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Lady Saw

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Тексты песен Lady Saw

Текст песни "Married Man"

Chorus #1:
We been together already but when you pack up an gone.
Well the feeling inside it still lingers on.
Mi waan your body bad mista married man.
Mi no care if mi haffi back out mi secret weapon.

Verse 1:
Mi hear da deejay dem ah chat bout wife an dem mate.
Your wife can pose up anytime inna mi place.
She could beat mi tonight an all mash up mi face.
From mi no dead mi gwaan deal with your case.

Chorus #2:
Cause married men get lonely too, baby love,
And when your wife gone we can do what we're gonna do.
See it ya, mi need you more than you can imagine.
Woulda run lef mi family come live inna foreign.
Just fi see your face mi would plea bargin.
Turn mi husband inna ex an to you mi woulda married.

Verse 2:
Mi hear En Vogue dem ah sing sey "oh whatta man",
Salt -n- Pepa sey you favor Denzel Washington
But you're a world of sweetness, one in a million.
I wouda die fi you or tek prison sentence.

Chorus #2

Verse 3:
With you I've spend the best years of my life.
Loving each other Dirty nigga didn't like.
So dem break the news an tell it to your wife.
That's when mi stop get your sweet caress.
I couldn't live with myself if she out live.
Breaking up the family wasn't a parta di plan.
But just seeing you again mek mi waan purr.

Chorus #1

Verse 4:
Mi friends sey I'm crazy dem tink mi insane.
Why I'm playing such dangerous game.
Man no money mi ah look, mi know all no fame,
An mi swear to god it's not your last name.

Chorus #1

Repeat from top

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