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Kim Kardashian

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Тексты песен Kim Kardashian

Текст песни "Shake"

Lights on!
Sparkles in your eyes turn the lights on,
It's clear to see that I've got your attention.
You're eyes are screaming,
Baby, give me more, more, more!
And you like the way I'm moving, moving!

What's your intention, it's hard to be missed,
You want some, what do you need?
And I will follow through.
……..the night it's over,
Are you gonna make a move on me?
Tell me what you want, tell me what you need!
Get up and walk, get on the floor!
All night in the dream light,
I bet you're thinking you're….

Cause you're thinking….
Shake, shake, shake!
I bet you can't get in the light,
Me and the girls in the full light,
All the boys on the top,
And the ones on the bar saying
Shake, shake, shake!

Right now you got me on the mission to the sunny town,
I bet your hart is racing like a race car,
You make me want you,
What you're waiting for?
I'm sure you cannot wait to feel it!


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