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Karen Clark-Sheard

Тексты песен Karen Clark-Sheard

Текст песни "Higher Ground"

Chorus I
I'm moving on, can't nothing stop me now
I'm pressing on, to higher ground
Each step I take, is the new dawning of a brand new day for higher ground

Obstacles and situations, people, places and things, I must overcome cause there's a
battle to be won with my mind set on higher things, these things have become my foot
stool, I'm determined to reach my goal, I need peace for my soul


I'm pressing on, thee upward way brand new heights I'm gaining everyday, no higher place that I really have found, Lord plant my feet on, on higher ground, forgetting what is already behind me I'm moving forward, for what's ahead


The races are not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but it's to the one that endureth, but we gotta stay strong and fight on, sometimes you feel like your foot might slip, `cause it's too much going on, just realize your goal is greater than your struggle, hold on and be strong


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