthin wrong,
Why should I plead guilty??,
They caught me wit no work,
But they claim we doin dirt.

[Verse 2: Yukmouth]

It's like sixteen fiends get they welfare checks,
no po-po a 4-0 an some bomb,
an I'll be there when it comes to collect,
no po-po a 4-0 an some bomb,
Rolled up,
know what,
don't give a fuck what ya do,
grama thought I was a goodie two-shoes,
but I was too true,
now fools holla out the window like Rapunzel,
give the caulk up, rock up, an chop up my bundle,
through the back pack,
gimme the crack sack,
9 mill gat,
an don't grind on any turf that I'm buildin scratch at,
jack pot,
I spot a hundred a sixty-fifth fiends buyin cream,
by the fifty grip but that's come tricky shit,
it's tricky!!,
they wanna get me, rigg me on the pavement,
an Ripley's won't believe they had the nigga wit me on survailance,
bring heat, to meet two,
but I can see through,
the fake ass wanna be true like R2-D2,
bounce so I can start the Operation Stackola,
Yukmouth, about,
wit a whole ounce of crackola,
stash the ounce,
grab a count,
I holds down, nobody out, like... ok,
by the window, then I threw my dope down,
an frowned,
that's when I looked suspicious,
they bust a U-ey now I'm hurdlin fences like Olympics,
wit hella sweat on my forehead,
mo feds,
jumpin off the roof top,
to lock my ass up like Tupac,
I see you in the bushes young bastard,
don't say shit,
come out before I blast ya!!,
Ok, I quit!

Ahaha! Bob, check him,(I give up man), no dope on him, no man, well
you're still goin downtown potna!!


. . .


Creep on in, on in [echos]
See I'm ridin high, ridin high [echos]
Kinda broke you see me, so all I got is FIVE

[Verse 1: Knumskull & Yukmouth]

I Got Five On It
I got five what you got nigga?
Damn I think I got two bucks in my sock nigga.
Well that's that
fuck it
I think I got three bucks in my backpack
enough to get a phat sack.
Hell yeah!
You got some zags?
Not at all man.
Let's get some from the store.
Fa sho, because a nigga need a Tall Ken.
open the door blood.
Nigga where my keys at?
I don't know?
Remember I gave 'em to you to go get that weed sack.
Oh here they go in my sock.
Put your seatbelt on
cuz there's hella cops parked up the block.
Well nigga bust a U-ey then.
Nigga fire up that doobie then.
Hell nah!
You major skanless potna.
Well sue me then.
Oh, be like that on a roach?
Nope, look at them hoes!
Man fuck them tricks, nigga let's get smoke!
Pass the doobie to the left biddy-bum-bum-boo!
Whoa! What the fuck wrong wit you?!
Damn I had a flash back
this nigga frontin me some yay
but you know that he ain't gonna get his cash back.
Nigga what if the cash jack?
Oh it's cool
Fuck this, I'm puttin it in the cuts.
It's bad enough he got not tags on the Cutlass
Eh you know what? 84th is the closest.
a fat ass Hamp, nigga let's smoke this.
Let's roll a blunt wit the skunk.
Why you bring that skanless ass sack?
Man this shit ain't no punk.
Here smell this.
Roll it up then nigga!
Haha, yeah!
Let's go half on some liquor
yeah go get some Tango or something.
(Eh, I got to see some I.D.)
Aww man, shit I ain't got nothing!
Man I spend wit you all the time.
(Sorry no I.D., no colors Icy Bine)
Aww fuck that!
They didn't let you get the drank?
(Get out my store!)
Man I ain't trippin.

[Chorus: Mike Marshall]

I got five on it
grab your 40
let's get keyed
I got five on it
fuckin wit that Indo weed
I got five on it
it's got me stuck and I'm tore back
I got five on it
nigga lets go half on a sack.

[Verse 2: Knumskull]

I take a sack to the face
whenever I can
fuck a cruch
I be smokin that shit
til the joint be burnin my hand
next time I roll it in a Hampa
to burn slo
so the ashes won't be burnin up my hand, bra
hoes wanna hit but they know they got to pitch in
I roll a joint that's longer than your extension
cuz I'll be damned if you get high off me for free
fuck that
you betta bring your own shit cheif
don't babysit that
you better pass the
JOINT! nigga stop hittin cuz you know ya got asthma
crack a 40 open homie
an guzzel it
cuz I know the weed in my system is gettin lonley
I gotta take a piss test for my P.O.
I know I failed cuz I done smoked hella weed bro
an everytime we with Chris
that nigga rollin up a fattie
but the Tanqueray straight had me
lit to the fullest extreme
there was gettin no higher
that shit had my chest on fire
Dru Down was swiggin to the face straight
but I ain't fuckin wit that
I think I'll stick to the crazy 8's
bring me a bottle and I'm cool wit that
I'm a lounge wit that
nigga bring me a phat sack
I don't know how to roll
but I know how to SMOKE!
I think I'm gonna hit it til my ass choke.

[chorus x2]
[during chorus]

Whooo-weee! Baby-boy!
I'm hella high. Damn.
That's that indo.
Only Oakland got that Doja like that.
Only the Town nigga.
Eh man quit hoggin up the joint, man you baby sittin it.
What you talking about?
Pass that shit over here.

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

give me some brew an I might just chill
but I'm the type that like to light another joint like Cypress Hill
I steal doobies
spit loogies when I puff on it
I got some bucks on it
but it ain't enuff on it
fuck wit the S the T, I-D-E-S
never the less
I'm hella fresh
rollin joints like a cigarrette
so pass it cross the table like ping pong
I'm gone
beatin my chest like King Kong
it's on,
wrap my lips around a 40
and when it comes to get another stogie
niggas all kick in like Shinobi
Nummy ain't my homie to begin with
it's too many heads to be poppin to let my friend hit shit
unless you pull out the phat crispy
five dollar bill
on the real before its history
cuz niggas be havin' them vaccum lungs
an if you let 'em hit it for free
you hella dum-du-dum-dum
I come to school with the taylor on my earlobe
avoidin all the dick teasers
skeezers and weirdos
that be fuckin off the land like Where tha bomb at?
Give me two bucks
you take a puff
and pass my bomb back
suck up the dank like a slurpy
the serious
bomb will make a nigga go delirous like Eddie Murphy
I got more growin pains than Maggie
cuz niggas snag me
to take the dank out of the baggie

[chorus: fades out]

. . .

Outro (Operation Stackola)

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. . .

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