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Lisa Kelly

Тексты песен Lisa Kelly

Текст песни "The Soft Goodbye"

when the light begins to fade
and shadows fall across the sea,
one bright star in the evening sky.
your love's light leads me on my way.

there's a dream that will not sleep,
a burning hope that will not die.
so I must go now with the wind,
and leave you waiting on the tide.

time to fly, time to touch the sky.
one voice alone, a haunting cry.
one song, one star burning bright,
may it carry me through darkest night.

rain comes over the gray hills,
and on the air, a soft goodbye.
hear the song that I sing to you
when the time has come to fly.

when I leave and take the wind
and find the land that faith will bring,
the brightest star in the evening sky
is yours to find for me.

is yours to find for me.

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