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Karen Clark-Sheard

Тексты песен Karen Clark-Sheard

Текст песни "Praise Festival"

I wanna know
What you doin
Where you goin
What are your plans
Here's a proposition
Won't you listen
Come and take my hand
Let's go to a place where
All have a single mind
There's no politician
But religion is must

Everbody oughta praise Him
Just let your feelings flow
Tell everyone you know
There is a praise party goin on
Join in, go and grab a friend
It's better now then then
It's a praise festival

Let everything
That is breathin
Part take in the celebration
Don't miss your blessing
Forsaken dedication
Praise with your hands
Or even a dance
There's no competion
But religions a must


RAP (J.Moss)

[repeat until fade

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