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Lady Saw

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Тексты песен Lady Saw

Текст песни "No Long Talking"

INTRO: Some bwoy cyan please me Dem jus na ready Na know fi flag me If u sturdy Check me!
CHORUS: baby are you up for dis give me all dat slammin so dat i can turn and twist me na in a no long talkin i am feelin hot 2nite me ready fi de bump and grind put me on ya big ninja bike(yes yes)
VERSE 1: bwoy seh him a stallion but me a champion always ready fi a good combination seh him wan me and him couldnt please me he musse tink dis a DJ Easy see me body and a labba labba him neva know seh him love me hunger when me bend low and me head touch me toe him start gwan as if him para

me love man, big sturdy and strong give de gyal blackout fi plow dowm me lawn i like it rawww if u get by my side tear down me fence and park inna me yard yes me de big bend, tall grain rice fan all de fire wine me tonite if u much 2 small dont bodda try 'cause i dont work wit small dick guys(guys) Dont bodda try
VERSE 3: when it comes 2 workin and grindin if u know u vertical and u sturdy dont bodda call come and check me load up me basket;drive me trolley baby make d third leg willy me want a man to give me d tour of Hollywood take me to Chicago mek me walk wit d Bulls i want a good wukka;no joka smoka Me a champion bubbala

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