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Karen Clark-Sheard

Тексты песен Karen Clark-Sheard

Текст песни "You Showed Me"

How many of you know that GOD loves yo
and what i like about it is He shows you , over and over again (pajam) da da da da da, da da da da da

Verse1- You showed me,
Your unchanging love,
and You showed me, that the love does so much in my soul,
today, and everday, it connects,
like the bond, of the moon ,
and the sun
You're the breeze and the seas, the life abundantly,[sec 3] the happiness, (You showed me) joy (You showed me) peace (You showed me) OOOOOOOOOOO

for everything I am,
You showed me, for everything I got, You showed me from danger seen,
and unseen You showed me,
for being a part of You (J Moss) You showed me Yeah
You showed me You loved me
You showed me You cared
You shoed me Your mercy because you're still there You showed me
You didnt have to do it but you did You showed me Your grace because Im still here (repeat 1x)
sec 3
Chrous 3x

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