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King Creosote

Тексты песен King Creosote

Текст песни "Cockle Shell"

I'm sleepless with my self inflicted hell
I'm supposed to love you, mind, body and soul
I've gotten caught up on another and another
I've gotten caught up on the demons
And I know them all to well

I'm opened eyed, slack jawed, a cockle shell
I've likely punched myself below the belt
I've gotten caught up on another and another
All pretty maids in a row
Without a silver bell

I'm quite contrary, Mary
You won't share me
You're much too easy, girl

I'm an airhead, Mildred
You won't spare me
Guillotine me if you will

You won't share me
Much too easy
You won't spare me
Much rather kill me

Choke me, blind me, cut off my hands

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