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Loretta Lynn

Настоящее имя Loretta Webb
Дата рождения 14 апреля 1932 г.
Откуда Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, USA
Жанры Gospel
Honky tonk
Годы 1960—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
Interscope Records
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Tammy Wynette
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Сайт Website

Тексты песен Loretta Lynn

Текст песни "Big Sister, Little Sister"

(Give up to the baby that's what they'd always say)
And big sister would let her path away
We shared a sandbox, little sister and me
I was her big sister and she was only three.

Give up to the baby, that's what they'd always say
And big sister would let her path away
All through our childhood and our high school days
My little sister always had to have her way.

Now I can't hurt the baby and I can't let him go
Be brave big sister this time and say no
Now all that I remember as they drove out of sight
Just married and her holdin' the ones I love so tight.

Now all I do is rock my darling, I just can't let her cry
So rock a bye baby, rock a bye
Give up to the baby and I'd lose every time
Now they're saying big sister is losin' her mind...

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