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Larrikin Love

Тексты песен Larrikin Love

Текст песни "A Burning Coast"

At a tin mine we do stand,
And here I realise that it's all in my hands,
At the tips of our feet where the waves stun the rocks,
Where the sun steals the sand,
Here I do plot,

I bang my fists and I crush the cliffs,
I scream out into the mouth,
Of this cave, this fiery cave,
This fucking world we cannot save!
So I start again, turn the wheel,
I pierce my skin - I feel so real!
I'm a lovelorn shepherd - lightening skies!
The future blows into my eyes.

So with a sense of terror and bewilderment,
We damage our pasts with romance and hatred,
So burn all your books, your videos and CDs,
Forget all that has happened and wail down on your knees!

I take two steps back and tie my boots,
I run and dive into the blue,
I can feel the air redesign my hair,
Redesign my life, and my cares,
The deeper I swim the more I know,
The more I love, the more I grow.

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