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Lee Hazlewood

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Тексты песен Lee Hazlewood

Текст песни "Run Boy Run"

You were born by a railroad track
Never knew your ma and your pa ain't comin' back
Had to make your way the best you can
But you didn't have to steal from another man

Run boy run boy run boy run they're gonna get you boy run boy run
They're gonna catch you boy run boy run run boy run boy run boy run

Think you're a man cause you're twenty one
Shot a man for nothin' and away you run
Wanted in most every state from here to Tennessee
If you're caught you'll do your runnin' hangin' from a tree

Run boy run boy run boy run...

Storm clouds lookin' down from the sky
And hangman's noose swingin' on a tree near by
The words on that tombstone that won't be read by you
Says his runnin's done at twenty one he won't see twenty two

Run boy run boy run boy run...

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