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Loretta Lynn

Настоящее имя Loretta Webb
Дата рождения 14 апреля 1932 г.
Откуда Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, USA
Жанры Gospel
Honky tonk
Годы 1960—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
Interscope Records
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Conway Twitty
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Сайт Website

Тексты песен Loretta Lynn

Текст песни "As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone"

Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

Hello (hello Loretta) darlin' I knew it was you
(Loretta there's something I just got to tell you)

Oh, please tell me what to do
(I don't really know how to say this
But I want to tell you that I)
You gave me the will to go on
As soon as I picked up the phone

(No, no, you don't understand Loretta
I'm trying to tell you that I)
The talk is around that we're through
(Yeah, I know, I've heard it too.)

Oh darling, tell me what to do
(But that's just it that's what
I'm trying to tell you
I wanna tell you that)

I knew you'd tell me they were wrong
as soon as I picked up the phone
(Oh but it's true they're not wrong)
Oh, no (I'm sorry Loretta)

Oh no, I can't believe that it's true
(I'm sorry Loretta, I'm really, really sorry)
Oh no, oh no, I can't believe that we're through.
(I know, you know that I never thought it would come to this.)

You tell me it's over and done
(I really thought that I loved you and you know that)
You say that you've had all your fun
(You've just got to believe me that I never meant to hurt you.)
But I can't believe you've been gone

(This is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do
And it hurts me too)
As soon as I hang up the phone (Yeah, I'll be gone)
As soon as I hang up the phone (Goodbye Loretta.)

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