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Karen Clark-Sheard

Тексты песен Karen Clark-Sheard

Текст песни "Don't Change"

phone rings

(hey mama)
(can we kick it?)
[can we kick it?]
(i'm sorry, can i talk to you for a minute)
[that's more like it]
(well here's my story)

verse 1
(becoming a lady)[yeah]
there are so many things to learn[uh huh]
about life and things that we're made of[now i see where this is all going]
don't wanna be mistaken
for not being a christian girl[uh huh]
and my fear is being made fun of)
[baby let me tell you how to cope](tell me)
cuz ya mama went through the same thang(i bet you did)
be not justified by what your friends might think]

(mama i do my best
to obey the rules that you and daddy set
to keep me from doin' somethin' that i might regret
even though it's hard mama don't change)
[being a mama ain't a easy task
it's more than examples on how to cook and dress
disipline and values i know you need to get
even though your hard headed don't change]

(i know that i am special)[yes you are]
because i am a child [mama's baby]of the king
but in the school they be thinking that i am arrogant[what now hold]
i don't understand it[well]
you told me to be proud of myself[yes i did]
why does it seem like i'm doing all the wrong things)
[ let me tell you how to be
when your attacked by the hands of the emnemy
hold you head up high
and in him you must believe]


(mama i know it looks like i'm not listenin'
but i hear you and daddy too
thank you for showing me what to do)
[we know you try we know it ain't easy to live this life sometime]
(but as your by my side)
([we can make it together])

i know what it means when you see them things on the T.V screens make a sista wanna ([scream])
you wanna make it quick everytime you see 23's or 24's thick on the floor
but mama knows best
daddy told you whenever you come come correct
take your time baby and be a young lady
you whole of your life a head of you don't change


(can we talk anytime
can i tell ya what's on my mind
your my friend till the end
can i come
can i call
will say the right thing
and explain what cha mean[i will]
can you show me [watch me]how to through
we i can see oh oh)

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