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Larrikin Love

Тексты песен Larrikin Love

Текст песни "Well, Love Does Furnish A Life"

You open up your eyes and you're underneath a first class seat,
Your yellow hair and purple eyes are bleeding defeat,
Your mother always told you that freedom was just a lie,
So I'm here to show you, to show you what life can be like,

I hold a box and in it there's a new world!
I hold a pearl forest and in it there's a long haired girl!
I'll take you there and she'll take care and introduce you to a wealthy earl,
Then you can forget about me and this journey because you deserve it girl.

It's a day in the life of you,
There is no point in feeling blue,
Don't tangle my words, "I love you",
It's a day in the life of you.

Well now you're there and you laugh and smile so gleefully,
There's an almost holy dancing in my soul,
But tears on my cheeks,
And life is tragic and cruel,
There's a fire in the willow tree,
Life is tragic and small because you forgot about me.

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